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Enhanced Box Score: Cubs 1, Pirates 0 – August 3, 2011

Enhanced Box Scores

Matt Garza had a dominant start, left with the lead, and the bullpen actually preserved it. In other news: dogs and cats have reached a general peace accord.


Tyler Colvin was ejected in the 5th for a single utterance directed toward umpire Bob Davidson (who was all over the map all game long – Bob Brenly was working him over something fierce), who subsequently ejected Mike Quade. Say what you will, but I’m sure this was an elaborate plot contrived by Quade to ensure that Colvin didn’t get too much playing time.

Oh, and the Cubs won their fourth in a row. Which would be a great deal more exciting were it not early August with the Cubs still some 20ish games under .500.

But, even with the Garza stuff, the ejections, and the fourth win in a row, I think this is perhaps the biggest story…



Brett Taylor

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