Matt Garza had a dominant start, left with the lead, and the bullpen actually preserved it. In other news: dogs and cats have reached a general peace accord.

Tyler Colvin was ejected in the 5th for a single utterance directed toward umpire Bob Davidson (who was all over the map all game long – Bob Brenly was working him over something fierce), who subsequently ejected Mike Quade. Say what you will, but I’m sure this was an elaborate plot contrived by Quade to ensure that Colvin didn’t get too much playing time.

Oh, and the Cubs won their fourth in a row. Which would be a great deal more exciting were it not early August with the Cubs still some 20ish games under .500.

But, even with the Garza stuff, the ejections, and the fourth win in a row, I think this is perhaps the biggest story…

  • Michigan Goat

    Seriously Pittsburgh, mea culpa. I’m pulling for you and now this team showed up. On another note I head Castro leads the National Leauge in game with 3 or more hits, hes the real deal

  • Ron

    He showed that at the beginning of the year, the last time the cubs were close to .500

  • CapnCub

    Strive For Five!

  • Joe Cartwright

    Countdown to the Hendry-plan-verifying 20-game win streak: 16

    • Brett


  • Alek

    cubs win cubs win!!! world series here we come… where was this like 4 months ago?

  • philoe beddoe

    Garza=Real deal….solid number two….look at his game log… he would have 10 wins on a good team…..problem is we don’t have a number one….

    One big bat plus two decent bats minus Soriano minus Zambrano plus one Ace plus three outfielders plus Soto learning to hit again minus injuries plus new pitching coach plus new manager minus Rudy Jaramillo

    thats all we need to be decent again

    • VanSlaw

      One big bat plus two decent bats minus Soriano minus Zambrano plus one Ace

      Ace, you’ve been called to duty.

      • Brett

        Ace is dead. Long live Brett.

        • VanSlaw


  • Math Eco

    “Mass hysteria!”

  • Brian

    If the baseball season lasted until January like I want it to then the Cubs would have such a good chance!

    In all seriousness though I hope that Hendry does not get the chance to even think about bringing the same team back like last year due to a positive ending to the season.

    Castro looked mighty fine leading off. I still do not like him in the 3-spot on the lineup. A night like this justifies Quade’s reasons for batting him 3rd but I say bat him where he hits.

    • Joe Cartwright

      I hope Ricketts doesn’t even get the chance to think about bringing Hendry back.

    • CubFan Paul

      Brian, Castro has hit .370plus when leading off this year ..Quade is/was a blundering idiot when batting Castro lower than 2, cuz Castro was batting .369 when leading off before he was moved to the 3rd spot this year

      ..just sayin

  • fire hendry and quade

    garza is a #2 demp is a #3 zambrano is a #4 and wells is a #5. We need an ace bad. on the offensive side we need everything but a shortstop and second baseman and possibly catcher

    • EQ

      king felix anybody??

      • Brett

        I’m not sure the Mariners would take the Cubs’ entire system for him…

    • Internet Random

      I’ve given up on Zambrano, Dempster, and Wells… at least as starters who can provide consistent wins.

      Garza has some serious potential. Whether he ever taps into it is another question.

      • Brett

        So… 2012 looks bright?

    • dreese

      Cashner #1!!!

  • Curt

    I’m torn now when it doesent matter anymore they’ll win and they’ll win enough to muddle the decision , ricketts will see they were over .500 the last 4 weeks or something it’ll let hendry fuck it up for another year

  • CubFan Paul

    lol@Brett!! >>>Don’t forget to nominate your favorites in sports media (*cough* *including a certain blog*) for @blogswithballs awards:

    you BN dorks know what to do

  • Ron

    HA, this is what happens when you need 8 hours of sleep!

  • Spencer

    I still can’t decide if I like Castro leading off or not. Hard to argue with if he keeps hitting there, but maybe he would get more RBI opportunities lower in the lineup? I guess they could flip flop Castro and Barney, but I don’t think Castro belongs in the 3-4-5 part of the lineup. Maybe 6? That might be too low. Basically this was a whole post saying I don’t know where Castro should hit. Bed time, I think.

    • Mike S

      Castro is not your RBI guy…he’s your get on base, hit .300, not strike out guy…he belongs at either 1-2 your 2 hitter should be the guy who strikes out the least…your 1 hitter should be your fastest guy…if the Cubs had a speedy leadoff hitter (campana when he plays) then Castro should be at 2 otherwise he should stay at 1

    • Jeff

      Let me help you Spencer;
      batting first Castro is hitting .351
      batting second Castro is hitting ..335
      batting third he is hitting .224

      I think that makes it pretty obvious that he should be hitting lead off or second every game.

  • Paul F

    Agree that Castro should bat one or two. Dude really needs to start taking some more walks though. 20 walks in 459 AB’s. He hit’s for average but his OBP is only 28 points above his BA. Same goes for Darwin. Actually it goes for anyone not named Carlos Pena.

    • Brett

      Walks have never been Rudy Jaramillo’s forte, which made him a strange choice for a team that has, with the exception of 2008 (when they were the best team in the league), recently struggled to take walks.

      • Ron

        I had suspected that about Jaramillo but did not know for sure (other than performance the last couple years) How do you think he would mesh with Sandberg? I can’t remember for sure but he seems like he would be a preach patience type guy.

        • Brett

          I’m not sure. The thing about Sandberg, at least, it’s my understanding, is that he’s an “old school” type of manager. So, I’m not sure how into patience he would be. I just don’t know.

  • Ron

    and to bring up a point I was trying to make yesterday, Byrd left 7 guys on base yesterday.

  • al

    RIP Ace…..

  • pfk

    I would argue that the player whose line should have been highlighted is Byrd. He left 7 runners on base and he has a grand total of 19 for the year despite batting 3, 4, 5 all year. True, he was out for a lengthy period but Johnson has 24 RBIs in 126 fewer at bats, Baker has 20 in 122 fewer at bats. It is easy to understand why nobody wanted him. He is as ineffective as it gets in the middle of the order, is not clutch and can’t throw. A great guy, a hustler, a good influence? Absolutely. Productive? Not at all.

    • Brett

      Eh. It seems to me Byrd’s lack of RBI are as much a product of his being ice cold when he was in the 3-hole, and then being productive while hitting behind guys who weren’t getting on base. It’s very hard to have a near .800 OPS and have as few RBI as Byrd has unless there’s some bad luck involved. Maybe he’s a choker. But I’m not convinced.

      Then again, last year, I seem to remember thinking to myself that I wanted to see just about anybody else at the plate when there were runners on and fewer than two outs…

      • VanSlaw

        Byrd has an OPS of .602 with RISP this year. Interestingly, in 340 career plate appearances with a man on second (and only on second), Byrd has an OPS of .629.

  • CH

    So how long does it take Cashman to ask about Aramis with A-Rod issues building?

    • Brett

      I’m not convinced that ARod won’t just be suspended for a few games while he’s on the DL.

  • RY

    i would certainly hope a 4 game winning streak doesn’t erase the pathetic trainwreck of a season this has been! ricketts has got to be smarter than that doesn’t he??

    • Internet Random

      My guess is “yes”. I think the declining attendance is going to have a major impact on his thinking. Plus, hopefully he learned something from last year. Ending on a high note then did not carry forward to this season… at all.

  • Dick

    I have a theory about what’s going on lately. I believe Quade is a great August/September manager, but is awful the rest of the year. I just found a statistic that indicates that Quade was 24-13 last year after he took over in August, which means that, for his big league managing career, he is 28-13 in Aug/Sept, a 0.683 winning percentage. My suggestion is to have Brenly manage the Cubs next year until August 1, getting them there at about 0.500, and then bring back Quade magic for the last two months of the year. Guaranteed pennant!!

    By the way, did anyone else notice that the Cubs, Iowa, Tennessee, Daytona, Peoria, Boise, and the Mesa Cubs all won yesterday? I’m thinking dynasty now.

    • Brett

      Haha. Love it.

  • Joyce K

    Perhaps it’s me cause I am old but the home plate umpire called one of the worst strike zones I have seen this year. I actually got up from the couch and flicked the guy on my tv. There has to be some ramifications for being such a horrible strike caller.

    • Fishin Phil

      Glad to hear I am not the only one who does that.

  • hardtop

    Ortiz, really? Way to give up quade…
    Is smardjas arm broken?