The Cardinals Demonstrate How You Stand Up for Your Teammates and Other Bullets

Alfonso Soriano is on one of his patented hot streaks, homering four times in his last four games. He’s raised his SLG 26 points in those four games (which is pretty incredible for August). The only problem? The four homers have been the only four times he’s gotten on base in those four games. I guess he really doesn’t like to run the bases.

  • Boom, LaRussa’d. You didn’t need evidence that, had the spike been on the other foot when Matt Holliday leg whipped Starlin Castro this weekend, Tony LaRussa would have ordered retribution. But you’ve got it: after Takashi Saito plunked Albert Pujols on the hand last night, LaRussa had Jason Motte throw two pitches way in on Ryan Braun (the second of which hit Braun square in the back) to “send a message.” I didn’t think I could be more angry about the whole episode. I was wrong. Do you think Lance Berkman is now going to issue a statement saying “Saito was just playing the game hard”?
  • Mike Quade appears to have finally accepted that the Cubs are out of the race, and are resigned to spoiling the seasons of other teams. “You wish you were [a contender] right now, and you’re not,” Quade said. “There’s always a little extra impetus when you’re playing contenders, especially contenders in your own division. It’s just time to make it hard on all of them.”
  • Quade, who used to say all the right things, says something right once again: “We’re talking about a guy we just brought back from Triple-A, a guy who contributed a great deal last year and a young guy who we think is a big part of the future here,” Quade said of Tyler Colvin. “So we need to see him get opportunities. Again, it’s a fine line if we’re just giving a guy something. He has to earn it. And he understands that.” That’s actually a good point. Yes, I want to see Colvin starting almost every game the rest of the way out. The Cubs need to know what they have in him. But, at the same time, there is value in telling a kid he’s got to earn it.
  • Bruce Levine had a chat yesterday, in which he came off as very defensive of Jim Hendry. Not so much, like, “Jim Hendry should not be fired, he’s done a fine job;” but, instead, like, “the Cubs either need to let him go now, or sign him to an extension – this in between stuff isn’t helping anyone.” I don’t wholly disagree, but, if the next GM is currently under contract with another team, booting Hendry now doesn’t really do anything to allow the Cubs to make moves. They’re stuck until the new guy rolls into town because there are no other “baseball guys” in the organization upon whom Tom Ricketts can lean. There might be a lesson there, Mr. Ricketts.
  • You may have heard rumors about Old Style being replaced as the official beer of Wrigley Field, which would start selling Coors Light instead. But the Chicagoist cautions they’re just rumors, and it is trying to confirm whether it’s true. I understand the history and tradition. I really do. But I have a hard time getting too riled up because (and I’m about to commit a crime) … I kind of like Coors Light. I know. I just lost a few thousand readers.
  • Speaking of corporate ways to make money, the Cubs have reached out to Arizona State to share and co-brand the new $84 million training facilities the Cubs are building in Mesa for Spring Training. It’s either a brilliant way to make some scratch from facilities that would otherwise be laying fallow part of the year, or a sign that the Cubs are desperate for cash. Allow your predisposition to decide which is true.


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  1. Fishin Phil

    You probably drink skim milk too.

  2. Mike Foster

    In Chicago on August 19, probably sometime before 2 PM Central Time we’ll know if Quade has rethought his decision/omission on Holliday. Just hope Quade’s a reader Bret. I’ll hold my anger till then, and hopefully celebrate right around 2:15 PM.

  3. Mike Foster

    And oh BTW, it will NOT be with Coors Light! Wish I could find some Old Style here in NC….

  4. philoe beddoe

    I respect Levine…in fact my wife makes fun of me when I act like a giddy school girl when he gives me a “good call” when I call in to Talkin Baseball on Saturdays. But he will never say anything bad about Jim Hendry. I think Hendry is either very likable or he knows how to schmooze the media better than most. How else can you explan Gordon Whittmeyers very supportive column a few weeks ago?

  5. Internet Random

    - I might not like LaRussa, but I can’t accuse him of not knowing how to manage a baseball team.

    - If you have to drink light beer, Coors Light is one of the least offensive.

  6. Joe Cartwright

    How are we spoilers? We’ve been a doormat all season. Especially for the NL Central.

  7. MichiganGoat

    COORS LIGHT! BLASPHEMY! It is a right of passage to drink Old Style at Wrigley, it is my pleasure to cross the lake, sit down at Wrigley, and get that first Old Style before the game. Now I agree that it’s not the best beer and I prefer to drink any of the fine local Michigan brew (shameless plug try Short’s Huma-Lupa-licious, but Old Style is Wrigley and I know I’m in Chicago when I see all the Old Style signs and drink that first sip. For shame Brett for shame.

    1. Internet Random

      “fine local Michigan brew”

      Again, Bell’s Oberon. MMmmmm. Nummy.

      1. MichiganGoat

        I agree but if you like hoppy beer Huma-Lupa is amazing, everything Shorts makes is Amazing. I only live 30 minutes from Bells and go ther frequently to fill up my growlers since some of there best can only be found in Michigan and some you can only get in their tap room. It is one of the best things about Michigan, we brew some great beer!

        1. jt

          Having recently spent a week on the beaches of South Haven, I can agree with Mr. MichiganGoat that Michigan breweries do have some pretty darn good selections.

          1. MichiganGoat

            Yeah were awesome at beer, please drink more our economy needs you to drink especially if you don’t drive a Detroit car, make it up to us by drinking.

        2. Internet Random

          I normally don’t find the balance that I like in IPA’s (i.e., too hoppy), but I’m going to keep a lookout for Huma-Lupa.

          Living that close to Bell’s would be awesome. I’m a very short walk from Piece (, but their pizza is better than their beer… and their clientele is mostly the type who like to call each other “dude” way too much and wear their hats backwards… and Axe body spray. So I haven’t been there in years.

          Not too much farther, though, is the Map Room ( which is heaven on earth. They don’t brew any of their own, but their on-tap selection is stellar. And they have a whole galaxy of bottled beers. If you haven’t been, swing by the next time you go to Wrigley.

          Wicker Park. What!?

  8. letsplayalso

    another great post! and coors light has gotten me thru this stormy chicago july…

  9. EQ

    funny… there’s like 15 points about baseball, our team’s future, development of young players, how to man up and defend team mates, etc. and all any of us heard was “BEER”. love it.

    1. MichiganGoat

      It’s more enjoyable than talking about this team.

      1. Internet Random


  10. BT

    So no one cares that LaRussa “sending a message” should have cost his team the game?

    Let me start by saying they should have drilled Holliday. But Larussa’s actions last night were utterly and completely asinine. First of all, there was no way, up by one run with 2 on and no one out, that the Brewers were throwing at Pujols. Which means there needn’t be any retribution. Secondly, LaRussa does his unnecessary tough guy routine, and puts the leadoff man on in a tie game in the bottom of the 7th. I would crucify my manager if he did that in a game as important as the game was last night to the standing in the NL Central. The Brewers proceeded to load the bases with no one out because LaRussa was standing up for his team when it clearly wasn’t necessary. It was only due to the Cub like ineptitude of Betancourt and Lucroy that they were unable to take the lead because of Larussa’s actions.

    To be clear, the Cubs should have retaliated. But I never want my manager acting like LaRussa did last night.

    And Old Style sucks.

  11. hardtop

    good god, i hate coors light. being in denver, its the one beer everyone has on tap, in a bottle, and in a can. they serve it at baseball games… how horrendous. if i have to drink light beer, which i never do, becasue im comfortable being a fatty, i drink pbr light. like MG, generally speaking i only drink local brews … and we have a ba-zillion of them. I go to great american beer festival every year as well as a “competition” in Vail, and they do have some good beers coming out of Michigan, Sconi, and other midwest states… figures, it was all milwaukee and st.louis swill when i was still living there. what was this article about anyway? Ive just read evryones opinions on beer so far.

    1. TWC

      I gotta agree (if I haven’t gotten my point across in earlier posts). Coors Light is awful. At least regular Coors — the Banquet Beer — has a taste to it, even if that taste is “stale cornflakes”.

      My go-to hot day cheep beer? High Life. Fortunately for me, here on the foggy coast there’s only like two hot days a year, so High Life is kinda like a rare beer vacation for me.

      1. MichiganGoat

        We are kindred spirits, if I can’t afford a decent IPA I always go High Life!

        1. TWC

          Wait ’til all these other jokes figure out we’re really the same person!

          1. MichiganGoat

            The question is which of us is the Bizarro us

            1. Jeff

              I thought you were both Bizarro and Ian Afterbirth was the real one?

              HIgh Life is always good in a cheap pinch. I don’t like the taste of Old Style, but I started going to Wrigley in 88, at the tender age of 5, with my grandfather when he was still alive, and I would get drunk on Old Style with him. Not enough to be sloshed, but every time I went to a game, my only choice of beverage was old style or nothing. I may not like the taste, but it’s been just as much a part of the Cubs experience for me as the ballpark has, so I will miss it if it is truly gone.

              1. CubFan Paul

                ..your grandpa was giving u beer when you were 5? but not enough to get sloshed on?? How high was your tolerance at the tender age of 5?

              2. hardtop

                never going to happen!
                i’m with you. dont love it, dont hate it, but it’s just ‘right’ at wrigley. i’ll drink it at a local place called wyman’s which has it on tap… its where all the transplants go to watch the bears. nostalgia.

                my father-in-law, a northwest illinois resident, can only drink old style. he used to drive out to denver for visits, rather than fly, so he could bring his own old style with him! now thats dedication. no one carried it until about 4 years ago when the old shitty stuff became cool to drink by those phony hipster brats.

      2. Zbo

        Ahh…the Champagne of Beers…always a fondness for the High Life!

  12. hardtop

    okay, im just going to put this last beer out there becasue im a stout lover

    lefthand milk stout! get some. i’ve had it in chicago, so i know it can be found. they have it on the nitro tap at their brewery and its out of this world… but its pretty good in the bottle too. i know kuma’s has it if you like heavy metal and waiting in long lines.

    1. MichiganGoat

      Great Beer! Left-Hand produces some quality and has wide distibution and Milk Stout was amazing.

  13. RY

    Yep this is what winning organizations do! Cubs wouldn’t know anything about that.

  14. Robbo

    76 responses so far and 75 talkin beer instead of baseball…August in Wrigleyville…wait til next beer

  15. jt

    not sure if this has been posted yet but….

    Summary: The Brewers are cheating because the LED ribbon board that wraps around the lower level at Miller Park shines brighter when the Crew are batting and dims when opponents hack.

    God, they say something like this every year about someone. They can’t just take responsibility for getting consistently beat by anyone.

  16. jt

    If it’s not TLR it’s one of his crybaby pitchers!

  17. Jerry McClellan

    Forgive me if the point I am about to make has already been made but I am getting to this late and don’t feel like reading all 81 posts to this point. Bruce Levine has a point that if Hendry is not being allowed to do anything worthwhile and will not be extended they should let him go. This lets Ricketts start lining up his candidates now. If those candidates are not employed he can interview and possibly hire them. If that happens they can start planning for the off season now instead of waiting.

    I mostly agree and enjoy what you write and see your point in the Levine bullet. I just don’t agree. Hendry should have been fired once ownership decided he wouldn’t back(that’s a big assumption at this point) and he shouldn’t make any trades.