Blackout Cubbetry: Jim Hendry at the Deadline

An exceedingly harsh take:

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15 responses to “Blackout Cubbetry: Jim Hendry at the Deadline”

  1. TWC

    Huzzah! The return of Blackout Cubbetry!

    Best one yet, Ace!

  2. Fishin Phil

    Too Funny!!!!

  3. Fishin Phil

    I had no idea Muskat had such a mean streak.

    1. CubFan Paul

      Muskat has pissed me off recently. she’s too nice and has no real critism of a super bad team’d think she was covering the Red Sox or Rangers

      i wonder who signs her checks..

  4. CubFan Paul

    f’n hilarious ..Brett were there rumblings of Pena going to the Diamondbacks? they brought up their Double A stud Goldschmidt recently so we missed out on that i guess too

  5. dreese

    Hahahah Brett thats hilarious! You made me smile at my internship, now thats impressive

  6. Polar Bear

    Outstanding!!! One of the best yet!

  7. TSB

    If the current crop of tradable Cubs are as bad as some people think, could it be that what was offered for them was so bad that keeping them would still be better than what we would have gotten in return?

  8. oso

    Well done, as usual blackout cubbetry contains your finest analysis.