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Draft Pick Signings Update: Dunston, Jacquez, Marra, Overslot

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Since rumors began swirling that the Chicago Cubs were going to actually sign a high number of their hard-to-sign, overslot type picks (i.e., kids who fell further in the draft than they otherwise would have if teams had believed they would sign), things have been relatively quiet on the draft signee front.

The good news is that doesn’t mean the deals aren’t done, or aren’t going to get done.

Prior rumors had the Cubs signing second round first baseman Dan Vogelbach, eleventh round outfielder Shawon Dunston, Jr., fourteenth round pitcher Dillon Maples, and thirty-ninth round pitcher Ricky Jacquez. But, with the lack of any kind of official announcement, should we be worried?

Baseball America’s Jim Callis says we should not. When asked if the reason for silence was simply because overslot signings are often not announced until close to the August 16 deadline, or because the signings aren’t going to happen, Callis said simply: “Door No. 1.” That’s good news, folks.


And, if the purported Twitter accounts of Dunston and Jacquez are to be believed (these are not “confirmed” accounts, mind you), we can throw more gas on the fire.

Jacquez tweeted earlier today that he “hope[s he] can come to an agreement” with the Cubs. Better, Dunston tweeted in response to Jacquez a very cryptic, but very hopeful, “12 days.” Do you need me to reiterate that the signing deadline is in 12 days?

In more concrete good news, the Cubs have signed 15th round catcher, Justin Marra, a high schooler out of Canada. Marra is a member of the Canadian Junior National team, and was viewed by many as a back-up plan to 6th round pick Neftali Rosario. After the Cubs signed Rosario, who was expected to be a tough sign, himself, most lost hope for Marra. But, apparently the Cubs remain almost perversely committed to signing their overslot type picks this year. I’m certainly not complaining.


Brett Taylor

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