Enhanced Box Score: Reds 3, Cubs 4 – August 5, 2011

Ryan Dempster had another workmanlike performance, and the Cubs’ bats did just enough to win. Starlin Castro – ain’t no thang – had another three-hit game. Tyler Colvin had another homer (when he hits one, he *hits* one).

But you know the story…

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66 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Reds 3, Cubs 4 – August 5, 2011”

  1. Caleb

    Yay we win. 6 in a row. That’s great…

    Man… when did I get so cynical?

    1. Kyle N

      I’m guessing when the Cubs bottomed out at 20 games under. . . That usually does it.

  2. deej34

    raise your hand if you predicted a 6th victory in a row, and the heels of a tony campana homerun….. no one…? nobody…? i love seeing the cubs win but i really hope this doesn’t secure hendry and q’s jobs next year…

  3. D-Day Simpson

    Quade = Hope

  4. Kyle N

    Very solid game for Castro! Dempster definitely labored, having to pitch around six walks. The team got a little bit of luck in this one as the Reds couldn’t hit with RISP either. I honestly wouldn’t bat an eye if the Cubs went on a long winning streak followed by a slew of “We’re playing well and have a lot of positives to take into next year after we finish the season strong. . Blah blah blah . . ” type talk for the media. *Rolls eyes*

    1. Jamesjones

      Did you see strike to balls ratio for Dempster. TERRIBLE. Jesus im glad we pulled it out though.

  5. Michigan Goat

    We are f***ed! The Cubs are going to end the season the same way we did last year, and the kool-aid will be drank by all. No trades, no changes, same thing next year.

    1. hardtop

      i guess this will be the first big test of the ricketts era. will he drink the kool-aid?

      1. Michigan Goat

        It will be hard when the national media and casual fan starts to buy into the whole injury, on move away, no bold move, rhetoric. MLB radio was praising Q today fir sticking to his game plan during the difficult times and getting the best if his players now bullshit. The kool-aid is already making it’s rounds.

        1. hardtop

          John kruk was spouting that same casual viewer garbage a month ago. Blows my mind that professional journalists, analysts, and ex-players can make statements, that they don’t qualify as opinions, with almost no knowledge whatsoever.
          Grow a brain media types, the dipshits among us actually listen to you. Irresponsible!

          1. VanSlaw

            Is that your opinion? It’s kind of hard for me to tell, what without qualification . . .

    2. awesome

      agree %.

  6. Tom B

    Who knew Kosuke was holding us back this whole time?

    1. TWC


    2. awesome

      it sure wasn’t the three amigos. Ricky, Hank, and Quade.

  7. Joe Cartwright

    Countdown to the Hendry-team/plan-verifying 20-game win streak: 14

    1. hardtop

      still makes me chuckle

  8. Robert

    HEYY!!! well guess what! the cubs had the MOST SUCCESFUL trade deadline in the majors, with our major moves we maid and the great players we got, we are now 6-0 after the deadline, yes im being crazy.. THIS IS OUR YEAR! ohh and for all you haters, HENDRY needs to be fired! yes! BUT QUADE IS DOING A HELL OF A JOB WITH THE PIECE OF SHIT PLAYERS WE HAVE!

    1. Internet Random

      Quade is *not* doing a hell of a job, and this just underlines that point and puts some exclamation points after it.

      If anything, this winning streak shows that the current roster might actually be able to play competitive baseball… when it doesn’t count.

      Any good manager has to motivate players to play well when it counts, not just when there’s no pressure to perform.

      1. Michigan Goat

        Agreed IR, remember we aren’t beating the cream of the NL central.

  9. Mike S

    Next years lineup???

    Castro SS
    Campana CF
    Fielder 1B
    Ramirez 3B
    Soto C
    Jackson LF
    Colvin RF
    Barney 2B

    1. Brian

      One can only dream…

      1. hardtop

        That dream is a nightmare for me. Prince compensates for the offense we loose in the outfield, and we still have a shit pitching staff, maybe worse. 25 mil for a terrible first baseman prevents us from getting the arms we need to be a better team going forward. Im confident that line up would be 25 under 500 at this point in the season (assuming q ball was still the manager)

        1. Internet Random

          “[W]e still have a shit pitching staff, maybe worse.”

          ^^^ My chief concern by a mile.

    2. Bric

      If you mean next August and September then I agree. Unfortunately management’s decisions not to play hardball and unload aging veterans and eat the money to produce a young, competitive team will doom us to more off season “one or two pieces away” B.S. while an extremely deep farm system is still stuck in the middle of nowhere.

      The worst part about it is how many times do you have to watch other small market teams (Arizona, Mil. Cinci, T.Bay, San Diego, etc.) dump old players, eat contracts, and take chances on rookies for a fresh look before you think “Gee, maybe we should try that…”.

      Don’t tell me it’s because “It’s a business” and “It’s easier said then done”. I’m pretty sure those other teams know that. They’re just better at it than the Cubs. Even the Nats, who are as guilty as the Cubs, can at least say they got Gorz for basically nothing because according to Hendry “we have too much pitching and need to restock the farm system”. Really?

    3. Michigan Goat

      That’s actually not a lineup that gets me excited

    4. TWC

      This team is in trouble if our outfield is Jackson, Campana and Colvin next year. Big trouble.

      1. Michigan Goat

        So Michigan Brew of the Day: “Hopknocker Imperial IPA” by Schmohz Brewery in Grand Rapids. 9.5% alc to give you a nice hoppy smile.

        1. Michigan Goat

          Ah IPA makes everything better… Drink
          Michigan beer supports our struggling economy!

          1. Ron

            Tonight it is Hoptober Goldon Ale out of Ft Collins, CO (don’t see much MI brew in Arkansas

            1. bobbyd

              Oskar Blues G’Knight Imperial Red for me.

              1. TWC

                Just finished my eighth 16oz tall boy of Bud Light Lime with Spicy Clamato, sixteen tacos from the corner taqueria, and am sitting down to watch a Pauly Shore trilogy. Y’all ain’t got shit on that.

                1. Ron

                  That would make for a really rough next day in the heat, you got me.

                2. Ron

                  Encinoman, biodome and in the army now or son in law?

                  1. TWC

                    Son in Law, three times in a row. I rule.

            2. Internet Random

              I’ve got no loyalty to Michigan in particular (and nothing against it either), but I bet you can find Bell’s Brewery beers in Arkansas. Try the Oberon while it’s still in season. You’ll thank me.

              1. Michigan Goat

                The MI economy thanks you

        2. TWC

          MG, ain’t it ’bout time to dry out? Ain’t the kids coming back to school soon? They can smell it in your coffee, you know?!

  10. David

    I’d be shocked if Hendry isn’t back next year now. I hope we start losing again. It would be much better for us in the long run.

    1. Brian

      I love seeing the Cubs do well like this, but it does indeed make it harder for us to get Hendry out of town. Even if the Cubs continue to do well towards the end here Hendry and Quade will still go home with a below .500 team which calls for serious management changes.

  11. pfk

    Extensions for Hendry and Quade. Hendry was right, we only needed a tweak. We tweaked by getting rid of Fukudome and now we are hot! Hendry knows what he is doing. We only needed to get rid of Fukudome. Brillilant. A genius. And to think he was subjected to Blackout Cubbetry. We owe him an apology. A statue next to Ernie Banks or a bobble head day.

    1. hcs

      They might have to scale DOWN his head for a bobblehead doll…

      1. Michigan Goat

        NAMBLA would sponsor it

        1. Ron


  12. Dan0mite

    Hey Ace. Did you see that you got another mention on MLB Trade Rumors?


  13. Ron

    lets not get too excited about this win streak, what happened when they finally won 3 in a row?-lost five. So until we avoid a loosing streak of 7+ I am not worried. Besides I think the team and quit on Q and that is why they are finally winning. It has finally became about pride and not the system that was trying to be put in place.

  14. Zbo

    Has anyone seen “The Franchise” on Showtime? It follows around the SF Giants this season. I enjoy the show- I think it could be betterl (if they didn’t focus so much on that toolbag Brian Wilson). Despite that glaring weakness, they have pretty cool coverage.

    1. Jeff

      I’ve seen bits and pieces of it. Watch that show and tell me that half that team isn’t smoking the reefer. It is a good show, even though you have to watch too much of the world’s biggest moron.

  15. awesome

    That line-up gets us another losing season. Campana is a minor leaguer with speed, Prince can’t pitch, Jackson is still a prospect, Colvin hasn’t proved he’s an everyday player, besides Quade has to play Baker/Johnson against lefties, DeWitt in LF for defense, and of course we’ll still have the three amigos running the Cubbies.

    Quade has made more silly moves in four months than all the managers in the ML’s this year. It’s not the bad team, it’s the bad decisions made by this minor league manager.

    1. Internet Random

      “It’s not the bad team, it’s the bad decisions made by this minor league manager.”

      Agree, with the possible nuance that the pitching staff might in fact be bad.

  16. philoe beddoe

    I wouldn’t totally discount Tony Campana…you can’t teach the kind of speed he has…there is speed and the their is really f#ing fast…Campana may have the same skill set as Scott Podsednick did…not saying he is going to win you a world series…but he seems to me to be a winner…I like him….

    1. Internet Random

      Juan Pierre has been able to contribute to teams with a similar skill set. I’m by no means down on Campana.

      1. VanSlaw

        He has a future as a defensive substitution/pinch runner. Any designs on handing him a starting position are opium-fueled crazymares.

    2. Jeff

      I like Campana, but I think we know what we’ve got in him. He’s not the next Rickey Henderson, he’s a good base stealer, with an average/sometimes better bat, and below average arm. He will contribute, but what you see is what you get with him. If he’s getting playing time the rest of the year, it’s going to come at the cost of Colvin or Brett Jackson, and I think seeing what those two can do with regular starts is more important for next year.

  17. Ol'CharlieBrown

    And so begins the legendary 49-game winning streak of 2011…