Carlos Zambrano tries to continue the Cubs’ winning streak today, but he faces the hottest pitcher in all of baseball, Johnny Cueto. If the Cubs slap multiple homers against him today, you’ll know something strange is going on.

  • Phil Rogers says the Cubs should make a move on White Sox Assistant GM Rick Hahn before the season ends if they want to land him as their next GM (he doesn’t explain precisely how the Cubs are going to land a guy under contract with another team). The reason the Cubs might wait, Rogers says, is because they want to see if they can land Brian Cashman (current Yankees’ GM, and a free agent at the end of the year).
  • Carlos Marmol probably needed a rest yesterday, but, when a save opportunity presented itself, Marmol practically begged Mike Quade to put him in. Why? Marmol wanted to show the folks at Wrigley that he’s on his way back.
  • Tony Campana is absurdly fast. But you knew that.
  • Chris Carpenter is on the DL at AAA with a strained oblique. That’s the kind of injury that can linger for a pitcher, so you have to wonder if his presumed September call-up is in jeopardy.
  • To those of you inclined to care about draft position: with the current winning streak, they’ve pulled to within a game (in, like, the reverse order kind of way) of the Padres, Mariners, and Royals. If the Cubs aren’t careful, they could be in fifth “place” before we know it.
  • Carlos Zambrano couldn’t hit a few softball pitches. Chuckle.
  • Levo

    Can someone tell me why they don’t give Campana a chance to lead off?

    • Michigan Goat

      Because Castro us raking in the leadoff spot

    • skitsketchjeff

      I’ve wondered the same thing, especially given Campana’s recent start hitting No. 2 behind Castro. Campana has led-off only twice this season. Earlier in the season, part of it might have been his low batting average at times (under .250) which was more suited for hitting 7th or 8th, but now he’s up to .277 and a .313 OBP. In terms of Friday’s game, Quade must have wanted to have a lefty in the No. 2 spot to take advantage of Castro being held on base and opening the right side of the infield. In addition, Castro is 8th in the majors in DPs with 16, so he’s not an ideal No. 2 hitter. So it’s acceptable thinking on Quade’s part to keep Castro leading off, but what you lose with Campana hitting in front of Ramirez is Campana’s stolen base threat as ARam prefers hitting the first or second pitch, which doesn’t give a base stealer time to pick his pitch for running.

      • VanSlaw

        “Up to .313” in OBP is like saying, “Hey, this meatloaf taste less poisonous than before!” Campana’s no starter. He’d make you dream wistfully of the halcyon days of Sam Fuld.

        • Michigan Goat

          Amen, people please stop falling for speed and speed alone. Speed is only useful if the player can get on base regularly (.313 is not good) and can play quality defense (he cannot). He needs to be at AAA and if he can learn to hit and play good defense, then maybe he’s worth a roster spot.

          • Hogie

            At AAA he was hitting .340 or so, and he hit about .320 at AA last year, so the hitting thing would probably come (average anyway) with more at bats. His defense is suspect, but we are jumping to some quick conclusions based on a small sample size. I agree that he will be more usefull off the bench, with spot starts, but, if it meant we could spend on some quality pitching, I would be alright with him starting.

            • VanSlaw

              Trust me, you wouldn’t. Next year you’d see a litany of “Campana sucks. Why is MANAGER X starting him over NEW 6TH OUTFIELDER WHO HAS HAD SOME SUCCESS OFF THE BENCH? posts. He’s 25, and was fairly old for AA when he hit .320 or so. He’s a spare part, to put it rather harshly.

              • MichiganGoat

                This happens every year. Some “scrappy” white boy shows hustle and fans drool all over him. The stats are poor so the fan base say we aren’t giving him a chance,he should play everyday, he’ll get better with experience. Then when they don’t turn into stars the fans start to call him a bum and get angry for the team not having someone to replace his position. Please fans please Campy isn’t a starter on any team or even a 5/6 outfielder on most teams.

        • awesome

          Soriano on 2B, Soto hits a grounder between SS & 3B, obvious hit, and Soriano stands there till it gets past the IF. he is one dumb lazy player. he runs like he has molasses in his ass. at best he’s a DH.

          i see our regular RF’er is sitting again. that’s why i want Quade gone, season is over, Cubs aren’t going anywhere and he’s still platooning. more bad decisions by this manager. personally i don’t think Colvin is an everyday player, Hendry does.

          Campana is fast, and, ah, and, he’s got great speed, and, and.

          I notice Baker isn’t talking about what a great manager he is lately. he only reminds us when his team is winning.

          • HotRuta

            Maybe Soriano could run a bit if he shed the 25-30 pounds he packed on since coming to Chicago …

          • Sandberg

            When you’re on 2nd base and there’s a grounder between SS and 3B, you wait for the ball to get through before running. That’s elementary* baseball.

            Disclaimer: That was elementary 15-20 years ago, it may have changed by “stat heads” but somehow I doubt that one.

      • Brett

        Even a super fast guy like Campana isn’t really helping a team in the leadoff spot unless he gets up to AT LEAST .320 OBP. I’m just not convinced that, as a full-timer, he could do that.

  • skitsketchjeff

    I’m not sure what the chances are to get Cashman as our GM, but I’ve long liked the idea of a possible Gillick-Cashman combination in the front office after this season. Certainly worth waiting after the post-season. Also, I don’t know so much about Phil Rogers generating false urgency about getting Sox Assist GM Rick Hahn. What is Hahn going to do? Rush to stay assistant GM with the Sox or leap at being the Mariners GM without considering other options? Best to wait and see what happens with Cashman, see what a possible new President in Gillick might think, etc. For those interested in a bit of levity, you may enjoy my fake news stories, including one about the Cubs and Wrigleyville. See

  • RoughRiider

    Has anybody out there heard anything on Ty’Relle Harris. The last I heard is that he was hit by a “Hit and Run Driver” and was in stable but serious condition with 2 broken legs. That was in early June. Nothing since.

  • ScottinIL

    Come on…the only reason Phil Rogers wants Brian Cashman for the Cubs GM gig is because he hopes Cashman can trade for Curtis Granderson again. Phil loves him some Grandy…and it’s a little creepy.

    • Brett

      I’d take Granderson this year…

      • Ron

        Ha, I bet you would.

  • awesome

    phil rogers should retire.

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    Hey fellas what’s going on reports Carlos zambrano was put on waivers…any news Ace

    • MichiganGoat

      A large amount of players go on waivers, Z’s name was just leaked. It means nothing and no team will claim him so it allows him to be traded in 48hrs (but it doesn’t mean he will be traded). I’m sure most of the team has been put on waivers and most with clear.

    • STG3


      Reported that earilier during the week. So I guess He as better sources.

      • cherp

        Brett hasn’t been right about anything he has predicted yet.

        He claims to have ‘sources’ around the league,but nothing he has claimed has come to fruition yet.
        He only cares about getting you guys to click on his website.

        • duke


        • STG3

          He called a lot of things during th Offseason and I haven’t heard any predictions this season. Sorry I trust Brett and I think you are just looking to start something. Not to mention that this first time I have seen you post anything.

          • cherp

            What about the big build-up before the trade deadline with all the ‘reported’ interest and ‘likelyhood’ that certain things would happen?
            The 24 hr scamathon with zero results ?

            The report that his ‘source’ claims this and that about Pat Gillick?
            There was no meeting. Proven fact.

            The report from some scout that the Cubs will be changing things soon in the Management area and Ari Kaplan is the frontrunner?
            Kaplan has stated twicw that he is going nowhere.

            Brett is throwing things against the wall and praying that something sticks…eventually.
            I like reading this blog….too bad its fiction with an obvious angle of getting more ‘hits’. Brett must have given up his real job and is trying to sucker us all in.
            Steve Holley would be proud.

        • Ol’CharlieBrown

          You have it all mixed up buddy boy. Brett hasn’t been right or wrong. He has reported rumors. Regardless of what the source may be, they are rumors. It’s not like Brett posts articles claiming that “he has a been told by his sources that there WILL be a trade by the end of the day” and then it never ever happens. If that was the case, I wouldn’t be coming back here. Everything you hear about is hearsay until it actually happens. The thing is, many never come to fruition anyway. Rumors usually end up being no more than rumors and the majority of them generally never happen. On the contrary, sometimes deals are made without any rumors ever starting in the first place. I appreciate that Brett keeps us up to date with all the latest potential Cubs trades and rumors. That’s just one more reason that Bleacher Nation is my favorite Cubs spot on the internet.

          Rumor: a story or statement in general circulation without confirmation or certainty as to facts

          Rumors are great to read about not only because they keep you in the loop, but then if the deal actually happens, it makes you feel cool knowing that you already knew about it before it went down.

          • cherp

            You do realize he makes up most of said rumors in order to keep people like you clicking on his website? That s how he makes money.

            • STG3

              Have you every listened to MLB radio on XM? It is very informative specially people live Jim Bowden who as said that the public only hears about 1% of all of the true trade talks that happen in baseball. Think about it how many talks come out of no where like the Ramus to Blue Jays no one saw that coming. The true reason I believe Brett (Ace) is that he almost alway have a published scource to back up his claims Which to me make him very creditable. Is he making money off this site? Yes, but so is every media member when they make claims. Are they all making thing up to make a buck? I still haven’t see a prediction that he as made for your reason to discredit him.

            • Brett

              A few of tips (free of charge, which is hard to do, because I just want to squeeze more money out of you – hey, wait, there’s another click! Thanks!):

              (1) Grammar, punctuation, word choice. These things are your friend in a place where the only stones you can throw are constructed of words and sentences (or, in your case, garbled messes of letters and missing apostrophes).

              (2) If you’re going to cast aspersions on particular “rumors,” you might at least get them all right. The “Cubs will be changing things soon in the Management area and Ari Kaplan is the frontrunner”? I have never said that. Someone else may have said it, but certainly not me.

              (3) If you’re going to cast aspersions about the failure/success rate of rumormongering, you might want to (a) understand that 98% of “rumors” never come to fruition (do you know how many trade talks happen between two teams, and a trade doesn’t happen? that, I assure you, doesn’t mean talks didn’t happen); and (b) get your aspersions right. If you want data, me and my “sources” have nailed the following (off the top of my head): Cubs were in talks to acquire Chris Davis from the Rangers in the offseason, Cubs were in talks to acquire Adrian Gonzalez in the offseason, and, oh wait, there was that one just a few days ago: the Cubs placed Carlos Zambrano on waivers.

              (4) IP addresses are a magical thing. For one, they identify when someone is leaving multiple comments under different names on a blog. Bad form, hombre. Just lame. For another, if you use a moniker like “cherp,” which has special meaning to members of a certain Cubs online community, it tells me that it might be worth seeing if that same IP is used at that other online community. Once again, bad form.

              (5) Thanks to everyone else for quickly identifying an obvious troll.

        • Jeff

          You know what I really like? Trolls that come out on a website to bash the writers/bloggers of the site for not being right on certain predictions without actually giving any specific examples or actually reading the articles on said predictions. I wonder if they know how big of a tool they look like to other educated fans?

          Here is how you prove your point genius; My statement is that Brett’s predictions/ insight is correct on things fairly often. I support that by stating the following; Ace/Brett predicted long before the deadline that Kosuke Fukudome was the only likely guy to be traded by the trade deadline. He predicted many times during the deadline blogathon that there were going to be minimal movements. He predicted at the beginning of the year that Hendry would remain the gm for the season because of his strong ties to ownership and familiarity. Brett predicted that with the growing traffic of the site, we would see more and more trolls, and looky what we have here. He also predicted that he would not be the same after the rigors of the blogathon, now he listens to Lady Gaga. I think that’s 5 for 5, he’s already doing better than you.

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    I saw it today when I logged onto that web site..also ex cub Kyle farnsworth was as well

    • STG3

      I am just saying Brett, reported that the other day.

  • Toosh


    • Ron

      Nice, very succinct. All the A-Ho’ needs to do is read the disclaimer, if he reads. I love it when people bash others for trying to make money. I choose to read this everyday, I enjoy what I read very much and if Ace can carve out a living doing it, all the better because I will be able to continue to come back here. Although toosh said it best, the jack-hole needs to go another site.

      • Brett

        It makes me chuckle when folks say someone is doing something only to make money. Would you say, “that guy at McDonalds is just flipping my burger to make money!”? This is my job. Of *course* I’m doing it to make money. I just happen to believe that the best way to make money is to keep my readers happy by writing well, writing often, writing creatively, and reporting what I’ve heard or read – with all appropriate caveats. I think I do a pretty good job of that.

        Thanks, Ron.

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    Thanks Michigan Goat