Good things never last.

Or, they last just long enough to drive you crazy.

The Cubs’ improbable seven-game winning streak ended today, with Randy Wells playing the stopper. The Cubs fell behind early, and came back late only to lose it in the 8th. Shame on me: I had allowed myself to kinda-sorta-maybe start thinking “what if.”

Blake DeWitt and Starlin Castro has good games and each homered. Marlon Byrd had a good one at the plate, but he muffed one in center field in the 8th to help the Reds retake the lead.


  • Mike Foster

    Bret, wat-sa-matta-u! If they go 7 wins vs 1 one loss for all the remaining games…..????? And you need to give Campana props for his breaking up the double play….cleanly!!!!! LOL.

    • WiCubsFan

      he still sucks

    • Brett

      Even if the Cubs win seven of eight the rest of the way, they’ll win about 90 games, which might not be enough to make the playoffs. I’d be tickled pink if they did it, I’m just trying to be realistic.

  • Brian

    You know, I never got that attached to DeWitt but he is certainly not a dead bug on the bench.

    And it is okay Brett, In the back of my mind I had the thought of “holy crap is this happening?!” gradually moving to the front of my mind but it is still such a stretch. It is like when you are at a wake or any situation you would see a dead body and you swear you saw a finger move or a twitch on the body. This 7-gamer for me was a blink from a dead guy.

    • Brett

      Blink from a dead guy. That’s awesome.

  • Joe Cartwright

    Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat? The 20-game win streak was stopped? How can that be? That means Hendry is wrong! Somebody should tell Ricketts!

    Anyway, now we know what happens when Wells doesn’t give up runs in the 1st. ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!

    And, somebody tell Marlon Byrd that that’s how you break up a double play CLEANLY!

  • CapnCub

    I still think they will finish within 5 below .500, that is if they keep just winning these series.

  • BFM

    I really enjoyed the 7 game winning streak. It was like a little bit of rain fell to break up a horrible drought. It’s not enough rain to grow anything or give us permanent relief, but it was nice, even for a short time.

    There were some signs of life on this team. Maybe there was enough life to ease a trade or six the offseason…

    I just hope it doesn’t turn out like last year and everyone praises Quade for doing a bang up job with an over injured team, get an extension, raise ticket prices, trade nobody and put together another “average” (at best) team on the field in 2012.

  • miggy80

    Went to see the I-cubs this weekend. Brett Jackson hit two homers today and played some solid defense this weekend. LeMahieu could of had a better weekend with his bat up his defense was rock solid.

    • miggy80

      LeMahieu was playing 3B

    • Jeff

      Brett Jackson is killing it at Iowa lately. I would love to see Byrd or Soriano moved and Jackson playing everyday for the Chicago to finish out the year.

      • oso

        Enough with the trade Soriano fantasy. How about bench Soriano, or better yet send him down to AAA.

        • NyN

          Can’t send him to AAA. He’d have to accept the demotion and that would never happen. I am with Brett on the traded Soriano front. If the Cubs eat upwards of 15mil per year surely an AL team would have him as a DH. At 3 million a year he is a lot better power option than many DHs in the AL now.

      • MichiganGoat

        If neither get traded the right move is to give Jackson the starting CF job, since that the position he has been groomed to play, and move Byrd to right. However, we all know that Q doesn’t give kids a chance unless he develops a “special” relationship with the kid- enter Campy! My crystal ball shows Campy getting the majority of the CF time while Jackson sits and gets a spot start here and there. Leave him in AAA where he can get some starts because Q won’t play him.

        • Spencer

          i agree MG. No reason to bring him up and have him sit on the bench like they did with some of the kids earlier this year. although if he IS going to be the full time starter next year (which seems unlikely at the moment) it would be nice to see how he does against some live big league pitching.

          • Brett

            If the Cubs as an organization allowed Jackson to be on the ML roster next year, but not start, they will have proved even more inept than they already have. In other words, I doubt that would happen (but you can’t rule anything out with this crew…).

    • Brett

      I’m sure the Cubs would like it if LeMahieu could handle 3B in the future if Vitters isn’t going to be the guy. But his bat has been slumping badly since the Cubs improvidently called him up, sat him on the bench, and then sent him out.

      • Hogie

        And Vitters has been hitting very well lately.

  • Mike S

    Someone might have already asked/answered this but why is Abner Abreu on our major league roster??? He was just with Daytona…

    • Brett

      Where do you see him on the ML roster? He’s not on the 25-man or 40-man.

  • philoe beddoe

    they kept showing Kevin Costner at the game today…wonder if Terrance Mann (James Earl Jones) was sitting next to him?

    Crash Davis is probably better than Koyie Hill

  • http://BleacherNation Ramy16

    Well all good things come to an end…the sad part is dumb ass Wells can’t pitch worth a shit! And the Cubs still had a chance to win

  • Hogie

    Anyone else notice the uptake in walks and patient at bats? We must be averaging about 3 per game since the deadline!

    Sorry, somebody switched my rum with kool-aid.

    • Brett

      I noticed. I think it directly impacted the win total, but I don’t think it was anything more than a fluke by the players themselves. This is not a patient team.

      • philoe beddoe

        it has to be an organizational shift to scouting OBP type players….a great example is this new dude we just got from the Indians..Abner Abreau( apparently named after Mr. Doubleday or former 80’s first round pick Shawn Abner)…the book on him…lots of K’s…free swinger…power potential
        we have enough of those guys!

        FYI- It is widely believed that Abner Doubleday “invented” baseball…most baseball historians believe this NOT to be the case….he played and organized games on the field at the Hall of Fame, and he was famous from Civil War, but he was not the first

  • chode

    We got hosed in the eighth by a homeplate umpire who was obviously dehydrated and could barely stand up, let alone see the strike zone. Marshall was hitting his spots and getting screwed, then got forced to throw over the middle of the plate and started giving up base hits. The Ump must of had more to drink last night than Wells did?

  • MichiganGoat

    There has been a lot of poor and inconsistent strike zones this year. It will be interesting to see how MLB addresses it in the off season.