Since tonight’s game has been rained out (rescheduled for Thursday at 1:20 pm CT), here’s something to keep the evening light.

Carlos Pena recently suggested that a major problem with the 2011 Chicago Cubs was a lack of team chemistry.

He would, therefore, approve of chemistry cat:

  • philoe beddoe

    Have you ever heard someone say about a losing team “They sure aren’t very good, but they have great chemistry!”


    Because winning creates good chemistry…obviously you don’t want 25 jag-offs on the team….but if they are talented they will still win.

    I realize “jag-off” is kind of a dated term, but how about this… when we had a kid get kicked off our high school team this year(as noted before, I coach high school baseball and I know you are happy for me) and when I was talking to the dad on the phone he told me our school “was run by a bunch of beat-offs”…I burst out laughing, I hadn’t heard that term since 7th grade..

    • hardtop

      I’ve never heard that.
      Jag-off, I’ve heard, and been referred to as. It’s good to resurrect old terms like that. Pretty evident the majority of bn visitors live in the past…

      • philoe beddoe

        what choo talkin bout’ hardtop?

        • dreese

          Still in college

  • Toosh

    I’ve heard beat-off before. I used to work with a guy who once said “I raised it from a pup and I can beat it if I want”.

    • http://Bleachernation Bric

      That’s classic, it reminds me of a saying my dad used to use. I was holding the light over the engine while he switched out the spark plugs one time. I told him he should try another way and he responded “Hey. I’m fucking this cat. You’re just holding the tail.”

      • Ron

        We used goat, “I’m fu%&ING this goat, you just holding the horns.” Sorry MG, Korean Goat and just Goat.

        • MichiganGoat

          That goat was my father! Join me fellow Goats, avenge my father!

  • Seth Majewski

    20 things on the cubs to do list.
    ———————-Rest of 2011 and off season—————————————
    1.Fire Mike Quade
    2.Fire Jim Hendry
    3.Hire Brian Cashman
    4.Trade Soriano,Byrd,Grabow,Zambrano,Dempster,Ramirez,Pena,Johnson.
    5.Sign Prince Fielder/Albert Pujols.
    6.Sign C.J. Wilson.
    7.Hire Ryan Sandberg.
    8.Fire Riggins.
    9.Hire Maddux.
    ————————2012 Season—————————————–
    10.Play Jackson and Colvin everyday.
    11.Make a big trade mid season
    12.Improve record by 15 wins.
    ———————–2012 offseason——————————————–
    13.Sign Matt Kemp.
    14.Sign David Wright.
    15.Sign a mid rotation SP.
    16.Let Zambrano and the rest of the players that the cubs didnt trade a year before walk.
    ———————2013 Season——————————————
    17.Win NL Central.
    18.Win NL Pennant
    19.Win World Series.
    20.Now that was EASY, wasnt it?

    • chris margetis

      You forgot a couple:
      Get the US out of debt.
      Cure Cancer.
      Prove the existence of God.

      Can someone tell me why Cashman is the supposed GM answer??? Who couldn’t field a competitive team every year with an open checkbook? Not the guy needed.

      • Brett

        I like the idea of Cashman, for what it’s worth. Yes, he’s had unlimited resources, but has tended to spend wisely. He’s also proved he can operate in the kind of environment the Cubs will offer. He’s in my top five list of rumored GMs (rumored so far, that is).

    • pfk

      Ixnay to Cashman. I’d rather have a GM who is accustomed to and had proven success with a significantly lower budget.

      • Brett

        But he’s going to have a big budget here. Wouldn’t you rather have a guy with proven success in the same or similar circumstances he’ll have here? All I can think about is Omar Minaya going from the Expos to the Mets.

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    lol @ Chemistry Cat.

    I wonder if Pena was referring to the teams chemistry on the field or if he means more in the clubhouse. Like does he mean chemistry as in: The pitching and hitting need to stop working like a seesaw where when the hitting is going well then the pitching isn’t and vice versa. Or does he mean chemistry as in: The guys show up and do their job and play ball but don’t care to have anything to do with each other off the field or in the clubhouse.

  • Zach

    Apparently the Cubs signed Rock Shoulders. He received third round money with additional funds for his future education … “a deal he felt was too good to pass up”.

    Heres the link.

    • Spencer

      that is the most ridiculous and hilarious name ever

    • Brett

      Thanks, Zach. I’d heard he was close. I’ll have more on it later today.

  • TSB

    When a team can’t hit home-runs, they play small ball
    When a team can’t hit at all, they rely on chemistry
    that’s the cover story…

  • Jason

    We still have about 26 picks that show that they haven’t signed yet !!! How many of the remaining 26 kids that haven’t signed yet will sign before the Deadline !!! If I had to take a guess we will sign 14 kids and I believe in other terms that we will be able to sign 38 out of the 50 Picks for this draft :)

  • pfk

    The “Chemistry Cat” photo is hilarious. Love it.

  • ricosanto

    I will go for any Pres/GM that would hire Sandberg immediately. Gillick and Dallas Green (Cubs best GM Ever) both would hire Ryno. I was shocked and still am and How Hendry could make the wrong decision to hire Quade.Everyone knew the right choice was right in front of his blind eyes.

  • dreese

    This is a good one Brett but my favorite is still the angry Quade lol