The NFL is Stepping All Over MLB and Other Bullets

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The NFL is Stepping All Over MLB and Other Bullets

Chicago Cubs News

One streak ends, another one begins. Right? Matt Garza goes tonight, and I would imagine he’s hoping that the offense and the bullpen aren’t back to their screwing-Matt-Garza-at-every-chance ways…

  • Randy Wells was actually fairly pleased with his start yesterday, in which he gave up six runs. “I knew kind of early it would be one of those [Wrigley Field] days,” Wells said. “All in all, I felt good and thought I made some pretty good pitches. I’m really happy with how I finished [he retired the last eight he faced], and the offense and defense really picked me up.” I still like Randy Wells, and think he was criminally underrated in 2009 and 2010. But this is kind of becoming a thing with him this year: pitch crappily, say you thought you pitched well. He’s still not hitting his spots this year, and his fastball is down some three MPH. I can’t help but believe the forearm injury just completely derailed his season.
  • Marlon Byrd says the condition of the outfield grass after the Paul McCartney concerts and rainstorms contributed to his crucial slip in the 8th inning yesterday. “I don’t think [the field conditions were] OK,” he said. “But you have the concert, you’ve had the rain the past couple of days, and that didn’t help. When I landed, I slipped and went a good three feet. It’s one of those things, you try and get the field ready, but when it’s raining every single day, what can you do about the outfield? The infield grass is great, but that gets covered. The outfield doesn’t. We have the drainage system we have here, but at the same time, it’s hard to get the outfield ready when you have a lot of rain, and the concert too.”
  • The legend of Tony Campana grows: a seventh inning takeout slide at second base – a CLEAN takeout slide, Matt Holliday – by Campana yesterday helped the Cubs come back to take the lead. Somewhere in Florida, Sam Fuld just flinched.
  • Starlin Castro’s 150 hits this year lead the National League. In a very Ichiro-like way, he also leads the league in at bats, but hey, who’s counting that part?
  • Cubs’ top prospect, center fielder Brett Jackson hit two homers yesterday to increase his AAA line to a ridiculous .291/.392/.616 in 24 games. Remind me again why the Cubs held onto Marlon Byrd at the trade deadline?
  • The return of the NFL is sapping MLB of some of its mojo. Interest will kick back up in late September and October, but, it’s hard to deny that football rules the roost in American sports after returning to such excitement after a money-grubbing lockout. It took four *years* for baseball to return to its pre-1994 strike interest levels. With football, well, I can’t wait for my fantasy draft.


Author: Brett Taylor

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