No game last night means the next winning streak will just have to start tonight.

  • Starlin Castro was named the NL Player of the Week after destroying the ball, commensurately with his move back to the leadoff spot.
  • Did the Cubs just lose a possible GM/President target? Yesterday, the Detroit Tigers announced that GM Dave Dombrowski had signed an extension through 2015. Dombrowski has been one of the most successful GMs in the last five years (all things considered), and would have made a fine interviewee either for the Cubs’ GM job or a newly-created President/Director of Baseball Ops position above the GM.
  • Ron Santo’s statue ceremony will be tomorrow at 5:30pm CT, and his statue will be located just outside the right field bleachers, next to Billy Williams’ statue.
  • I almost forgot to share one of the most oblivious quotes I’ve yet seen from Chicago Cubs manager Mike Quade. On the subject of the Cubs’ recent winning streak being aided by the fact that there isn’t a lot of pressure on a second-to-last-place team in August, Quade garbled this together: “I don’t buy any of that [pressure] stuff. I think we play better when we are healthy. I also think we played better defense and I hope that we’ve gotten better hopefully from hard work. Pressure? Was there pressure in May when we were struggling? I don’t buy any of that. To me, if you want to talk about pressure, the last two weeks of the season when you’re in the hunt and a game separates two or three clubs – that’s pressure to play.” We know that’s pressure, Mike. That was the whole point of the question Struggling in May is pressure (you lost). Being in a race late in the season would be pressure (not an issue). Being the second worst team in baseball in August is no pressure. That was the whole freaking question, dude.
  • With his homer this weekend, Carlos Zambrano now ranks 9th on a all-time home run list for pitchers (tied with Walter Johnson). All of the guys ahead of Z are “old guys,” so his feat is relatively impressive. Zambrano has always been a bit of a boom or bust hitter – his isolated power (.154) is higher than Derek Jeter, Johnny Damon, Paul Molitor, and Robbie Alomar, to name a few.
  • An interesting read about Carlos Marmol’s conversion from catcher to pitcher.
  • Add Marco Hernandez to the list of Cubs’ prospects that you like to keep track of in your head. The 18-year-old shortstop (he also plays some second base) is absolutely destroying the Arizona Summer League (rookie ball) to the tune of .357/.394/.503 line, and is riding a 15-game hitting streak (during which he’s hitting an even more impressive .426/.453/.639).
  • philoe beddoe

    wow! on that Quade quote….Captain Nickname keeps proving he is not ready for prime-time…..

  • pfk

    A very Quadelicious response to his Quade speak.

  • Waveland Ave

    BTW Brett want to let you know the “Great One” sons contract got voided and Cubs signed Rock Shoulders

    • Brett

      Thanks, WA. Both are known and in the queue. To anyone worried: Gretzky is still expected to be signed, but the signing has gone from official to unofficial for reasons not completely known.

  • RY

    qball will never be ready for the bigtime; he just needs to go away!

  • Caleb

    I think Quade’s point was that there *wasn’t* any pressure in May. So they lose in May with no pressure, and win in August with no pressure. Backing up his claim that he doesn’t “buy any of that pressure stuff.”

    Though, by the end of May I might agree with you that there is some pressure. Right about the time you start to see “hey… wait a minute. We’re not any good.”

    And yes, it takes some of us longer than others to admit things like that.

    • Brett

      I can see it that way, but I’m not prepared to give Quade the benefit of the doubt. I think he confused himself – of course there was pressure in May when the team was falling apart. And the pressure only made them crumble more. Anyone remember those two losses in Cincinnati? In my mind, that’s when the season came unglued (not the later Houston sweep or the Pujols homers, which were also awful – damn, there are a lot of low points this year).

  • Jeff

    “I hope that we’ve gotten better hopefully from hard work”
    This guy is definitely a Hendry manager. Using hope as an adjective and a verb in the same sentence, what a guy.

    • Brett

      Ha. Nice.

  • hansman1982