One of the most frequent questions I’ve gotten over the last few weeks – sometimes twice a day – is whether I have an update on the Chicago Cubs’ first round draft pick, high school shortstop Javier Baez. Unfortunately, I haven’t able to say much but the stock answer: no update, but no one seems to be concerned that he won’t sign.

Most first round picks remain unsigned, and it has become a bit of a tradition for them to wait until right up to the deadline to all sign in a big cluster (using each others’ deals for leverage to squeeze out a few more pennies). So, while there has been virtual radio silence, there hasn’t been much reason to be worried.

Finally, there’s something worth reporting. Bruce Miles yesterday said that he’s hearing Baez is close to signing, which I’ve said would be coming soon, what with the deadline on Monday. Miles also pointed out that Baez’s (purported) Facebook page listed a status update earlier this week saying, “7 days till I start a new life, Chicago coming soon.” So, I think it’s safe to say at this point that Baez will be wrapped up by Monday.

In other draft pick hypothesizing, as noted in the comments yesterday, Baseball America’s Jim Callis (who is holding court on all things draft on Twitter this week) says that the Cubs are likely to sign Shawon Dunston, Jr. and fifth round pitcher Tayler Scott, might sign Dillon Maples, and probably won’t sign Ricky Jacquez.

Callis also reiterated his belief that the Cubs have all but signed Dan Vogelbach and Trevor Gretzky, and that the Rock Shoulders signing will have no impact on those deals. Whew.

  • Larry


    I love your site. How many of the players that the Cubs have signed or probably will sign are legitimate first round talents that dropped because of sign-ability?

    • Brett

      Thanks, Larry. Vogelbach, Maples, and Dunston have, to varying degrees, been described as first round talent. The Cubs will hopefully sign all three. The rest of the Cubs’ overslot signings (and there have been, and will be, tons) are basically top 5 round talents.

      • Larry

        From what I have read the Cubs have signed about 22 of their 50 draftees. How many more do you expect them to sign before the deadline? I haven’t followed the draft very closely in past years, but with all the rumblings about the potential that the Cubs drafted and the overslot signings that they have made so far, it is hard not to be excited over what they are doing this year to restock and develop for a strong future.

        • Brett

          There are as many as 10 kids who are “signed” but not “officially signed” because the Commissioner’s office is withholding the announcement (because the contracts are overslot). It seems likely that the Cubs will go over 30.

  • MichiganGoat

    So Brett have you heard anything else, come on man! Got any news, maybe it’s time to Twitter blast you hourly. In all seriousness (which I severly lack right now) if all this happens this has to be one of the best drafts ever. So you got any news on our draft picks.

  • Matt Murton

    I was checking Jacquez’s twitter, and it seemed like he was open to signing. As a college baseball player, I love education as much as the next guy. But let’s get him going. That kid chucks, and we could use someone like that in the system. Maples-Jacquez-McNutt-palooza ‘014

  • willis

    Signing Maples, Dunston Jr, Vogelbach and Baez, with the rest that are in tow, would make for one hell of a draft and give us something to grin about. Finally.

    • Brett

      I’ve totally been spoiled by the rumors. I want Jacquez, too.

      But, yes, if the Cubs sign all of those kids, together with who they’ve already signed, and it will be one of the top drafts in the bigs (easily), and the Cubs’ top draft (judged at the time of the draft) in a decade.

  • Jason

    Yep I agree , With the signings we have it is a good draft but if we can sign these kids this on paper would like to be a great draft very excited.

    FWIW Why is Grabow and Hill still on the roster ? Do they have naked pictures of Jim Hendry like Hendry has of Rickets LOL

    • Laura

      God only knows what he’s doing with those pictures.

      • Jason

        Very good question Laura besides using them for bribery purposes

  • Jason

    The Cubs have signed fifth rounder Tayler Scott for just under $280K, tweets Callis. The high school right-hander from Arizona was committed to attend the University of Arizona, and is said to throw in the low-90’s with a good breaking ball. MLB’s slot recommendation was approximately $158K.

    Great News !!!

  • Ron

    What is considered the best Cubs draft, both for hype and hind sight?

    • Brett

      Off the top of my head, the 2001 draft ended up being pretty great: Prior, Soto, Nolasco, Theriot, (Brendan) Harris, and Mitre all made it to the bigs.

  • Bapster

    Baez at 11: 50 on 8/15 is NOT signed and the Cubs are going to lose over $ 300,000 after giving Dunston crazy money. Hope it changes but Baez Camp is not budging!

  • Bapster

    Congrats Cubs and Javier. Cubs your getting a real player!!! Last second deal! Trust me it was not roses and candy. In this draft Baez Very Special…Watch!

    • Brett

      Thanks, Bapster – and for your earlier thoughts on Baez. I’m pretty excited to see him in action.