Enhanced Box Score: Nationals 3, Cubs 4 – August 11, 2011

With today’s win, the Cubs have now won three consecutive series for the first time since September 2010, when they were similarly way out of the race. But don’t talk to Mike Quade about the lack of pressure.

Ryan Dempster was solid, Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Pena went back-to-back, and Reed Johnson continues to make it harder and harder on us to criticize Quade for not giving Tyler Colvin consistent starts. Oh, and Carlos Marmol did what Carlos Marmol does.

The best stat of the game was Kerry Wood recording his 8th consecutive strikeout, tying a Cub record since the mound was lowered in 1969 (Juan Cruz in 2003 and Kyle Farnsworth in 2001). But, even an impressive feat like that doesn’t qualify for today’s enhancement…

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34 responses to “Enhanced Box Score: Nationals 3, Cubs 4 – August 11, 2011”

  1. Fishin Phil

    That is an excellent question. I could not see the game, so enlighten me. Did all the National’s outfield fall down at once??

  2. dreese

    I think they all stood confused watching the ball because it did not go out of the park and yet it was still fair.

    I do not like QBall I think he needs to go but he might be the best last-2-months-of-a-meaningless-season-manager ever, thats probably why he was an all-star

  3. Spencer

    ARam read your bullet about him cooling off, Brett.

  4. EQ

    what sucks is we’re going on this run to get out of the #2 or #3 pick in next year’s draft..

  5. bobbyd

    “…and Carlos Marmol did what Carlos Marmol does.”

    Do you mean recording a save while still coming perilously close to shitting the bed?

    1. TWC

      Naw, he shit the bed alright, he just didn’t get any on the sheets.

  6. Ron

    Has Q finally figured out how to use a bullpen? And I really liked the Q poster.

  7. Jeff

    I’ll be keeping my eye on the DL report for Soriano the next day or two. He might need some days off after running that much.

  8. Dave


    Thats the only explanation.

    1. TWC


      Dave, you’re my new favorite person in the world.

    2. Jeff

      Or, he’s been snorting deer antler lately.

    3. MichiganGoat

      That’s the best explanation, make this a t-shirt!

  9. fire hendry and quade

    brett i know u hate koyie hill but we are now 18-10 when he starts and 33-57 when soto or castillo starts. i seem to remember us having a better record with hill behind the dish last year to. why do u think we have such a better record when hill catches? is it just by chance or is there something to it?

    1. TWC

      Koyie Hill has Magic Fingers!

    2. Jeff

      Hill has caught for Dempster and Zambrano the majority of his starts. Soto has caught everyone, including James Russell, so in this case, the stats are definitely deceiving.

  10. Joe Cartwright

    “Soriano got a late start! And Ian Desmond gets into second. That’s one of the worst jumps i’ve seen an outfielder get all year!” – MASN announcer whose name I don’t know

    Yep! Pretty much sums up Soriano’s career in Left Field!

  11. Ramy16

    My boy aramis still racking..no.21 on the year..Brett should the Cubs pick up Aramis ‘s option and then negotiate an extention? I would hate to see my favorite player leave

  12. RY

    ah screw quade, any criticism he gets is well deserved by true cub fans. the sooner he is gone the better!