In the parlance of Carlos Zambrano: “We stinks.”

Zambrano was lit up before being ejected after twice throwing at Chipper Jones following back-to-back homers. Unless the Braves were doing or saying something after their homers, it was a pretty crummy move. Still, I gotta say: how is it that he can do that, and yet no one else on the Cubs can throw at Matt Holliday for a dirty slide? Carlos was wrong, but at least he’s got some gumption.

So, it was a whoopin’, and the Braves hit about 2,000 homers. Which explains this…

  • BFM

    I agree………Z shouldn’t be taking his frustrations on other batters. If they showed him up or pulled a Matt Holliday, then all bets are off.

    And how did it come down to that? Z should have been pulled before that!
    I still don’t think the Cubs should trade Z unless they can get something real good in return, preferably for their struggling rotation.

    However, I feel this is partially Mike Quade’s fault too!!! Z gives up 8 runs and Q doesn’t go and pull him?! WTF?

    Regardless of Z’s actions, this is just another example of how Q can’t manage the team and allows the inmates run the asylum!


  • miggy80

    What! Just heard that Z retired tonight

    • miggy80

      Todd Hollingsworth said some Sullivan from the tribune said Z cleaned his locker out and said he was retiring

      • miggy80

        I mean Mooney from the tribune and I guess he said he’s thinking about it. This may be the straw that broke the camels back

  • Brett

    With the Zambrano hullabaloo, maybe no one will notice that I accidentally highlighted the Ks instead of the hits in the Cubs’s section…

  • Dan0mite

    I had a surreal moment during the game. I had a conversation with David Kaplan from CTL on Twitter about Soriano and whether be dogs it or is just physically toast.

    • Brett

      That’s cool, Dan. What did he say?

      • Dan0mite

        It was after Soriano hit that double and just watched it go. Kaplan was pissed cause he didn’t hustle it out. I tweeted him that even if he had hustled, it would have only been a double because his legs are smoked. He thought I was defending Soriano and I had to point out that I wasn’t, it’s just that he is so physically gone that no amount of hustle would have turned that into a triple. Then we both agreed that he shouldn’t be on the team anymore.

        • Dan0mite

          This was the funniest part of our exchange. The first is his reply to me saying he couldn’t have legged out a triple.

          “@Stordl01 Really? Then why did he steal 1st vs White Sox and go 1st to third as well. Selective laziness! Buy out his bloated contract!”

          And my reply.

          “@thekapman isnt 1st-3rd the same as home to 2nd? Not making excuses for him, he dogs it alot I just don’t know if he is capable of triples.”

  • Brian

    Did anyone else laugh and think of Seinfeld after Constanza’s homer?

  • Ron

    If Z retires the cubs are not on the hook for his contract, remember Mench that Totals pitcher.

  • otto cub

    i was fuming at Coach Q during the 3rd and 5th innings, when Jeff Baker lead off both innings with doubles and Zambrano didn’t bunt him over. it seemed as if the Cubs were playing as if this was an exhibition game and letting Zambrano hit for show… but maybe it was Big Z ignoring the bunt sign on his way out?

    and IMHO, Chipper Jones deserved one in the butt for his 45 second waltz around the bases after his home run.

  • Deez

    Quademoto left Z in tooooooo long! 6 Runs in 4Innings
    (I’m not even counting the 5th, he should have never pitched the 5th!)

    Marlon Byrd has got to be one of the worst #5 hitters in the majors! How can you bat over .300 but only have 22RBIs thru 80 games or so!?

    WTF moment of the Day:
    Uggla has a 32 game hitting streak but he is still hitting below .250!?

  • Toosh

    Keep doing nothing, Jiminy Ricketts , as your investment becomes less valuable by the day.

  • BAMF

    Dear Mr. Ricketts,
    The cubs are like a bad poker hand. It’s time to muck the cards and cut our losses. Time to get rid of cancers and get some players out there that want to play. I’m sick of the bullshit, baseball is not a soap opera, but you would never know watching these assholes. Time to clean house, starting at the top. Get rid of the president, GM, Coach, and anyone under contract. If you have to eat salary because you got Corky from Life Goes On writing up contracts for you, then do it. You are never going to have a better excuse to get rid of everything that is wrong with the Chicago Cubs. If we’re rebuilding, let’s build something worthwhile. Whether we keep players or pay them to leave really makes no difference in the end. Your fans do not want to see the product that you are putting on the field. I know you don’t like to get into the day to day activities, but as a supposed fan of the team, start fixing what is wrong.


    absolutely disgusted

  • DaveB23

    Brett, if he really is walking away does this mean we are no longer on the hook for any portion of the remaining $24 mil on the remainder of his contract for this year and next year?