Hey, what do you know, other things are happening in the Cubs’ world aside from the Carlos Zambrano stuff.

As expected, today the Chicago Cubs reportedly signed first round draft pick, high school shortstop Javier Baez. Terms have yet to be released, but he’ll probably get just a little over slot for the 9th overall pick. His signing has been expected for months now, so it’s not a surprise that the Cubs locked him up. The slugging shortstop was one of the top high school bats in the draft, and instantly becomes one of the top five prospects in the Cubs’ system.

A word of caution: Paul Sullivan¬†says the Baez signing is not yet official. Still, no one believes it won’t get done.

In only slightly more surprising (as in, not all that surprising) and slightly less exciting (as in, still pretty exciting) draft news, the Cubs have reportedly also signed second round pick, high school first baseman Dan Vogelbach. The big kid was demanding first round money to sign, so it’s likely that he got it.

From the first and second round to the 41st round – the Cubs also signed juco pitcher Austin Urban, presumably to a healthily overslot bonus. Urban was slated to transfer to college in the Fall.

  • Jeff

    I’m going to pretend the whole retaining Jim Hendry thing isn’t happening in real life, and just let myself be happy about the Cubs draft this year. A few experts are saying that if the Cubs sign all the guys they are rumored to be, it’s far and away the best draft of the Hendry era, and one of, if not the best in baseball this year. I know we won’t see them for 4 seasons or so, but after not having a first round pick work out since Mark Prior, it is nice to see such an influx of talent.

    • STG3

      What are the Ricketts going to say “Yes we are planning on firing Henry at the End of thbe Season”. That is not good business.

    • DarrellB

      To be fair to Hendry, while the Tribune company was in charge the put severe limits on what the Cubs could spend on signing drafted players. For many years years the Cubs were near the bottom of MLB spending in this area.
      For the first time, Ricketts told the scouts to draft whoever you really want and he would provide the money to get them signed.Wilken said this draft was like Christmas for the scouts.
      The Cubs will end up signing several players considered unsignable by many teams.

  • Toosh

    Just read where Hendry and Quade are definitely coming back in 2012. Oh well, so much for next season.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Where? The Nightengale comment? Short of a statement from Ricketts himself, it’s too early to be certain.

      • Toosh

        Yup, the Nightengale comment. Maybe the Cubs will win the World Series one year. Not with Hendry and Quade though.

  • Spencer

    Any word on where they’re going to start Baez out at if/when the signing is official?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Haven’t heard. It will be interesting, though, because the spot you’d expect for an 18-year-old top prospect would be the Arizona rookie league, but the Cubs have two studly shortstop prospects (Hernandez and Amaya) there already.

  • marc

    *first and second round
    5th paragraph

  • dreese

    Hey Brett after the 15 are you going to tell us all the people that actually signed and all that because we have a lot this year and im getting confused.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      There will definitely be a recap.