Holy Crap: Jim Hendry Intends to Accept Carlos Zambrano's Retirement

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Holy Crap: Jim Hendry Intends to Accept Carlos Zambrano’s Retirement

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There will be much more on this today and probably for a number of days, but, for now, tighten your jaw muscles lest you lose some teeth when it hits the floor:

Jim Hendry intends to accept Carlos Zambrano’s retirement.

Viewed by most as an empty threat last night, Zambrano stormed out of the clubhouse before the game against the Braves ended, saying he was “retiring.” But Hendry apparently refused to believe it was empty. Hendry has been quoted as saying simply, “We will respect his wishes and honor them and move forward.”

This is not the last word on the subject, but I’ll confess, I didn’t expect that kind of statement that soon. I thought there would be the usual song and dance; a meeting between Zambrano and Hendry, Zambrano and Quade, and Zambrano and the team. But to immediately say, “you want to retire? Ok. Done,” is pretty shocking.

Apparently a friend of Zambrano’s told him to sleep on the decision, but, in the interim, Hendry came out with his statement.

Where this goes from here, not too many know. I stand firm on my belief that, even if Zambrano is allowed to retire in some capacity, the Players’ Association is going to fight like tooth and nail to get Zambrano to try and “earn” (however that is possible) the remaining $20 million or so on his contract through next season.


Author: Brett Taylor

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