If there was ever another time for an Obsessive Watch, it’s now.

It looks like, as of this afternoon, Carlos Zambrano has not filed any retirement paperwork (no real surprise there), and Chicago Cubs’ GM Jim Hendry has been in contact with Zambrano’s agent.

General manager Jim Hendry was unavailable for comment. Zambrano’s agent, Barry Praver, did not return phone calls. Sources said the two have been in discussions, and that Zambrano has not filed any retirement papers.

If nothing is resolved by this afternoon, the Cubs are likely to place Zambrano on the restricted list indefinitely, as they did last year when Zambrano was sent to anger management counseling following his dugout incident with Derrek Lee on June 25, 2010 at U.S. Cellular Field. chicagotribune.com.

Presumably, Praver falls squarely on the dear-God-Carlos-don’t-retire side of things, with Hendry falling somewhere opposite that. The two could be discussing the circumstances of a Zambrano return or suspension, but it is not necessarily indicative of anything other than Hendry feeling out Zambrano’s true intentions. In other words, I wouldn’t get your hopes up for either a negotiated buyout or a true retirement just yet (to the extent you have your hopes up that Zambrano will be departing the Cubs, that is).

Don’t expect to see Zambrano at the ballpark tonight, either way. His future remains very much in doubt.

  • pfk

    I’m sure he won’t be in a Cub uniform for the rest of the season, even if they are paying him. He’ll be on the restricted list for a awhile, MLB will also suspend him for a few games and then it will be September. I think they will focus on dealing him either now or after the season. But I bet he never again wears a Cub uniform. To allow him back in would be poisonous and not in his best interests either. He needs help and THAT should be his, and everyone else’s priority.

  • Caleb

    I dont know how I feel about this yet. Anyone else?

  • Toosh

    How about a Zambrano-thon until this is resolved, Brett?

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      You stinks.

  • Lala

    Is it safe to take my head out of the oven yet?

  • Ron

    When was the last time a player and manager quit in the same season?

  • BFM


    You posted in a previous blog that if Z is placed on the restricted list, they don’t have to pay him. But I read another source, that stated the Cubs paid him last year after the D-Lee incident in which Z was on the restricted list. So which is it? Do they have to pay him or is it a courtesy or what? Just want some clarity.


  • Derek

    I love Zambrano always have and always will. The cubs need passion and it just left the clubhouse

  • BFM


    I agree with his passion, as misguided as it sometimes is.
    They need someone who isn’t afraid to say things like “we stink”.
    I like Z for that reason too!
    Just can’t leave though.


  • Steve

    Finally. The fat, overpaid, underachieving, cancer will be gone. Scary thing is, if Jimmy handles this situation well, it could save his j-o-b.

  • ry

    how do i feel about it? i want him gone, cc sabathia gave up five homers last ight as well and you didnt see him walking out and quitting on his teammates. he took it like a man and realized that the rays were the better team last night. ship the fucking baby out and rid us of the constant cancer he has become. if you are a cub fan, do you really want castro and our other young talent around this overpaid overweight dude?

  • MichiganGoat

    So how long can a player be put on he restricted list?

    • Toosh

      Looks like there’s a 2 year limit on players on the list.

  • Cheryl

    Were there some type of restrictions placed on him after he was put on the restricted list last time? If there were, that may enter into the negotiations with Z’s agent. It’s pretty obvious he won’t be in a cubs uniform again and as pfk says, he needs help. The best scenario for him is to have a negotiated settlement of his contract where he won’t get the full 2012 contract monies and he officially retires from baseball. No other team would want him at this point and to be fair to him he shouldn’t try to come back after this with the cubs or anybody else.

    • Toosh

      Gotta disagree with the “no other team would want him at this point” part. Here’s how I think it’ll play out. Zambrano’s not going to retire and he’s not going to pitch for the Cubs again. The 2 sides will work out some sort of monetary agreement and the Cubs will either keep him on the restricted list or tell his agent to find a team that wants him.

  • BFM

    Just heard that the Cubs have placed him on the disqualified list.
    His agent says that Z is not in retirement mode.
    He won’t be able to be with the team for 30 days and also won’t get paid while on the list.

    The union is going to use the time to figure out the next step.
    This will give the Cubs an opportunity to figure things out too.

    Hopefully they will find a taker and get out of this mess.
    If Hendry can fix this, it may save his job.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I beat you.

  • NyN

    There are so many possiblities to spin this to where it will be good for the Cubs. However, This is going to drag out with the union and be way worse than any of the Milton bradley crap. What an awesome year!!!!

    Dare I say the famous Cubs addage, “wait til next year” Nah, still too soon

    • Toosh

      27. Reverse Magic Number.

  • http://www.weareworkers.com Skooter

    It’s so disgusting that a lousy person who does a lousy job can do that lousy job, and get pissed that he sucks at it and then say I suck so much that I retire, but really mean that I don’t mean that I retire, but I really meant that you suck for offering me so much that whether I play or not that you will pay me that money and this union that I’m involved in will take care of that for me.

    Carlos–dude. You did a terrible job for the Cubs. Own it. I know you won’t you won’t. I know you will be the total piece of shit asshole douchebag worthless fucker who should fall in a fucking pit, but if you owned it, even if you just said “shit didn’t work out.” it would be amazing. Own it.

    You are beyond redemption.
    Be it.
    Let us make some money and win.
    Pretty please?