Reactions from around Chicago and baseball are pouring in…

  • Bruce Miles thinks Zambrano has thrown his last pitch as a member of the Cubs.
  • Phil Rogers agrees that Zambrano is done. He thinks the Cubs will place Zambrano on the restricted list today (during which the Cubs don’t have to pay Z), and then will try to work out some kind of arrangement. The union will undoubtedly get involved at that point, and then all bets are off.
  • Rick Sutcliffe says that things have reached the point where the Cubs and Zambrano need to get together to figure out a way to end the relationship.
  • Melissa Isaacson makes the obvious point that Zambrano retiring would be a dream come true for the Cubs, who last month would have gladly given Zambrano to any team who would take on his salary for nothing.
  • Gordon Wittenmyer cites and anonymous Cubs’ veteran who said this represents a “wonderful opportunity for the organization to get better.” Ouch. But, well, yeah.
  • Keep in mind, “negotiating a buyout,” as everyone seems to be suggesting, is not that simple. A couple years ago, the Dodgers tried to do just that with Andruw Jones. After some serious blowback from the Players’ Association, the Dodgers and Jones agreed instead to a restructured contract that would pay him all the money he was owed over a long period of time. It simply isn’t easy to get a player to walk away from cash.
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  • Toosh

    The Cubs should offer this deal to Zambrano and his agent. Zambrano agrees to forfeit the rest of the money on his contract and the Cubs agree to give him his unconditional release. Some team will sign him, so he’ll make some of that money back, while the Cubs lose a player but save money.

    • alek

      unfortunately i think we would have to sweeten the deal a little more to make sure he takes it.. maybe give him the remainder of his salary for the year, (probably around 4 million or so) and grant him his unconditional release. i just think it would be too easy for Z to change his mind like he has done many times in the past and decide he wants to play and honor his contract, blah blah blah, and then we owe him 18 million next year and the remainder of this year.. id much rather give him the remaining salary for the year to guarantee he walks off into the sunset and frees up 18 million for next year..

      • Brett

        I don’t think the Players’ Association would allow any of that to happen.

        • alek

          Probably not.. its all wishful thinking. Chances are cubs are gonna be eating a lot o Z’s contract in the near future.

  • Ron

    You mean “It just isn’t easy to get a player(‘s union) to walk away from cash.”

  • Joyce K

    Z makes Dennis Rodman in his days in the NBA look sane!

  • Caleb

    Agreed. But z isn’t an average guy either. This’ll definitely be interesting.

  • Ron

    Ace, do you think the tentacles of turmoil could effect the draft signee’s?

  • ry

    fuck him, let him walk, you never walk out on your teammates! i have always loved zambrano’s passion but this is the last straw and the organization has finally got to take a stand with him, work out a settlement if they have to, and finally make him go away!

    • Jim

      it goes both ways…when the opposing team’s bench empties, Z’s teammates should have to, even if it is just posturing.

  • Deez

    Z plays w/ “PASSION” (Although sometimes misplaced) & I wish more Cubs played w/ the same amount of passion, especially whoever Mr. Anonymous who wants to talk SHIT!

    Quademoto & Riggins basically F…ked over Z last night. Anyone who watches baseball knows he left him in “way too long.” They should be gone + if you’re a pitcher on this club & watched that, you have to be scratching your head & think “are they looking out for the team’s best interests.”

    Also, I don’t know about you & I don’t know about Z but I wouldn’t give a damn if “I SUCK!” If you owe me $18M “F…kin’ PAY ME to walk away!” I know my pride doesn’t hurt enough to walk away from $18M

  • Jeff

    Anonymous player was also talking about chemistry, I think that narrows it down a bit.