The Cubs continue their spoiler tour, this time not just spoiling a series for the Braves, but also spoiling Dan Uggla’s hitting streak. I suspect they won’t be invited to his birthday party any time soon. The defense, which was sparkling at times, let down Matt Garza, who otherwise had a fine start. Carlos Pena went deep, which is just swell.

Darwin Barney clearly wants me to shut up about his future, because he’s been on fire of late. He was dominant today at both the plate, and in the field (including an incredible diving catch to rob Uggla).

  • rylan

    Speaking of not computing, how did vizcaino strike out three while only pitching 2/3 of an inning?…

    • Derek

      I think he struck out Dewitt, but Dewitt reached on third strike wild pitch.

      • Joe Cartwright

        What’s scary is DeWitt swung at a pitch that went right through his box.

  • pfk

    Castro needs a day or two off. He looks tired and he struck out 4 times, which is very unusual for him. I think he is gassed and could use a break. Its easy to fall into bad habits when you are gassed.

    • MichiganGoat

      Agreed he should be getting regular rest for the remainder of the season, remember he’s never even come close to playing this much.

      • Brett

        Very, totally, completely agree.

        • MichiganGoat

          I would hope that a promising kid like him would have mental work to d while on the bench resting, similar to a rookie QB holding the clipboard. A manager who wants to develop his talent could have Castro suggest defensive strategies especially in terms of the SS and then the coach would discuss and teach. Sadly I just don’t think we have a coaching staff that does much in the terms of the mental aspect of the game. Baseball is as much (and more as a player ages) mental as it is physical– something this coaching staff has never understood.

        • MichiganGoat

          And don’t forget the last time we had this level of home grown talent we over worked them and one could argue ruined on kids career.

  • pfk

    From Paul Sullivan at the Tribune, “But Zambrano called and texted team personnel that night to say “good-bye and thanks,” and the farewell messages will now be used against him during the grievance hearing.” This could indeed make a big difference as now he: 1) cleaned out his locker, 2) told a clubhouse person he was retiring and 3) sent a text message to the same effect. This will be super interesting from a legal standpoint.

    • Brett

      As a (now former) lawyer, I can’t wait to read about and dissect the arguments. It really is going to be fascinating, though I doubt we’ll ever have enough of the facts (Z’s precise contract, precise conduct (language of texts, statements, etc.), timing of everything, what the Cubs did, etc.) to really come to our own conclusion.

      • pfk

        OK, time for a “Clubhouse Lawyer” image and post. We all think we are GMs, owners, managers and coaches. Now, lets see the group go to town as lawyers. “Hang ’em I say. Hang ’em.”

      • hardtop

        well, what ever rolls your socks up and down. but, im not really interested inthe details: how it all goes down doesnt really change the impact to the team, which, sadly, could be significant. i’ve been out of town for a week so forgive me if these comments have already been made (more than 10 times)
        the fact that his actions and comments became public so quickly is what really pisses me off….. for a few reasons: first, it forced the cubs hand; they had to suspend him. cant have a guy pack up his locker in the middle of the game, have the world find out about it, and then nothing about it. the reason this bothers me is: i believe he’ll be on the team until his contract expires, so i would really like to see him out there pitching and trying to figure out wha the hell is wrong.
        second, this last outing did a lot of damage to his end of the season and off-season trade value, but not as much as a 30 day suspension will (and by trade value i mean how much salary the cubs will have to eat), he hasnt pitched to well this season, but, atleast, he was looking like he had learned to control his inner basket case. now its clear to teams that might be interested in z, that he’s still nuts and he’s struggling on the mound. last, if he’s not out there pitching he’ll not be able to redeem himself as a pitcher and his trade value or value to the team will continue to be low or non-exisitant. generally speaking, i’ve liked having z as a pitcher. he hasnt had very good stuff lately but usually gives the cubs a better chance of winning than ro-lo, “im feeling randy” wells, or the wildly exciting 80 mph fastball of casey coleman.
        what a dipshit.
        btw, quade should have yanked him after home run 3. he’s an equally big dipshit.

  • Cheryl

    Any word yet on the Players Association’s reaction?If the Cubs have text messages saying Z has retired that’s going to pause problems for both the agent and the Association. With the reputation of Z, which is becoming clearer every day, the Players Association may not be too thrilled with everything. It appears the Cubs definitely have an arguent for breach of contract. But I still think there will be some kind of settlement and he won’t get full money for 2012.

    • Brett

      All we know at this point is that they’re prepared to fight for him.

  • BFM

    Very compelling argument on the Cubs side.
    I would think, that after the dust all settles, whether the Cubs are in the right or Z is in the right, that in order to save money on a long and expensive legal battle, the Cubs and Z will reach a settlement to resolve this entire shitty mess!

    Sounds logical to me!

  • Mike Foster

    BEAN TIME in 3 days 7 hours, Matt Holiday gets his…..????

  • CapnCub

    im on vacation in michigan for two weeks good to stay in touch with bleachernation another great post ace. Be back asap, Cubbies are serious now, its a shame it wasnt so in the beginning. moving on and enjoying the better play from this team. W 4 series in a row

    • MichiganGoat

      Good for you support our economy, drink our beer, eat at our locally owned restaurants. Enjoy!

  • Jamesjones

    I was at the Saturday and Sunday game. Simply amazing.
    1. I hate the Braves.
    2. Rubbing it in their faces as the Cubs win, brilliant!
    3. I don’t know if Castro was gassed or if it was the fact that it was hot as hell.
    4. Pena’s homerun: he killed that ball.
    5. I was fortunate to be surrounded by a lot of Tennessee Cub fans.
    6. I left my seat to go cool off when I heard that Grabow was pitching. I knew we would give up the lead.
    7. The fielding today was atrocious. Ugh. Well at least towards the end we made plays.
    8. Soriano looked like a kid in a tee ball game. I’m surprised he didn’t sit Indian style and just pick at the grass.
    9. Good to see Tyler Colvin hit well on Saturday and Sunday.
    10. I hate the fucking Tomahawk chop.
    11. Good to see so many Cub fans in attendance. It almost seemed like we outnumbered Brave fans.
    12. Barney’s catch in the outfield was awesome.
    13. I am burnt. But it was worth it.

    Going to sleep.

  • FactCheck

    I can’t believe the Cubs won (and scored SIX runs) with
    18 strikeouts
    0 Walks
    4 errors
    1 XBH (Pena HR)

    I think the Cubs batted something like .571 on BAIP which is near unheard of.

    • Brett

      Yeah – this is a game that not too many teams win. I tend to think it was a big ‘ole lucky fluke.