I don’t think you can ever fairly say you didn’t see a Carlos Marmol implosion coming. But, well, I didn’t see this one coming. Not with the Cubs cruising. Not with Marmol so good in his last half dozen outings. Not with a three-run lead.

But, implode he did, spoiling Ryan Dempster’s good night like it was a Matt Garza game.

  • MichiganGoat

    This is Q leaving pitchers in too long, AGAIN!

    • Deez

      Seems like his M.O.!
      After this season, how can you keep Quade & Riggins!?

      • Spencer

        can’t put this on Quade. Bases loaded, three run lead…the last thing you think is going to happen is a grand slam. if he gave up a double or something like that then take him out, but i think he was right to leave him in in that situation.

        • Kyle

          I disagree. After the second slider, I started yelling at the tv, “Get Marshall UP!!!” I saw this one coming very early in the inning. He threw so many meatballs, I couldn’t believe it lasted as long as it did. My wife couldn’t believe how i predicted a loss after just one batter (or how upset I was over a meaningless game). Dempster was left in too long as well. He got out of it fortunately, but he should not have seen the 7th inning.

          And Casey Coleman is not a major league starter. Little League….maybe…

  • Vince

    Marmol looked “cooked” from the start like he was “gassed ” to begin the ninth. Why does Quade continue to stay with the pitcher when everyone with half a brain can see that the guy doesn’t have good stuff.

  • TWC

    So, gang… been camping in the high Sierras for the last five days. Did I miss anything good?

    • MichiganGoat

      Lucky… I’d go back but watch out for wild Zambranos on the loose.

      • miggy80

        I thought there was some insightful comments missing

        • TWC

          Yo, Migs! You want some insightful comments? How ’bout these:

          1) Remember to lock your bear lockers, folks. They ain’t just for bears.
          2) Bourbon does some impressive things in a camp fire.
          3) It’s impossible to teach other people Eucher. Seriously, if you’ve gotten to your mid-30’s and haven’t learned Eucher, please don’t ask me to teach you. ‘Cause you’re just gonna piss me off.
          4) Looks like to Cubs won some games while I was away. Cool. Zambrano’s up tomorrow, right?

          • Ron

            Eucher! I knew you had class!

    • Brett

      Absolutely nothing of consequence.

  • HotRuta

    Actually, it’s simple — if the pitch count is at 20 and Marmol isn’t already doing high-fives, then you’re doomed.

    The GS occurred on his 32nd pitch (only 20 were strikes). He had thrown 18 pitches before he started on Matt Downs (who walked, in an 8-pitch at-bat). As soon as he reached 30 I already knew we were going to lose. The wild pitch was a hint, too …

    If I’m the manager, I know Marmol well enough to know I take him out after he struggles to pitch to Downs and ends up walking him to load the bases. But the Cubs have a minor league manager, who, apparently, thinks that episodes like this build character. I hope Ricketts was watching this game.

    ANYBODY could see this one coming from a mile away …

  • Ol’CharlieBrown

    They lost the game by Quadecision

  • Steve

    So, what do you do? Have a guy warming up WHILE Marmol is pitching the 9th? That doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in your closer, when he looks over his shoulder and sees another guy getting ready. There was no time to get anyone up by the time things got out of hand. I don’t blame Q. I blame Marmol. Do your job. Three run lead. Three outs. Not rocket science.

    • Brett

      I gotta agree with Steve on this one, as much as I like blaming Quade.

    • Fishin Phil

      I think Quade has mistaken this years Marmol for the Marmol of 2 years ago. A couple of years ago, you could count on Marmol pitching himself into a mess, then pitching himself out of the mess he created. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case.

      Personally, I would get somebody up after the first guy gets on, I don’t care what it does to his precious confidence. After the second guy gets on, I would yank him.

      Eh, that’s just me though.

    • MichiganGoat

      I’ve gotta disagree here. If Marmol had been lights out all year or only had a few hiccups this year then I agree, but this is his MO all year. Once he gets to nearly 20 pitches and has the tying run at the plate (should be calling once he got behind with the previous batter) you call the pen do a long visit to the mound and tell Hill to slow the pace down, that gives you enough time to warmup the bullpen. It is inexcusable for Riggins or Q to not at least visit the mound. Marmol needs to know he’s on a short leash and should be pulled when he can’t locate his slider effectively and is wild. Quade handles pitchers like he is playing a baseball video game, he always believe hs pitchers can get one more out or pitch one more inning regardless of how bad they look.

  • Mike Foster

    After a year like this Cubs fans deserve a ray of sunshine…I propose it be in the shape of the bruise Matt Holliday should be receiving in 31 hours! It’s bean Holliday, the final hours!!!!

    • Brett

      If Holliday goes unbruised, we’re going to have to guard Mike.

  • ry

    Marmol was definitely due for an implosion, he had saved like 9 in a row, hell he is no stinking jose valverde or anything!

  • Ron

    Guess I shouldn’t have walked away in the mid 9th.

  • philoe beddoe

    I say you shut Marmol down…not let him throw until like Jan or Feb and hope that 2-3 mph comes back on his fastball…if not, he’s done

    goes from the highest k per 9 number in history to just another guy, after he gets the new deal….so Cubs….

    the shelf life on most closers is about 2.5 seasons….that’s why he should have been dealt at the deadline

    • Brett

      It’s also why his contract extension was just unconscionable. Why Hendry doesn’t get more criticism for it, I don’t understand.

      • EQ

        Marmol had very high trade value at the deadline and we didn’t budge.. we could have unloaded him, probably without picking up any of his salary, and we could be on the prowl for Heath Bell… oh well.. another lost opportunity to go with the millions of others.

  • Brian

    I hope they brand Holliday like a cow

    • Brian

      (this was in response to the Mike/Brett comments, I’m not some crazy guy with a grudge posting random Holliday comments)

      • Brett

        Haha. Grudge posting.

  • CubFan Paul

    ..just finished the game on the DVR

    quade is an idiot or Riggins convinced Quade that Marmol is fine. before monday nite’s outing, Marmol’s slider had been FLAT the previous 2 outings like it did in July.

    Kerry closed on sunday, i assumed Riggins or anybody with brains noticed Marmol’s latest “flatness of the slider” & gave him a day off to fix it

    apparently not ..Quade should of taken Marmol out 2 batters earlier. period

  • MTCubbie

    Marmol and Marshall are tied for 8th in the majors for appearances in the majors this year. Marshall was 5th last year and Marmol was 10th. Marmol was 4th in 2009. Its no wonder his arm is turning to a noodle.

    I am not a GM or pitching coach, just an anguished cubs fan in Montana — but does it shock anyone else how much we use our ace relievers on a horrible team.

    My gut has told me that the cubs have been arm killers for a while — this doesnt refute it.

    • hardtop

      Thats because grabow sucks so bad, they have to use marshall all the time. woody has been pretty bad too (some bright spots, but mostly liver spots (he still thinks he can smoke everyone with his fastball)). and when russell was starting, our bullpen was a bunch of poo throwers. but yeah, you’re right, we’ve had a history of pitcher mis-use and abuse (dusty was notorious for pushing just about everyone). quade/riggins don’t seem to have a clue either. quade will leave a guy out there after giving up 8 straight homers, if there are 2 outs (and probably bat him the next inning with a man on 3rd)

  • Joyce K

    Same old thing….give a player big money prior to the season, he will SUCK from now on. He keeps throwing slider after slider. WTF. He has a good fast ball so what is his problem? If he doesn’t want to throw anything but a slider, why doesn’t he go work for White Castle?

  • ME1963

    Quade and Riggins are unqualified to be in the big leagues! Riggins is an “A” ball pitching coach and Quade is not a decisive leader of a major league team.
    Without Marmol’s 8 blown saves the Cubs are a .500 ball club! Doesn’t anyone in that dugout think like a baseball professional?