How is it that a team can win 11 of 14, taking out a handful of playoff contenders along the way, and then lose two of three to a team that is not only the worst in baseball, but has also traded away its best players?

The team is the 2011 Cubs. That’s how.

The Cubs had a chance to tie or take the lead in the ninth, but a broken bat dribbler by Geovany Soto got Darwin Barney, who was running on contact despite a drawn in infield, taken out at third. The Cubs blew a bases loaded, no out opportunity earlier in the game, too.

  • Dan0mite

    Which loss was worse? Today’s or yesterday’s?

    • Kyle

      Today’s was worse. At least we got to watch a Major League starter yesterday.

    • Ron Swanson

      To me, yesterday’s was worse because they had it won. You have to assume over the course of a season, week, series, etc that there will be games that you don’t get a good start or the big hits. That was today. But yesterday’s game they had won and with it could have won the series. Urrghhh.

  • willis

    Three times today there was a runner on third with no one out. Three times today the Cubs scored zero runs. Zero. So tell me, why do we pay this hitting coach so much dough?

    Coleman sucks donkey, but there were plentiful opportuinities to score off of a AAA team that were sucked into outer space somewhere. Granted, we shouldn’t really care anymore, but damn to hell these are two bad, very bad losses. The fact that they were to the Astros makes it bad, but the way they were lost is just so Cub. When does the season end? F.

  • Sam

    Today. Definitely

  • ry

    the only thing that can be said is i have never seen a more inept lack of clutch team than this one. what a pathetic display of baseball today, like what 0 for 13 w risp. fucking pathetic. thank god only 38 games to go; gonna be miserable with the cardinals and braves next. 9 game losing streak coming up. in answer to danomite, both days sucked shit equally as bad!

  • hardtop

    coleman schmoleman, you wasted your highlighter.

    RISP: 0-13 !!!!!!!!!!
    we’ve been bad at this, i know, but 0 for f’n 13? that is almost impossible to do, especially when you consider at least 5 were with ZERO outs! really, pena/soto/byrd? really? man on 3rd with no outs and no one could get a goddamn ball in the air… professional baseball players we’re talking about! in the 9th inning? To Tie The Game!? against the worst team in baseball? put my grandmother up against mariano rivera and she gets a ball in the damn air…. pathetic.
    i know the season is lost, and ive been teetering on the idea that with some slick moves and big spending we could be competitive next year. no possible way! the whole lot of them need to go, even castro can go becasue he might have this teams stink on him.

    • Brett

      Sorry – I chose to discuss the lack of coming through by the offense in the body, and highlight Coleman in the box. Could have done it the other way around.

      • hardtop

        sorry man, i’m a hot head. i was foaming at the mouth to bitch about the risp stuff.
        i expected coleman to suck, but you were right on, he exceeded my expectations for suckage.

        • willis

          Ha I was too. I was furious, even though I really shouldn’t care, watching runner after runner be strandad. But you knew, that as soon as the first out came (FU Pena) it was a worthless cause.

          This season is so lost, but games like this are infuriating. Regardless.

  • Toosh

    Ah yes, another fine Hendry move. The best batting coach in baseball. How long is he signed for?

  • Caleb

    Keith Moreland called Castro “Cassie”

  • John

    I’m ready for the Cubs to trade Carlos Pena this guy just seems to always strike out with a runner on 3rd with no outs and kill the rally. I believe its time to see what Bryan LaHair has in him hes having a career year with 33 homers and a .335 average, Pacific coast league or not those are good numbers. After september call ups, If the Cubs dont trade Pena or release him then Quade will play Pena over LaHair everyday and we wont get a chance to see what hes got.

    • Jeremy

      I think Pena is overpaid, but he is the only and I mean the only guy that knows how to get a walk. So who is our most patient hitter after Pena? Geovany Soto… with a whopping 35 walks. Not exactly that uplifting. I’m all for getting rid of Pena if we can get some new guys that are patient. Problem is, almost no one in our organization is a patient hitter. After Soto, no one on our roster has more than 24 walks. Well, thats the Cubs for ya…

  • John

    I just seen where Cubs prospect Eric Jokisch was called up to tennessee and he will be starting tonight for the Smokies. This guy has had a good year in peoria so im kinda excited, does any one have a scouting report on this guy, How hard does he throw and what pitches does he throw?

  • MichiganGoat

    At least I can’t say Q left a pitcher in too long, progress!

  • Joe Cartwright

    How old is Coleman?

    • TWC

      He *says* he’s 24, but he’s from Fort Myers, Florida, so you should probably add about 6 years to his claimed age.

      • Brett

        Wow, clearly you don’t read very much. Guys from Fort Myers are notorious for overstating their age. Coleman isn’t a day over 13.

        • TWC

          I love reading this site because your articles are short but informative.

          But perhaps not informative -enough-.

          • MichiganGoat

            New BN slogan?

            • Brett

              I’m sold.

  • Mike Foster

    20 hours till BEAN TIME for Matt Holliday!. God I hope the recorder works, but I do have MLB.TV if needed. Chances are prolly 99-1 against it happening especially with Zambrano out. He had the guts to BEAN Matt Holliday, others…..we’ll see.

    • fire hendry and quade

      your gonna be very upset going by your timing the game starts in seven hours unfortunately the game doesnt start for another twenty eight hours

  • CubFan Paul

    at least Rodrigo Lopez can pitch 5 innings of “good” ball ..please people, no more talk of “prospects”, letting the kids play or since Coleman is “dominating” at AAA he should get a shot ..Coleman was mediocre at AAA making him Ineffective in the Bigs

    im partially joking but its a definite joke that we have No One in the minors who can pitch effectively when needed

    • JulioZuleta

      I would love to know one advantage of having a guy like Rodrigo Lopez (Doug Davis, Dave Bush) throw another pitch this season. Clearly they are not a long term answer, they weren’t even an answer 4 years ago. I’d rather bring up a prospect to take his lumps in meaningless games, and learn something OR, have the front office that guys like Coleman are not viable options for the future, and shouldnt be penciled in the rotation for next year. I’m no Coleman fan myself, but he has not been just “mediocre” in AAA. He has a 3.65 ERA in the PCL which is ridiculously hitter friendly. He would be third in the league in ERA if he had another 15 IP, he’s just short of the qualifying number. wait for it…..should I do it….. #misinformed

  • Deez

    OK OK OK OK!
    Who drives in more runs the rest of the Season?
    Byrd or Colvin?
    I’d bet the mortgage on Colvin.
    Still can’t believe Byrd’s on driven in like 25 or so runs in that #5 Hole.
    Talking about the biggest disappointment this year!
    Byrd & Pena w/ RISP are instant Rally Killers!

    • ron

      Byrd has 22 rbi in 322 ab spending most of the year in the 3/5 hole

      Colvin has 15 rbi in 145 ab getting spot starts while batting in the 7/8 hole

      I am totally with you and think that Byrd while a good teammate is an abysmal run producer and is vastly over rated.

  • Vince

    Is Tom Rickets watching disaster after disaster unfold? It would be nice to , at least have him comment on these awful displays of futility. What is he thinking? Quade is responsible for putting this pathetic lineup on the field. Soto has homerun itis, swinging for the fences on every pitch, how many runners has Byrd stranded? Soriano is his sorry self. These guys couldn’t hit a sacrifice fly if their life depended on it. Marmol is a thrower and not a pitcher, there must be someone, somewhere who could do a better job as closer.

  • dick

    who needs zambrano when we’ve got casey coleman

  • alsecord

    any other outfielder on the roster catches the pop-up to left in the 4th that $18 million sorryano jogs in on, and coleman’s out of the inning up 3-2. quade a cross of tom treblehorn and jim essian, worst manager in baseball.
    draft blogs said austin urban, rock shoulders and jacob lungren(?) all signed but none listed, did they sign?

  • Matt Murton

    We need Randall Simon back. At the very least, he’d hit a sausage if it were in scoring position. We stinks.

  • fire hendry and quade

    soriano is the worst player in baseball. i cant get over how horrible he is. horrible outfielder that takes terrible routes to balls and gets afraid of the wall when he gets within thirty feet of it. horrible baserunner who cant run and has no situational baserunning skills. just a straight up dumbass baseball player. its not his horrible skills that piss me off the most its the fact that he seems to not understand the way the game of baseball is supposed to be played

  • EQ

    wow… he’s the worst in baseball?? interesting.. he’s not even the worst on our team, but you go ahead and think that.

  • fire hendry and quade

    who is worse on our team? considering the whole package. hitting and defense and running and baseball iq and 18 million a year. who would u consider worse?

    • JulioZuleta

      To be fair, your salary can’t determine how good of a baseball player you are. He might be the most overpaid player in the league, but that doesnt make him the worst.

    • Brett

      The conversation begins and ends with Koyie Hill.

      • EQ

        It should..

  • EQ

    Well overall, several pitchers are worse.(Grabow, Russell, Coleman, etc.). as far as everyday players, Colvin, Soto, K. Hill, Blake Dewitt have produced less at the plate than Soriano, & Pena has barely beaten him out… defensively he is a liability but this whole team has committed tons of errors and Castro & Barney have led the way there.

    I’m not defending Soriano’s play, he’s declining & hasn’t lived up to expectations.. but the only reason everyone hates him so much is because of the size of his contract.. If we were paying him 8 mil instead of 18 mil, we’d be happier with him.

    I can name a lot of players on other teams way worse than him too.. it was just an ignorant statement to call him the worst in baseball.. I’d give that title to Chone Figgens right now.

  • fire hendry and quade

    it wasnt an ignorant statement it was my opinion. if i could pick one player to get rid of it would be soriano not a backup catcher who when he catches we are 18-11 with or any of the relievers who mentioned or utility players you mentioned. soriano has given up more runs with his defense then he has produced with the bat. if he was making 8 mil he would have been released or traded already

    • EQ

      I think everyone agrees with and understands your statement… I can’t think of a player I’ve ever been more disappointed in than Soriano. But just as JulioZuleta said.. we can’t judge how good a player is by his contract.. we also can’t dub him the worst in baseball because of defense only.. the dude still gives us 20-25 HRs a year, that alone makes him worth something to many teams.

      Soriano was a 40-40 guy when we signed him.. he’s been a train-wreck compared to that, but is still an above average power hitter who can get on a streak and produce with the best of them. He’s now best suited as a DH and many AL teams would be happy with a guy who can hit 25 HR’s as a DH, especially if we cover the majority of his contract.

      the statement, in my opinion was ignorant because he’s not the worst player in baseball, but he is one of the top 3 biggest contractual disappointments in baseball with Figgens and ZIto.

  • fire hendry and quade

    so what your saying is fire hendry?! i think we can all agree on that one! hes the one who gave soriano that horrible EIGHT YEAR contract