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Jim Hendry is officially out as Chicago Cubs GM. Assistant GM Randy Bush will take over as interim GM, and Tom Ricketts will speak to the media soon.


It’s been a long road, but as you all should know, this was the right move. I will have more on this later today (I’m remote right now (of freaking course)), but, for now, use the comments to share your thoughts/celebrate. Please also feel free to share news updates.

I will do my best to keep this post updated.

Update: Jim Hendry is addressing the media. Paraphrase: love the Cubs, love the city, we just didn’t win enough games. No hard feelings. Wants to continue to have a good relationship with Ricketts. Hendry is getting emotional. He’s a good guy, just not a good GM.

Update II: A search process for the next GM will commence now.

Update III: Hendry says he was told a month ago, but stayed on to complete the draft (hey, that’s what I said!).


Update IV: Hendry didn’t make deals at the deadline because he’d already been fired. Not to pat my back again, but, I totally called that as the only explanation. Hendry done speaking, Ricketts on around 12:15.

Update V: Ricketts says Hendry is a great guy, but a change was needed. He’s reaching out to industry vets to help him with the GM search. Says new GM will report directly to Ricketts (which suggests no new Director of Baseball Ops). Ricketts is going to try and keep the search quiet.

Update VI: Ricketts wants a GM who is good at development and statistical analysis (but that’s just a part). Very much wants Scouting Director Tim Wilken and Farm Director Oneri Fleita to stay. Will recommend them to new GM.


Update VII: New GM will decide on Quade. My gut translation: he gone.


Brett Taylor

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