Clearly, in the post-Hendry Era, the bullpen doesn’t blow Matt Garza’s games. The offense still doesn’t do much, though.

Today’s win assures yet another series victory, and, with major organizational changes now guaranteed, I can fully enjoy these wins without that lurking fear that, by winning, the Cubs are only serving to cripple themselves down the road. Oh, and it’s the Cardinals. So I can doubly enjoy it.

  • MichiganGoat

    Agreed, wins are truly enjoyable now that they don’t equal another year of Jimbo and Q, yet I was still bracing for a Marmol meltdown.

  • Falselife

    Was especially sweet listening to this on the Cardinals radio network. Their commentators are such whiners. Kept complaining about Garza’s pace and how it would come back to bite him…guess it never did.

  • Toosh

    You’re right about the Cards’ announcers. I was listening to a Cards-Brewers game but had to stop because of them.

    • Dave

      Mike Shannon is terrible. Just awful. Its one thing to be constantly drunk on the air, its another to be both constantly drunk and an unrealistic homer. A few years ago I caught part of a Cards game on the radio, the Cards were down by an absurd number of runs and in between every pitch Shannon (obviously drunk) kept reminding listeners how many consecutive solo home runs it would take for the Cards to take the lead, and if he had enough time he would explain why each batter was capable of going deep.

  • Mike S

    Boom. Lawyered.

  • Cardfan


    • Brett


  • Falselife

    Oh, and Jon Jay has a HUGE ass.

    • Matt Murton

      What are the chances we can get the announcers to play “Ms. New Booty” on the organ at Wrigley?

    • M12_Jazz

      Bigger than Marmol’s?

  • Caleb

    Hey, Brett? I don’t remember a series preview. Did you forget or have I just been drinking too much?

    • Caleb


      • Jeff

        banana hammock……just sayin.

        • Caleb

          Until there’s one with”bleacher nation” on it, you’ll have to wait.

    • Brett

      Yeah. The latter.

  • philoe beddoe

    I have no idea what kind of year the prospects are having that we traded for Garza, but I loved the move then and keep loving it….under team control and loves being a Cub…..

  • philoe beddoe

    Archer 8-6 4.21 at AA, Hak Ju Lee nice year at A…..320 28 SBs, hitting .167 at AA in 10 games….Chrinos .265 at AAA….Guyer .311 11 hrs at AAA…..Sam Fuld nice 4th OF

    way too early to tell….

  • Ron

    It makes the vodka tonic ai much better.

  • Ron Swanson

    It’s a damn shame that Garza isn’t around 10 wins right now. I know it wouldn’t change anything really but he deserves the statistic.

  • philoe beddoe

    Wow. Check out Gordon Whittinmeyer’s piece in the Sun-Times….if it’s a true account, Crane Kenney is a bigger weasel than we imagined…

    I realize Hendry was good to a lot of these guys, and therefore gets some favorable press but they universally don’t like Kenney

    • Brett

      I haven’t heard half of the stories now coming out about Kenney. I knew the media hated him, but was never entirely sure why. This stuff will be addressed in the bullets this morning.