Ned Colletti has experience as a general manager, and he’s from Chicago.

That’s all you need to know about his candidacy for the Chicago Cubs’ recently-vacated GM role, according to many. The Sun-Times included Colletti as number two on its list of “most likely candidates” (written mere hours after Hendry’s firing was announced – didn’t I say that it was worth waiting a couple days before creating such lists?), and literally offered those two justifications in support of Colletti’s inclusion on the list.

I suppose there may be other reasons to consider Colletti. He’s had moderate success in Los Angeles and the Dodgers have developed some excellent players under his term. And Colletti did start his career with the Cubs,as a publicist, though he left some 20 years ago to make his bones with the Giants and then the Dodgers. Plus, he’s got that indomitable mustache.

But Colletti is widely considered to be cut from the same cloth as Jim Hendry: an “old school,” scouting-first, free-agent-heavy GM. Does that sound like the “change” Tom Ricketts explicitly said he wants? I simply can’t see it.

When asked about the Cubs job, Colletti wasn’t exactly emphatic in his desire to remain in Los Angeles. “I have a contract and a commitment to the Dodgers,” Colletti said. “Until somebody tells me otherwise, that is where my focus is and where my efforts will be.” He might as well have said, “Cubs, please tell me otherwise. Please!”

For my part, all I needed to read to know that Colletti wasn’t the guy was a post entitled, “In Which We Try to Convince Cubs Fans That Ned Colletti is a Good Idea,” from the popular Dodgers blog, Mike Scioscia’s Tragic Illness. Bloggers and fans don’t always know best, but when they collectively laugh at the very thought that another team might want their GM, and desperately hope that team will be foolish enough to relieve their suffering, it’s probably safe to move on to another candidate.

  • Fishin Phil

    Ned Colletti is at the bottom of my list, slightly ahead of moving Crane Kenny to the GM spot.

  • CubFan Paul

    Colletti is a shrewd business man/GM ..he’s the only GM that i know of that steals free agents away from teams after said players agree to terms with another team. the whole Furcal to the Cubs agreement, then furcal is on a plane to LA has weasal written all over it ..and he sold Hendry a bag of beans in DeWitt

  • TWC

    Holy crap! Ace, you didn’t need to tell us that he’s from Chicago, that mustache positively screams it. I couldn’t fathom that thing coming from any other geographical area. It’s barely two whiskers away from starring in a Celozzi-Ettleson Chevrolet commercial.

    • Brett

      HA! Oh man. TWC strikes again.

    • MichiganGoat

      He’d be the best Head of Security – EVER

      • TWC

        Ha! That’s EXACTLY right. The walkie talkie just draws itself on his belt in that picture above.

  • Ron

    I wonder if Rockets and Friedman have a history from wall street/re ameritrade? Hopefully Tickets didn’t throw his resume in trash at some point.

    • Brett

      I’m going to guess that was auto-correct gone wild. Or it was just funny.

      • Ron

        Smart phone plus two kids equals failure to proof read.

        • Brett

          I just can’t decide if I like calling Tom Ricketts “Rockets” or “Tickets” better. Can’t call him CRicketts anymore.

          • Ron

            If he fills the system with power pitchers it could be Rickets Rockets. But I vote Tickets until Crane Kenney is gone or until they win the WS then it will be Rockets.

  • NL_Cubs

    “Birds of a feather flock together” comes to mind when bringing up Colletti’s name.

    McCourt – Colletti; Colletti – McCourt.

    Nah, I’ll pass.

    • Ron

      Finkle is Einhorn, Einhorn is Finkle

  • MichiganGoat

    Since this was not a bullet I’ll add it:

    -It is clear that Castro spent his day off communicating with moths telepathically and finally got some revenge by commanding a moth to fly into Matt Holliday’s ear in the hope that it would bore into his brain and cause him to drive a spike into his thigh.

    So that’s why he’s been distracted, he’s the Beastmaster of insects.

    • TWC

      I think I could live with a daily (non sequitur) bullet from MG. Why limit ourselves to linear thinking?

      • MichiganGoat

        Make it happen Ace!

    • Brett

      Nicely done.

  • 1CubFanInPA

    “Holy crap! Ace, you didn’t need to tell us that he’s from Chicago, that mustache positively screams it. I couldn’t fathom that thing coming from any other geographical area… ”

    Apparently, you’ve never been to Scranton, PA, TWC. And we even love bowling here, too! (LOL)

  • hardtop

    “scranton”… totally sounds like mustache town. actually it sounds like it could be a type of mustache: the handlebar, the fu manchu, and the scranton. im so going to grow a scranton!

  • Nomar’s Left Glove

    You know it might be great if he got the job and Tom Selleck Got the assistant GM job. The Cubs would be moustache heaven. Bob Rohrman can knock Crane Kenney out………. Just imagine

  • KB

    There’s no reason to take personal potshots at the guy…like Hendry, he seems like a good guy.
    Also, like JH, he’s a mediocre GM. I truly consider him to be a lesser version of JH, so if Ricketts actually hired him, I would equate it to something like…giving Soriano a 3 year extension at a hefty raise.

    Actually the Soriano scenario would be preferable to me.

    • Brett

      By personal pot shots, are you referring to the mustache comments? Because I stand by what I said: the man’s mustache could consume souls. It’s amazing.

    • TWC

      Dudes with mustaches are awesome. Can you imagine if he had long hair, too? It’s almost too much to imagine…

  • rocky8263

    Speaking of Penn. what about Ditka? He wears the king of all moostaches (sic)

  • KB

    No, I love the ‘stache jokes. I prolly misread the other stuff.

    But the rest of, I was serious about; that is, if Ricketts hires him, it’d be a colossal, stupendous mistake.

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