Los Angeles Dodgers GM Ned Colletti is an unattractive GM option for a variety of reasons, including his similar style to Jim Hendry (old school, scouting first, preference for veterans, etc.) and the strong desire of Dodgers fans to be rid of him. I would imagine he has quickly fallen to the very bottom of most Cubs fans lists, too.

The reasons given so far for the Cubs’ purported interest in Colletti are incredibly thin. They are, sincerely, (1) he’s from Chicago and used to work in the Cubs’ organization as a publicist, and (2) he’s a current GM. That’s it.

Now you can add another ridiculous reason to the list. Gordon Wittenmyer:

While Colletti is viewed by many as cut from similar old-school-GM cloth as Jim Hendry, one attraction to him, a source said, is the likelihood he would try to bring Ryne Sandberg back to the organization as the Cubs’ manager. Sandberg has told those close to him that with Hendry out, he wouldn’t hesitate to return to the Cubs.

First of all, it’s debatable whether Sandberg is even the right guy for the Cubs’ managerial job. But even setting that aside, choosing a GM – the most important non-player role in an organization – because he might be slightly more likely than others to bring in a particular manager is so absurd as to be beyond words. And it’s particularly beyond words when that manager would love to return no matter who the GM is, so long as it isn’t Jim Hendry.

Here’s hoping Tom Ricketts is simply doing his due diligence and/or that the leaks – remember, this is a tight-lipped search – are skewed toward someone like Colletti, who still has a number of contacts in Chicago.

  • Bails17

    Please God…no Ned Colletti!

  • Fishin Phil

    I don’t care if he bring Casey Frickin’ Stengel with him, the answer is still no.

  • Internet Random

    I’d sooner have Hendry back. Seriously.

  • Andy

    Colletti sucks. And Sandberg would have no real impact on the current team in place. He ‘may’ end up being better than Quade, but given how the current team has played for 2 seasons now, I hardly think Ryno would make a difference.

  • CubsFanatic

    I’d rather have an ancestor of the famed cursed goat as the GM than this guy.

  • Ron

    Other than one post season run I imagine his and Hendry’s record are similar.

    “It’s debatable whether Sandberg is the right guy for the job” so now you hate Sandberg!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      No, still agnostic on Sandberg. Not sure whether I’d want him or not.

  • EQ

    When you hear names like Gillick, Epstein, Beene, Cashman, Freidman, etc.. if we end up with Colletti??? I would consider this whole thing to be a complete failure.. it feels like we could have our choice of the best of the best, Colletti isn’t in that group.

  • auggie1955

    Say no to Ned.

  • Fishin Phil

    As near as I can tell, Colletti does not fit any of Ricketts criteria. Perhaps it is time for Mr. Wittenmeyer to submit to a random drug test.

  • John Durbin

    All i have to say is Ryno is a winner…wether he is right or not for the job… He always gives the team a chance to win night in and night out… he works hard and will expect the same from everyone of his players… Like Castro’s mental errors would not be tolerated or balme it on his youth… not an excuse for a major leauge ALL STAR!!!… you play the game hard for Ryno OR you dont play.. and i have a good friend of mine that played for Ryno at Peoria and Iowa and he will tell you the same thing.

  • Steve

    Good players win games. The Cubs don’t have many. Sandberg couldn’t win many more games with this roster than Q. This is not a playoff team…with ANY manager. Concentrate on a GM, and quality players during the off season. Then, get a competent manager to lead them. Sandberg? Fine. I really don’t care either way. But I AM tired of the love-fest. For a guy that has never managed above AAA, people sure think he’s the answer. I don’t. Not because I think he’s a bad manager. I don’t think LaRussa could win with this roster. And I happen to believe he’s the best manager around, now that Bobby Cox is retired.

    • Internet Random

      I’m not saying that Sandberg is (or is not) the answer, but if you don’t think a good coach can make a difference in how players perform, do a Google search for a guy named “Vince Lombardi”.

      • John Durbin

        well put internet random! Certain coaches get the most out of there players.. and i think Ryno can bring that to the cubs. I have seen him do it and Single and Triple A over the past three years.. Again he is a winner and would have more wins with this team than Q. and not that i dont like Q but Sandberg demands 100%… not expects it like Q.

  • John Durbin

    also need a new hitting coach.. see way too many bad at bats and unproductive outs.. can’t tell you how many times i have seen runner on first or first and second with no one out and that is where they are when the inning ends… swinging at terrible pitches on good hitters counts… with the exception of Aramism, Castro, and Barney… the cubs at bats through most of the year have been pretty bad. And if you go back and watch when they were on a roll and won 7 in a row.. the approaches at the plate are like day and night compared to what we were doing to start the year and again what we are doing the past week.

    • Internet Random

      “with the exception of Aramism”

      -isms, in my opinion, are not good.

  • Robbo

    Sign Colletti only if he keeps that moustache. The stache wins in Chi Town. Ditka, Phil, Q all won titles, all had Magnum PI moustaches. We have found our new GM.

  • Lou

    I’m telling you, Dave Martinez. And we don’t need Coletti to hire Sandberg. We could have done that this year. Remember?

  • SMA

    My first post. Colletti looks like the guy from Weekend at Bernies. I think I’m showing my age

    • MichiganGoat

      Welcome. Your dead right, so maybe we should hire him but have Cashman and Epstein control him.