Rodrigo Lopez didn’t have a bad game (he actually lodged a quality start), but ran into trouble in the middle innings, which is very much his MO. His defense didn’t help him, and neither did the offense.

Aside: Ryan Braun has 30 stolen bases!?

  • ry

    wow, another magical cluster fuck game for the cubs! way to go schmucks! typical worthless hitting, typical atrocious defense. this team never ceases to amaze in the fact that with most games, someone always manages to rise to the top with a perfect display of shitty defense

  • NyN

    How are there 5 to 6 teams that are actuallt going to get to draft before us in next years draft. How bad must it suck to be their fans. I mean our only excitement this year has been a bunch of 18 years olds and the firing of our GM. Ouch.

    BTW Darwin Barney reminded me of the players on the high school team I coach making that throw. It drives me crazy to see a throw like that when there wasnt even a chance at the runner. High School mistake froma major leaguer. tisk tisk

    • Ian Afterbirth

      But he’s gonna “work really hard to get better and clean that stuff up” so I wouldn’t worry about it.

  • ry

    thankfully only 30 more to go…………

    • Ian Afterbirth

      30 more to go and…..
      The season’s over and…..
      We a get a gm and new manager and….

  • Fishin Phil

    Darwin Barney said “There’s a lot of room for improvement, and we’re going to work really hard to get better and clean that stuff up.”

    They’ve been saying that since March, when exactly are they planning on doing this???

    • Brett

      Love that quote, Phil. I’m using it.

  • ry

    actions speak louder than words darwin, until you all quit throwing the ball all over the field and choking in crunchtime, nobody will believe you! its best if these clowns just shut the fuck up and work a little harder, ok a lot harder!

  • http://Bleachernation Bric

    Hendry’s sitting on the couch now still hoping thast Darwin, LaMahieu, Vitters and the rest of his farm system will evolve into major leaguers. And then he’ll write a book about it and get thrown out of the church.