It’s been fair to expect that, as the Chicago Cubs’ GM search process goes on, some unforeseen candidates would emerge. Or, I suppose, they would not emerge – and we might never hear about them unless one of them ends up being the guy.

Is Dan Evans one of those unforeseen candidates? Gordon Wittenmyer thinks so:

Evans fits all the criteria Ricketts laid out when he announced the firing of Jim Hendry last week — down to a background in advanced-metrics analysis.

Obviously, it’s been awhile since Evans was the rising-star assistant GM for the White Sox that Rick Hahn has become today.

But since an ugly split from the Sox after he was left out of the loop on Kenny Williams’ ascension to GM past him in 2000, Evans went on to a three-season run as GM of the Los Angeles Dodgers. He rebuilt and restocked a front office and farm system left lagging and depleted under Rupert Murdoch’s NewsCorp ownership.

Evans, 51, declined to be interviewed for this story. And it’s unclear where he stands on Ricketts’ early list of potential candidates that is known to include Tampa Bay’s Andrew Friedman, the New York Yankees’ Brian Cashman and the Dodgers’ current GM, Ned Colletti (like Evans, a Chicago native).

But friends and associates of Evans — a Lane Tech and DePaul grad who grew up near Wrigley Field — say he has always considered the Cubs’ GM position his dream job.

If you’re wondering who Dan Evans is, there’s a good reason for that. Evans, 51, hasn’t been a front office executive in seven years, when he was unceremoniously bounced from the Dodgers’ GM job by incoming owner Frank McCourt. Evans worked as a scout in the Mariners’ system for a few years before starting a sports agency, where he’s worked ever since.

Evans was successful in the Dodgers’ organization and is now credited by some with most of the success others have laid at Ned Colletti’s feet (most of the core home-grown Dodgers players of the mid-2000s came from Evans’ time in charge).

Still, I have a hard time seeing Ricketts taking a chance on a guy who’s been an agent for the last four years, and hasn’t been a GM in seven years, no matter how impressive his pedigree may have looked a decade ago.

Indeed, were this not an “Obsessive Watch,” I probably would have relegated this to a derisive bullet.

  • Fishin Phil

    I really think Gordon Wittenmeyer has been hitting the ganja lately. I’m betting tomorrow he tells us that Lady Gaga is a top candidate in Rickett’s search.

  • CubFan Paul

    maybe Evans & Wittenmyer are cousins..

  • al

    i dunt thin gaga knows shiite about baseballl llluccccy!!

    • Jeff

      Just ask Brett, he knows all about Lady Gaga now.

      • hardtop

        Well, I know everything there is to know about gaga:
        She’s a dog-faced hack without even an ounce of talent (other than annoying people)
        BUT, she’d be totally qualified to be the Cubs GM if it weren’t for her lack of little league baseball experience.

  • Andrew

    I actually thought about emailing you about Dan Evans. He does a weekly radio spot (by phone) here in Nashville and was asked yesterday about the Cubs’ GM job on-air by one of the other hosts. I was reading between the lines on his response a little, as his response was the typical politically-correct response, but he’s definitely interested if the Cubs are. It also sounds like he has had contact with Ricketts in the past (not necessarily in conjunction with the opening, just that there’s been some sort of communication – could very easily just be a conversation in passing at a game sometime), so the idea of him being on Ricketts radar isn’t far-fetched.

    Now being on Ricketts radar and being a legit candidate for the job are two different things.

    • Brett

      Thanks for that, Andrew.

  • Matt Murton

    Obsessive Cubs GM Watch: Is Dan Evans a Real Person?

    • Brett

      He’s the Sasquatch of GM candidates.

      • Fishin Phil

        This is where I would post a picture of the Jack’s Links “Messing with Sasquatch” if I could figure out how to post a picture.

        • Brett

          I’m working on it…

          • Matt Murton

            If all of these were on facebook, I would have liked them already

  • Robbo

    Dan Evans was GM of Dodgers in ’03 and was responsible for making their draft selections that year which included Matt Kemp, Andre Ethier, and Chad Billingsley. Yeah, that was the same year Hendry drafted Ryan Harvey with the 6th overall pick in the 1st round. Wow. Maybe this guy does deserve a look.

    • Bub

      Dodgers didn’t draft Either. Oakland did. I think Nick Colitis traded for him in ’05.

  • Zippo

    Scouting Director Logan White – who maybe should be a candidate – not Dan Evans made those picks. IIRC, Evans had a lot of struggles while Dodgers GM.

    • Brett

      I know nothing beyond what the two articles say. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that, though.

    • Robbo

      Good call. Logan White is the type of guy the Cubs could use in their organization. Whoever the next GM is they would be smart to surround him with people like this that can bolster our minor league talent.