Waivers remain among the most secretive bits of the baseball business. At some point this month, Chicago Cubs third baseman Aramis Ramirez was placed on, and cleared, waivers, according to Ken Rosenthal. But neither Rosenthal, nor anyone else at this point, believes the Cubs will be able to trade Ramirez, who has full no-trade rights.

Earlier this year, Ramirez and his agent stated that he’d be open to an August trade, after his family returned to the Dominican Republic. And then he said he wasn’t open to it. And then he said he’d consider a July trade. And then he didn’t. On it went.

In any event, Ramirez is scorching hot, and likely to continue to scorch for a losing team this year.

Though Ramirez is likely to stay for the rest of 2011, he continues to suggest that he may not be around in 2012.

I don’t know what to expect because I’ve never been through [free agency],” Ramirez said. “Yeah, I’d like to stay but I’d like to see which direction [the Cubs] want to go.

“I don’t know how much longer I want to play. I’m 33. I don’t have much time left. You want at least a chance to compete. I’m not saying we have to put a World Series-type of ballclub on the field because that’s hard to do, but you have to be able to compete.”

In other words, Ramirez is saying: if you’re rebuilding, don’t bother trying to re-sign me (and don’t pick up my $16 million option, either – of course, if the Cubs are rebuilding, they won’t).

  • Deez

    “I’m not saying we have to put a World Series-type of ballclub on the field because that’s hard to do, but you have to be able to compete.”

    Seriously, is this the type of attitude you want from any star player on your team?

    • MichiganGoat

      Exactly, his attitude and desire to be a teams number 1 has always been my issue with him, let him go

  • Jeff

    This is kind of crazy, both Ramirez and David Wright cleared waivers. I know there isn’t much of a chance either gets traded, but you would figure someone would take a shot at one of them, especially with the way Ramirez has been hitting.

    • MichiganGoat

      I’m shocked no one claimed him, it makes me wonder what concerns other teams about his bat.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Especially since his contract comes with an option for 2012 (though various reports say he can void it). Seems like one of the big boys would gladly have claimed him.

  • 1CubFanInPA

    This is such a tough call. I’d like to see the Cubs try to keep A-Ram because he can still hit for average and power, and the alternatives at 3B for 2012 are all of lesser talent. But if the new incoming GM is not able to move either or both Zambrano and Soriano over the winter to clear money off the books then letting A-Ram go may be the only way to add the necessary pieces needed for this team to even remotely be competetive in 2012. If the Cubs can clear Ramy’s $16 million owed for next year off the books and can sign a short term stop gap free agent third-sacker like Eric Chavez or Wilson Betemit for a fraction of that money and still have money left over to sign a quality starting pitcher, then I’d be all for them paying the $2 million opt out money and letting A-Ram walk. Otherwise, the Cubs need his (expected) offensive production in 2012 if they are going to have any chance of turning this ship around.

    • NyN

      IMO the ship on a competitive 2012 sailed a long time ago. We need too many parts and even if we had limitless amounts of money, all of those parts are not even available. We have no prospects to trade so…. 2012 could possibly be less rewarding than 2011. Just saying. I would let him go.

      Now just might be “the time for bold canges”

  • LouCub

    The Giants are a contender, with a solid farm who could sure as hell use his bat RIGHT NOW!!! RAmirez for Brandon Belt and a solid pitching prospect….Makes too much sense

    • NyN

      I personally would not trade Brandon Belt alone for 30 days of Aramis Ramirez. But I coach high school baseball and do not run a MLB franchise so what do I know.

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Highly doubt Giants would trade Belt alone for Ramirez, let alone Belt plus.

  • Cheryl

    Just let him go. He is no team player. So, what difference will it make for 2012 if someone else is there for a stopgqp we’re not likely to compete for the world series until 2014. By then I’m hoping Vogelbach will be on 1st base; Baez on third; Dunston will be in center; etc. There is more potential in this year’s draft then I’ve seen in a long time. If Ricketts continues to develop the farm system with players like he nabbed this year we’ll look back on 2011 as a bad memory.

    • Jeff

      That’s asking a lot out of high school kids. 3 years is usually the minimum amount for them to spend in the minors, and if Dunston is in center at that point, it would mean Brett Jackson, Matt Sczur, and Jae Hoon Ha are all three busts. Dunston, Vogelbach, and Baez will probably play next year in the rookie league, then a year split at A ball, then in 2014 if all goes well, they will be in double A/triple A for a big league audition for 2015, or ready to trade for a major league players.

      • Cheryl

        No. It doesn’t mean Jackson, Sczur and Jae Hoon are busts. Jackson may not make it and I have doubts about Colvin but if I assume that one of those three make it that’s hoping for the best. You are right, it is asking a lot from high school kids, but they may have the skills to make it sooner rather than later. I have hopes that some of these draftees will be in AA by the beginning of 2013. There’s already talk that Dillon will see the big leagues by the end of 2012 and that is certainly optimistic. I was figuring he wouldn”t arrive until 2013. There are possibly six players from this year’s draft that were considered 1st rounders but they dropped because of high salary demands. Another aspect with these new kids is that several are considered impact players. Right now the farm system doesn’t really have players that could be called impact players. That’s one reason for thinking 2014.

  • Toosh

    Just like 1909 through 2011.

  • Lou

    What do the Cubs have to lose. Offer him his option…if he voids it, you don’t owe him anything. Then, sign Encarnion at 3b because you know the Cubs will be spenders in the 2013 FA market.

  • SMA

    If the Cubs pick up his option and then he declines can the Cubs still offer arbitration for a chance at a draft pick(s)?