Casey Coleman had his best start in ages, but it mattered not, as Zack Greinke was better. Or, I suppose, the Cubs’ offense was worse than the Brewers’ offense. Yeah, that sounds more accurate. Aramis Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano had particularly crummy days. Mike Quade got the boot again, moving him to one away from the single-season record for Cubs managers. He’s got that and the All-Star nod to hang his hat on, I suppose.

There was at least one bright spot (among others)…

  • ry

    what a bunch of pathetic losers. speaking of losers, brett, if you had to pick in a seven game series, who would win between this bunch of losers and the 2006 team?

    • NyN

      I’d say that the 06 team mops the floor with these guys. D-Lee was playing pretty well after coming back from the injury.

  • MichiganGoat

    I wonder what our quality start winning percentage is and where it ranks in baseball

  • Jebecker

    I just can’t root for this team to win until mike quade gets fired. Also, after all that we’ve been through this year, I just can’t accept only the 7th overall draft pick. I need top 3 at least. Go Cubs. Go and lose until next season.

    • NyN

      For real How are there team that are actually worse than the Cubs????

      • Joe Cartwright

        Twins, Royals, Orioles and Astros all have worse records (for now). They’re not necessarily worse teams though. Except the Astros. Somebody tell the Giants that having a pitching prospect beat the Astros isn’t an accomplishment. It’s the same as Triple-A. I wish I was joking…..

  • ry

    i am definitely rooting for them to lose to have a top 3 pick and for dipshit to be fired within 24 hours after the final pitch of the season. It should be the quickest firing ever recorded.

  • Joe Cartwright

    You know, it really sucks Colvin isn’t getting too many base hits because he has freakin’ found the long ball.

  • cubsklm

    Where are those experts that supported the Quade hiring over Sandberg. Been kinda quiet all year. To turn your back on a Hall of Famer is one of the most shameful things I ve ever seen. Even if Sandberg sucked, do you really think he couldn’t obtained this record? I am with everybody else, go for the best draft pick we can get.

    Back up the truck, fire the entire coaching staff.

  • jim

    IF the CUBS let Quade come back they are “Morons”!
    HE needs to go bye-bye! The CUBS need to let the
    “kids” play & add some “quality” pitching! Also, Koyie Hill
    needs to go bye-bye!

  • Dan0mite

    Looks like I picked a good game to nap through and nurse my hangover.

  • ry

    there is no point watching these bumbs anymore this year.

  • CubFan Paul

    Coleman’s ERA actually went down for a change ..Impressive

  • hardtop

    does anyone else wonder how ryan braun makes it through the game without getting some dirt or grass or some other irritant (maybe a bird or small mammal) in his eyes. those peepers are HUGE. just the enormous amount of exposed surface area would dictate that somethings going to get stuck in there.