Whoa. That wasn’t a world-beater lineup that Randy Wells just man-handled, but neither was the Cubs lineup that beat up on Tim Lincecum. This was the kind of August game we all hoped we’d see when we were looking into our crystal balls in April. Unfortunately we didn’t play close enough attention to those May, June, and July games that the ball was showing us.

And Marlon Byrd got a hit with a runner in scoring position! For realsies!

  • Fishin Phil

    Makes you wonder how much of his mid-season struggles were physical, and how much were mental. Either way, keep it up young man, you may grow up to be a back of the rotation starter yet!

  • Ron

    …my forearm deals better.

  • Jeff

    I can’t help but wonder if this is more late season illusion or if he has really turned the corner as it has looked his last couple of starts, and figured something out. 2 hit shutouts aren’t usually flukes, but I don’t have my fingers crossed for a repeat.

    • Ron

      I have mine crossed…but won’t hold my breath!

      • Andrew

        I have my fingers crossed and am holding my breath… but I don’t have my lucky rabbit’s foot.

        • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

          You’re going to pass out.

          • Andrew

            Yep… I did. I’ll wait until his next start to hold my breath. Maybe I can find my lucky rabbit’s foot before then, too.

  • Waveland Ave

    Dempster had a talk with him and randy said a couple of weeks ago he did not feel 100%

  • Brian

    Maybe it was the fishy smell of the ocean mixing with the smell of marijuana?

    • Andrew

      You mean, he had a “conversation” with Soto in McCovey Cove before they went into the ballpark?

  • RY

    one hell of a game by wells! nice job. wow marlon byrd got a meaningful hit, whoa stop the presses! a really nice win after the pathetic shitstorm of a week against the braves and brewers!

    • http://www.frenchrocks.net Ian Afterbirth

      Why can’t you be more like Willis and say poopstorm, Mr. Potty Mouth?

  • willis

    Wells was good at the end of last year, was awesome in Spring Training, had a wonderful first start of the year….then went to poop. Had to be physical, or he stopped lilstening to Riggins. Either way, his last two starts have been dynamite. Can’t help but think that his forearm is back to feeling right and he is trusting himself. We need pitching worse than anything. So these last two outings are encouragng.

  • Vince

    Knowing how stupid Quade is, it wouldn’t have been unlike him if he would have pulled Wells in the ninth inning turning the game over to Marmol to give him more work, with the usual disastrous results.

  • dreese

    Dempster is a way better pitching coach then riggins!