Meta: Bleacher Nation is a Finalist for a Big-Time Award (Help Solicited)


Remember when I was bugging you to help get Bleacher Nation nominated for a relatively big-time award presented by Blogs With Balls? Well, you’re the best readers on the ‘net (or I’m the best bugger), because we did it.

Thanks to your help, Bleacher Nation has been nominated as a finalist for the Best Team-Specific Site, alongside some serious heavyweights. I get to go to New York for the awards and everything.

I think it’s a testament not only to your efforts to send in those nominations, but also to the community we’ve built here. Oh, and also, I’m awesome.

Now comes the voting stage. I’ll say it again: the other finalists are, eh hem, large sites (they include: mgoblog (which is the biggest independent sports blog on the ‘net), the DC Sports Blog,(the Washington Post’s sports blog), the 700 Level (a huge Philadelphia sports blog), the Jets Blog, and the Florida State and Sacramento Kings blogs for blog monolith SB Nation). Some are many times larger than our own humble abode, so I’ll be leaning on you even more heavily to do your part and drop a vote for Bleacher Nation.

So, please go HERE and vote for Bleacher Nation (unless you truly want to vote for one of the other finalists). Much obliged.

Brett Taylor is the editor and lead writer at Bleacher Nation, and can also be found as Bleacher Nation on Twitter and on Facebook.

69 responses to “Meta: Bleacher Nation is a Finalist for a Big-Time Award (Help Solicited)”

  1. Toosh


  2. John Durbin

    Congrats… if ya ever need some help with articles email me… all i do is read bleachernation for my in depth Cubs stories… love the site.. love the topics… keep up the great work Brett!

  3. TWC


  4. Hcs

    Voted. For BN. Apparently you didn’t make the cut on the Clarissa fanfic category.

  5. Fishin Phil


  6. ron

    Those other names mean nothing to me, Bleacher Nation on the other hand….

  7. jstraw


  8. Jen

    Congrats on reaching the finalists, Brett! That’s awesome. I shall tweet my little heart out.

  9. Chris

    Done. Major award? I hope it’s a bowling alley.

    1. hardtop

      …it’s a lamp… oh, isnt that glorious.
      oh yeah, voted for you brett. im gonna twit my hairy ass off

      1. Internet Random

        Yeah, mind power, Swede. Mind power.

  10. Spencer

    Done. If there’s a cash prize you have to split it with everyone. Kidding! Good luck, Brett

  11. Jim

    As they say in Chicago, vote early, vote often…

  12. MichiganGoat
  13. Brian

    Congrats! For once I feel like my vote was worth while!

  14. Jeff

    Congratulations on making the finalists, there were a lot of other good team specific blogs out there that didn’t make it. It’s nice that they decided to close the comments only after someone shilled for one of the other sites on there. Good Luck, hope you win some dap.

  15. ReiCow


  16. CUB5

    We have to vote for you AGAIN? So needy…

    Ok done. Now follow me on Twitter damn it! :)

    1. TWC

      Man, you want some Twitter action, check out @MichiganGoat. Dude just can’t shut UP about life and beer in Maine or wherever the hell he lives.

      1. necusfan

        @TWC don’t forget about New Hampshire, we got some good beer here too. Love my Smuttynose. It eases the pain of life and this season.

  17. Kyle N

    Congrats on the finalist nomination! That news is most excellent!
    You officially have my vote. Again.

  18. Ian Afterbirth

    How many times can we vote?

    1. Ian Afterbirth

      [Brett says: Ian, don't hate me, but I've removed your comment to avoid the appearance of any impropriety - not that I think you did anything wrong; just in case]

      1. TWC

        You can take the dude out of the courtroom, but you can’t take the courtroom out of the dude.

      2. Ian Afterbirth

        Aw, fine…
        Man Ace is one scrupulously honest guy!

      3. Ian Afterbirth

        Ok, so I’ll just link it on my FB page and tell them!

  19. Keith

    Congrats Brett – well deserved and vote cast!

  20. dreese

    Congrats Brett! I really love BN and imma let everyone on facebook know about it!

  21. necusfan

    Done Brett. You’ve really created something special here. It’s truly like going to a neighborhood bar filled with great, funny intelligent commenters, and me. Keep up the good work.

  22. nccub

    Fans in Statesville, NC say you are the best! I appreciate all the hard work you do to get us the best information available.

  23. Cheryl

    My votes in. Good luck. You have no peers.

  24. Dave

    Voted, best of luck Brett, you run an awesome site.

  25. Polar Bear

    Just submitted my vote. Keep up the good work. I always say, “A man is not measured by how loudly he speaks of himself, but by the loudness of those that speak for him in his silence.” Good luck, Brett!

  26. Joe Cartwright

    Done and Tomahawk nation totally copied this site in their name.

  27. Barkingspider

    Done…too. Enjoy your blog immensely. THANKS!

  28. Glenallen Hill's One Home Run

    I only just found out about your being nominated about a half hour ago so I just want to say great, GREAT job. I am so happy for you and for the site, god knows you deserve it. I voted and my roommate did too. Again, fantastic work.

  29. NL_Cubs

    Been off line for 4 days due to effects of hurricane Irene and getting caught up.

    My vote(s) is in and as they say in Chicago around election time…”vote early and vote often”. Let’s just say as a transplanted Chicagoan that I remain compliant when possible.

    Continue to shake hands and kiss babies Brett and good luck with the voting!