Bruce Miles Gets a Job Offer and Other Bullets

Matt Garza is a cold-blooded spoiler. ”People damaged our playoff hopes for the first four months,” Garza said after the Cubs beat the Giants last night. “So I’m fine with paying it back. If we’re not in it, might as well play the spoilers. Playing the spoilers is not as fun, but why not do it and make some people mad at you?” Whatever you do, don’t tell Garza about what happens at the end of this week’s ‘True Blood.’

  • 2011 top pick Javier Baez is headed to Low A Boise for the rest of the season. Joining him are overslot pitchers Tony Zych (4th round) and Michael Jensen (26th round). Don’t get too excited – the Hawks have just four games left. After that season ends, the kids well head off to various instructional leagues.
  • Bruce Levine chatted yesterday. Not much in the way of factual information, but Levine thinks the Cubs should go hard after both CJ Wilson and Prince Fielder. It sounds like he doesn’t think they actually will, though.
  • Speaking of Wilson, Tim Dierkes makes a compelling argument that Wilson could land upwards of $100 million this offseason. The super short of it: Wilson is a 31-year-old ace, pitching in a tough ballpark, with little mileage on his arm, in an extremely weak free agent class. If the Wilson talks do approach nine figures, I think you can count the Cubs out, no matter who the next GM is.
  • AAA Iowa catcher Welington Castillo has been placed on the disabled list with an ongoing hamstring problem. The severity of the injury and the impact on a presumed September call-up are, at present, unknown.
  • Paul Sullivan runs through a number of decisions Cubs Chairman and Owner Tom Ricketts will have to make in short order, other than the GM decision.
  • Tom Ricketts has reportedly hired economics professor Stephen J.K. Walters to review the finances of every level of the Cubs’ organization, and to make budgetary recommendations. Some quick Googling on Walters suggests he’s an economics whiz, but the organizational connection (indeed, any connection to the Ricketts family or TD Ameritrade) is unclear. I don’t even really see Walters’ connection to private industry, let alone MLB. I think it would be easy to overreact and fear that Ricketts is going miserly on us, looking to squeeze every turnip; but I suspect this is just a matter of Ricketts doing the business thing – why shouldn’t he want to review the budget of every department and try and save money where possible? He’s said every dollar that comes in will go back into the organization at some level, so, by all means, spend it wisely.
  • Also in the realm of organizational hires, Phil Rogers says the Cubs should grab Orioles’ VP of Planning and Development Janet Marie Smith to spearhead the team’s revamp of Wrigley Field. She has worked on the development of Camden Yards, as well as the improvements at Fenway Park.
  • The Daily Herald is headed to an online subscription model (i.e., you want to read it, you gotta pay for it), which is a considerable bummer for fans of Bruce Miles like me. Miles’ blog on the Herald (it’s a combo Cubs/Sox blog, on which Miles does the Cubs stuff) is one of the better beat writer efforts, and, if it’s subject to the paywall, I’ll be disappointed. That’s not to say I won’t consider paying for access, but Miles’ exposure is going to drop precipitously. Let me say officially: Bruce, if things do play out for the worst, and you’re ever looking for a large audience, you’re always welcome to write for Bleacher Nation.
  • Ron Santo and Pat Hughes are up for the Ford C. Frick award, which honors baseball broadcasters. Details here. Voting here.
  • In retrospect, the Cubs’ 2005 draft was the worst in baseball. The same link, from Baseball America, has some thoughts on DJ LeMahieu.
  • From Fangraphs, cool guys don’t look at ejections:

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26 responses to “Bruce Miles Gets a Job Offer and Other Bullets”

  1. Fishin Phil

    Bruce could be a good addition to BN. His articles are frequently short and informative.

  2. CubFan Paul

    If the Wilson talks do approach nine figures, I think you can count the Cubs out, no matter who the next GM is.

    why do you think this brett?
    1. we need pitching
    2. we have the money
    3. we’ll have even more money in 2013 & beyond
    4. we need pitching
    5. there may be a standoff with Zambrano if he doesnt waive his no-trade
    6. Dempster may walk
    7. we have the money
    8. anchoring the rotation w/ Garza & Wilson are great building blocks
    9. umm ..we need pitching
    10. im drawing blanks, i was up til 2am watching the game and shouldnt be awake now so im gonna go nap & thank the lord its not three 10pm est games in a row, but seriously we need pitching & no other team has the free money the Cubs will have this offseason so bringing in Wilson won’t hurt Ricketts’ precious budget

    nor do i see a GM taking the job if Ricketts tells him in the interview process that he’s going to pinch pennies &not be competitive ..Its bad enough we think Ricketts wants to be the baseball president (in my opinion)

  3. Andy

    Interesting that BA didn’t put the Cubs in the top 5 for 2011 drafts. Apparently Callis and crew don’t share the same enthusiasm for the group as Cubs fans seem to.

  4. Sean C

    I know much has been made of Wilson’s low mileage, but 31 is still 31. If the Cubs can hang in for one more year, they could land themselves in one of the biggest free agent pitcher classes ever with a lot of cap space.

    1. CubFan Paul

      and if those pitchers of 2013 sign extensions with their current teams like Weaver did last week your gamble is a lost bet

  5. Toosh

    Wilson is on the wrong side of 30 for me. Plus, he’s going to want at least a 5 year deal. It could be Zambrano all over again, minus the attitude.

    1. MichiganGoat

      I’d be fine with a 5/75M type contract, 15M a year sounds fair maybe a team/mutual option year.

      1. hardtop

        goat and toosh, im with you both:

        1. i agree 5/75 or 80 is fair number.  i would say he’s actually worth a little less given his age and relatively short track record as a starter, if it werent for the supply versus demand issue.  but, because the demand issue is so extreme in this case, we wont get close to him for that number.

        2. i’d be willing to bet we’d see a decline in wilson during the last couple years of this 5 year deal.  This would inevitably lead Cubs fans to complaining about how we are overpaying a 34 year old guy, who is maybe, by that time,  an adequate number 4 starter, and we’d be hoping we could trade him to a potential contender for salary relief or a decent pitching prospect.  And history repeats itself.

        i see there are some new fancy features here.  nice brett.  but, im not going use any of them.  im not even going to use capital letters.

  6. RY

    what is the latest on zambrano, when is the hearing if there is one, we gonna have to pay him or not?


    1. Fishin Phil

      I was wondering the same thing myself.  Haven’t heard anything about the union’s appeal.

  7. Toosh

    Who was in charge during the 2005 draft? Oh yeah. Never mind. Looks like the White Sox could hire him. Apparently they need more nice guys in their organization.