As much as Chicago Cubs fans might hope Theo Epstein sees the challenge of winning it all with the Cubs as too enticing to pass up, most signs point to his refusal to consider the open GM gig.

First, Epstein is under contract for another year as the GM of his hometown team – a team he led to its first World Series title in 86 years. He is well-paid, well-liked, and, by most accounts, happy. So, as alluring as the chance to be “the guy” in both Boston and Chicago may be, Epstein may be too happy to rock his own boat.

Second, Dave Kaplan recently cited a Boston insider who says it’s unlikely that Epstein would leave Boston to be the Cubs’ GM, which is also the residual sentiment you pick up when leafing through the innumerable Epstein-to-the-Cubs pieces around the Internet.

Third, Red Sox Chairman Tom Werner flatly rejected the notion that Epstein would consider leaving his post with the Red Sox. “It’s a complete non-story,’’ Werner said recently. “Theo is under contract and he’s very happy in Boston. He’s looking forward to leading the Red Sox into the postseason and to another world championship.”

Finally, when asked about Epstein, Red Sox players are effusive in their praise. And manager Terry Francona thinks the two have a perfect working relationship. Neither the players nor Francona believe Epstein would leave the Red Sox.

But, that all said, a number of sources indicate that Epstein would be interested if the Cubs were offering something a little sweeter than the GM job – namely, control of the entire organization as president.

From Dave Kaplan:

I just spoke with CSN New England’s Red Sox insider Sean McAdam and he believes that Red Sox general manager Theo Epstein would not leave Boston for the Cubs GM post but feels that there is a slight chance he might consider a president level post with full authority over baseball operations.

McAdam went on to say that he feels that Epstein may be unwilling to walk away from the final year of his Boston contract out of loyalty to the organization who hired him 10 years ago.

And from the Boston Globe’s Nick Cafardo:

The Cubs rumors are a great negotiating tool for Epstein. They also bring up the question of what Epstein’s goal is.

Does he want to be GM of the Red Sox for life? As long as Larry Lucchino is in power, Epstein may never supplant him as team president – unless Lucchino left to be commissioner of baseball when Bud Selig calls it a career (at least he says will) after the 2012 season. Lucchino also could be part of a group that buys the Dodgers.

But the prevailing thought is that Lucchino loves being in Boston and there’s no reason for him to go anywhere.

Epstein may want complete control of an operation; a major league source familiar with Epstein’s thinking indicated that this school of thought should not be discounted. While the rift between him and Lucchino seems to be a thing of the past, Lucchino’s presence still keeps Epstein from running the entire organization.

But even if Epstein desires a president-level job, would he really consider leaving the Red Sox in favor of the Cubs? The Boston Globe’s Eric Wilbur thinks maybe he would.

And yet, Theo Epstein is widely underappreciated.

Part of it is our culture. Aside from the majority of Patriot fans, who react to criticism of their team about as well as Kevin Smith reacts to a salad, Boston is very much a “What have you done for me lately?” town. You don’t hear Celtics fans satisfied with 2007, and if the Bruins falter, they’ll experience the same soon. The Red Sox know that well enough when they watched their ratings for the 2010 season plummet. But following an offseason that saw an unprecedented re-tool (Best Team Ever, some say), the Nielsens are up, the Sox are in first place, and…John Henry gets the credit for opening his wallet.

Theo gets criticism for his free agent blunders.

Remember when Epstein pontificated in the spring about there simply being something more pure about building a baseball team from within? I took that as a significant sign that he wasn’t psyched about signing Carl Crawford to a 45-year, $900 million contract, or whatever the numbers were. Believe what you want, but I’m on the side that Crawford was an ownership decision, and that the tradeoff was that the trio allowed Epstein to go out and grab his binky Adrian Gonzalez in exchange. Theo takes the rap for Crawford, Renteria, Lugo, Drew, Lackey. The minority give him credit for Pedroia, Ellsbury, Bard, Lester, Buchholz, when it is indeed the latter that the GM has to be most proud of, and the reason why he should be so highly regarded in baseball.

Theo preaches patience, which is more important in the game’s immediacy and long-haul than anything else. Ownership? What’s in your wallet?

Epstein remains sturdily at the top of most our Cubs GM wish list, and he would probably be up there on a would-be president list, too. But, ultimately, all-things-Epstein is probably an academic discussion. He’s almost certainly not going to be the GM, and I take Tom Ricketts at his word when he says he doesn’t want a “baseball president,” preferring instead that the GM report directly to him. Even if that means closing the door on someone like Epstein.

  • CubFan Paul

    reading between the lines/quotes i’d say if Epstein went to the owner & said: “i’d like to speak to the Cubs about their opening because i’m maxxxed out here as far as position & power…” The owner/chairman would give him permission to talk to Ricketts

    Then its up to Ricketts to swallow his pride (speculated desire to be a baseball President of Operations) and interview an overly qualified candidate in Epstein and give him what ever he wants to right the 100yr old ship

    • CubFan Paul

      sweet allowed me to go back & fix my typo’l take time to learn the other new fancy options but fixing my typos is enough for me to like it Brett

      • Brett

        Ha, thanks, Paul – that actually wasn’t supposed to be active quite yet. Thanks for pointing it out.

        • JulioZuleta

          Brett, I know earlier in the year Ramirez was projecting as a type B, has he gotten to A yet/does he have a shot at it if he has a good September? Not quite sure what the cutoffs are

          • Brett

            I haven’t see the most recent update yet. I seem to recall that he was a ways off from Type A (not that it would be impossible).

            • JulioZuleta

              Just came across this
              still has a ways to go.

              That list actually has Marlon Byrd projecting as a Type A going into next year.

              • Brett

                I love that Jeff Keppinger remains a Type A.

                • Jeff

                  Those rankings are ridiculous and look like random gibberish to me. ARam is a type B, Pena barely qualifies, but Josh Willingham and Keppinger are solid type A’s. This is more of Emperor Selig’s emphatic Cub hatred I presume.

    • Lou

      Actually, I read it as Epstein, particularly in the instance of winning a third WS with Boston, says to Boston execs that he’s done everything he can as Boston GM. He uses the idea of being a club president someplace else to get them on board with that premise. Boston then agrees to that and Epstein wants to name his successor in Ben Cherington. Not that I like the idea for Cubs fans, just see it as a very real scenario. I’m not trying to be negative…I just base my posts on reality. Sure I’d like the fantasy of Epstein as Cubs GM. Just think it’s a Chicago-media generated story to get people talking.

      • CubFan Paul

        huh? those are Boston newspaper/media quotes that Brett went out of his way to dig up, not chicago media.. and Boston isn’t going to fire or move Larry Lucchino to promote Epstein to a higher position……..

        • Lou

          Brett didn’t go out of his way, sorry man. It was on Chicago Tribune Live for any fan to see. Sorry Brett. The Chicago-media and the Boston media until we got more insider information was on a decidedly on a different trajectory. The Chicago media was reporting the likelihood that he would be pursued. The Boston media said probability is low. I guess the real question is who to believe. If the Cubs want Epstein, he would want to be given the title of Cubs President. But you’re saying that the Red Sox wouldn’t do that. Guess I’m just wondering why? Do you know something that I don’t about Lucchino intentions to stay or not to stay in the position he currently holds with the Sox? Are you saying that he’s going to be fired? Not something that I thought of when I posted this.

          • CubFan Paul

            …..i’m saying Lucchino isn’t going anywhere in this year/offseason nor 2012 because he’s under contract, just like Epstein, therefore making no Open Positions for Epstein to get promoted to

            Epstein’s ONLY options in Boston now is: ask for more money and an extension OR leave to a team that has an open front office position that will give him the Power his resume demands….fact

          • Brett

            Not to get defensive, but I didn’t see any of this on Chicago Tribune Live. I gathered it myself (as I always do, except where I explicitly say otherwise; even the CSN link, I found on Twitter), and presented it in a meaningful, organized manner with my own thoughts.

            I don’t think you were saying it, Lou, but I never take anything from anywhere without giving credit.

            I suppose I’m being extra vocal on this one because it actually did take a heck of a long time to put together.

            • Lou

              No, actually I’m not saying that you don’t give credit where credit is due. I think, Brett, you provide a valuable resource with this site and ALWAYS do your homework. CTL (Chicago Tribune Live) did feature David Kaplan talking to Red Sox Sean McAdam on 08/30/11. Here’s the link to that video It’s the sixth link down under the column Top Stories on the right hand side of the page. So, my beef (even though it may appear to be with Brett) isn’t at all. My problem is what Cubsfan Paul is stating. How can be so sure in contradicting me that Epstein won’t remain in Boston? He states later down the page here that the Cubs offer him what Boston can’t–his own legacy. So, he doesn’t already have that in Boston? What about if the Red Sox win another WS? Will that cement it? It’s this flippant attitude that clearly irritated me. Then to get an extra dig by stating that Brett did his homework and therefore my opinion is basically crap–well, it didn’t sit too well with me personally. I read the newspapers, listen to the sports talk coming out Chicago, and if the Chicago media and the national media aren’t on different wavelengths with respect to the Cubs GM, please show me where? First, it was Friedman, and then Dave Kaplan interviews Marc Tompkin, beat writer for the Rays, who basically says you guys are way off. Then, Cashman, and the Score WSCR interviews Will Carroll of Baseball Prospectus, and he says you guys are way off. Now, Epstein, and quite frankly, don’t know what to believe. Yeah, the it’s up to media to make their city’s sports the center of the universe. Sometimes I just think they do it ad nauseum. When they’re corrected by respected insiders, like Will Carroll, or people who cover other teams on a daily basis, like Marc Tompkin–to me, that’s irritating. I apologize, Brett, I didn’t mean to offend you. But if CubFan Paul is allowed to read between the lines, why can’t I?

              • Brett

                It’s all good, Lou – like I said, I didn’t think that’s what you were saying, but I just wanted to make sure and be very clear.

              • CubFan Paul

                ummm Lou, what part of Larry Lucchino being the President/Boss/The Hammer of the Boston Red Sox don’t you understand? It’s not Epstein’s team, its L.u.c.c.h.i.n.o.’s team, as in Epstein can’t make a MEANINGFUL move or team Acquisition without LUCCHINO’s consent. to be more clear: Epstein has a “baseball boss”, and in Chicago as team President he WOULDN’T

                ..but, go ahead & keep paraphasing me & reading between my lines to draw assumptions on my thoughts

                and since you base your posts on reality, here’s some: I didn’t contradict you, i said:

                “Epstein’s ONLY options in Boston *NOW* is: ask for more money and an extension OR leave to a team that has an open front office position that will give him the Power his resume demands….fact”

                smh@your flippant attitude Mr. I’m So Informed But Ignore the Facts

                • Lou

                  Mister, stop belittling me….if you’re so informed why don’t you feel Epstein has established a legacy in Boston? You don’t seem to give him much credit for what he’s done there..considering your belief that it’s Lucchino’s team. Yeah, try telling that to any Bostonian and see how far that goes. And you’re complaining about me ignoring facts (like I am, really? I think I’ve explained my position about the Chicago media quite clearly and backed it up with a verifiable link). Agree with Deez who responded back to you with perception is reality. Exactly my point, end of discussion and nuff said.

                  • CubFan Paul

                    1st off dickweed, i never said Epstein hadn’t established a “legacy” in his short career: I said his *OWN* legacy

                    secondly, it’s not my belief that it’s Lucchino’s team, its common f**king sense that it is, because if Lucchino wants something done acquistion wise it’s done ..fact ..and Everything Epstein does has to be okay-ed by his boss Lucchino ..fact & Reality

                    my original point: Chicago has what Boston can’t provide (a President title & a GM to be his bitch) still stands because you have your panties in a wad over other bullshit, so keep ignoring that & waste your own time 😉

                    • MichiganGoat

                      Do we have to resort to calling each other names like this, I love the passion of this conversation but we need to treat each other better than this. We are all on the same team.

                    • Lou

                      Thanks for resorting to the occasional, I’m mean, commonplace cuss word (cough, cough). It’s pretty hard to take someone’s POV seriously when all they do is drop one four-letter word after another. Why does (should) it take two posters to explain to you that, in the minds of Red Sox fans, the team is Epstein’s team. The fans there believe he created the championships, built the team, and brought in the FAs. I know, I know, Lucchino is team president and overlord. This is why Epstein’s got a less than a 1% chance of coming to Chicago. Stop lying about what you’ve said and then turn around and pretend that I misquoted you somehow. Quite frankly, it’s irritating. Michigan Goat, if I have to be on that team with this GUY. Then, that’s not a team I want to be on. Sorry. Dickweed….is that an herbal remedy?

                    • CubFan Paul

                      four-letter words? ..& who cares what the fans think? sooo thanks for changing the topic to deflect the fact that you were proven wrong

                      “I know, Lucchino is team president and overlord. This is why Epstein’s got a less than a 1% chance of coming to Chicago.” ..huh? seriously, huh?

                      “Stop lying about what you’ve said and then turn around and pretend that I misquoted you somehow.” ..actually you did misquote me, more than once & thats why I corrected you multiple times

                      & no, dickweed is not a herbal remedy, sorry

                      A dickweed is a plant that sprouts when an inseminated tissue ends up at a landfill. To refer to someone as a dickweed suggests they are equally useless. -definition #3 from Urban Dictionary

                      So Mr.Actually, I read it as/Mr.No, actually I’m not saying that you don’t give credit where credit is due (when you obviously did), stop posting/replying to me since you ignore my original point(s) that started this:

                      ***reading between the lines/quotes i’d say if Epstein went to the owner & said: “i’d like to speak to the Cubs about their opening because i’m maxxxed out here as far as position & power…” The owner/chairman would give him permission to talk to Ricketts

                      Then its up to Ricketts to swallow his pride (speculated desire to be a baseball President of Operations) and interview an overly qualified candidate in Epstein and give him what ever he wants to right the 100yr old ship***

                    • Brett

                      This is getting a bit silly, no? I’m not gonna say don’t argue, but let’s try to keep it on the subject and not each other.

                    • Lou

                      Well, Brett, not for me get defensive here but I’m arguing my points with references. When someone is attacking you with sentences like: 1st off dickweed, i never said Epstein hadn’t established a “legacy” in his short career. AND my original point: Chicago has what Boston can’t provide (a President title & a GM to be his bitch) still stands because you have your panties in a wad over other bullshit, so keep ignoring that & waste your on time 😉 —it’s personally affecting and hard separate fact from fiction. Especially when I don’t refer to someone as “his bitch” and specifically when it pertains to the usage of that term when talking about a woman. (Something which I’ve never done nor never will do out of respect.) And referring someone as having a particular attitude (when from all signs of things appears to be on point) is a lot different than calling them “dickweed” or a liar or questioning someone’s manhood by the suggestion that I wear panties–just because Cubsfan Paul disagrees with my original post. Personal attacks may be silly, but I feel I have to defend myself, here. AND there’s something to be said about the usage of profanity.

                    • Brett

                      It wasn’t a shot at you, Lou. I’m not really picking sides – just suggesting that sometimes, discretion is the better part of valor. I appreciate the lack of profanity on your part.

                    • CubFan Paul

                      …too funny

                    • Lou

                      How is my last comment too funny? Personally, I don’t like your tone, and I don’t think referring to the relationship that someone has with another person as “his bitch” is appropriate here. Brett, I know you’re not taking sides. It’s all good man. This has nothing to do with me being wrong or whining. Totally classless CubFanPaul, totally classless. Anyone who uses the word “bitch” needs to be careful of where it’s used. I say you have a flippant attitude because of the carelessness with which you use profanity. I have NEVER called out your manhood by making a “panties” remark. Nor have I started any comment about you with the word “dickweed” Grow up! I’m not whining about that, I’m telling you. Otherwise, don’t bother posting. AND YOU SAY YOU’RE AN ADULT. Umm…ok.

                    • CubFan Paul

                      funny enough to make me laugh & get a visual of you furiously typing away at me

                      You don’t like my tone? So. I don’t care, I’m a adult and I would call you an E-CryBaby but I won’t because you’ll whine even more & get away from the subject matter (again)

                      and me calling Theo Epstein’s hypothetical GM if he was hired in Chicago ‘his Bitch’ was a joke/sarcasm and had nothing to do with your feelings or women, so way to stray from the point (again)

                      Sooo keep bitchin, keep sucking up & don’t try to hard to admit that you were wrong by taking the topic elsewhere

                    • MichiganGoat

                      Can’t we just get along and stop this “get the last word” we are all adults here.

                    • Lou

                      You’re an adult. That’s the funniest thing I’ve heard yet. You realize this has nothing to do with me being right or wrong. It’s just my opinion. There’s nothing right or wrong about opinions. You seem really angry and quite frankly seem to have some personal problem about being right all the time. And apparently that bugs youu because you feel the need to comment and not let it rest. Thanks for sharing that. You’re also a classless individual. I’m not whining. I’m telling you. I’m glad everyone now sees that for what it is. You also haven’t explained to me how referring to me specifically as a d???weed is funny? Don’t think so myself but hey I’m not the clueless one here. Enough of the jr high stuff. I got an idea..grow up or don’t bother posting. No more responding to you. I’m done.

                    • CubFan Paul

             much for “discretion is the better part of valor”

                      this all started with you Lou disagreeing with me and it went downhill from there for various reasons (me replying to you to clarify my original comment, but you ignored that)

                      secondly, im not angry, im drinking:) and i’m very happy so keep assuming:) ..I don’t have a problem with being wrong at all, nor would I argue if I thought were wrong. when i do “argue” or in your case try to clarify my point it is because i think you’re wrong or misinformed (look at every comment I ever posted on the site) There’s nothing wrong with replying to someone to add more evidence to support your POV, but you took that the wrong way and insinuated that I don’t base my comments on reality because you have ONE reference (you later kept typing referenceS) to Brett’s many, many references

                      and you were whining, about me using cuss words, four letter words (that were actually 8 letter words, that’s if you were typing about my use of dickweed and f**king and hopefully not bitch), and going off on a tangent about me using the word Bitch (even tho my use of the word was a metaphor for Theo’s hypothetical Yes-Man)

                      and i’m not going to explain again why I called you a dickweed (see definition)

                      so to make a looong arguement short & to go back to my original post that you replied to: There’s nowhere else for Epstein to go in Boston’s front office currently because they have a President thats presumably not going anywhere. And as to his legacy, of course he has one as the GM of multiple World Series titles, but, BUT to build his OWN legacy, to say he did it HIS way he would have to leave Boston and be his own boss elsewhere <–that's me clarifying again in hopes that you won’t go off topic again about me cussing, me being angry, or what the media or fans think

          • Jeff

            Peter Gammons is as far from Chicago media as it gets, and is probably as close to the Red Sox as anyone who isn’t a beat writer for them. He’s been saying that Epstein would probably have an interest in a Team President role with the Cubs since the day Hendry was fired. If there is one baseball guy who’s sources and citations I trust, it’s Brett. He even gives credit to Gordon Wittenmeyer when he quotes him. That’s like giving the outhouse credit for the stink you absorb when you walk past it.

            • MichiganGoat

              Well said well said

  • philoe beddoe

    I find it more and more plausable that we will get a “name” that we know as the new GM and manager…Ricketts has to be smart enough to know that after perhaps the most disappointing, uneventful, lackluster season that most of us have ever seen, he has a lot of winning people back to do….I would rather he do it by hiring an experienced winning GM and a possible long term manger(Ryno)…than wasting money on CJ Wilson…I know he is a good pitcher but he will be way overvalued….until all of the bad contracts are gone..

  • MontelleW

    ok, so I vote Epstein for President, Friedmann for GM! Then we get a shovel and bury that 100+year old goat! LOL

  • Deez

    Epstein can literally do what he wants as a GM in the AL East long as the Yankees are in his division. History, money, or complete control do not factor in when you’re happy. He will always have a job (on his terms) in baseball even if he gets fired “TODAY.”
    Why come to Chicago & f…k it up?
    Knowing people want immediate success & a miracle.
    As much as I am a Cubs Fan, most of the smart guys should stay away from this gig.
    (Friedman is my favorite.)
    I think it’s Ng all the way simply because of her gender & expectations.

    • CubFan Paul

      History, money, or complete control do not factor in when you’re happy. WTFuzzNuts?!

      first off, It Always About the Money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

      secondly, Epstein isn’t the boss in Boston, Lucchino is, therefore, as a “happy guy” epstein would want more, as in power, challenges, &no one else to take credit for his successes (Lucchino)

      and “Epstein can literally do what he wants as a GM” is not true because he Has a boss (LUCCHINO) and thats what makes him a top candidate to the Cubs. He can come to Chicago & be his Own Boss with his Own GM & builld what you called a miracle

      this is what i was trying to point out to earlier (to Lou above) ..The Cubs have what Boston can not offer anytime soon: His own Legacy

      • Deez

        I stand corrected by the money comment but you don’t think Boston would (or could) pay Epstein more money than the Cubs especially if they make it to the Series this year?

        Ricketts has pretty much already put to bed that the next GM would not be president, but he can change is mind or make the position say, “Sr. Executive of Baseball Ops” or something to that effect.

        “Perception is Reality.”
        Ask the average baseball fan, who’s the boss in Boston. How many will say Lucchino or Henry? GM may not actually be “The Boss” but he’s the face of your franchise. Epstein “quit” say 2 years ago, but they conceded what he wanted or made amicable amends & he came back. Red Sox ownership knows his value.

        It’s wishful thinking but even Stevie Wonder can’t see Epstein making that move to the North Side.

  • EQ

    It’s just the pompous new england media thinking that life doesn’t exist outside of the upper east coast.. I personally don’t see Epstein coming to the Cubs, but not because Boston is the mecca of the planet, more because I don’t think he’ll come unless he is president, which I don’t see happening..

  • N

    Read title so quick I thought it said: “Obsessive Cubs GM Watch: Theo Epstein is Unlikely to Consider the GM Job, But What About The President?” and pondered how Obama would do as Cubs GM for a good twenty seconds before remembering he was a White Sox fan and could not be trusted. But I did like where your head was at!

  • Toosh

    I thought maybe Brett was suggesting Epstein for President of the United States.

  • Cheryl

    Boston and New York probably consider Chicago “the second city” in comparison to where they are now. If Epstein wants prestige, he already has a good helping of it with his association with Boston. He may talk with Ricketts to see what type of power he would have and mention the presidency of the cubs, but I don’t see him leaving the east coast. It’s more likely that Cherington would leave rather than Epstein.

  • hansman1982

    I just had a thought…

    Epstein for President (basically an over-titled GM)
    Ng for GM (basically asst GM to Epstein)

    We get the guy we want running the show and the Cubs get the media exposure of hiring a non-white female as GM (and if she is half as smart as many people make her out to be this would be a hell of a statistical combo)

    • Boogens

      It’s not my intent to be overly critical but I find this suggestion silly, simplistic and a bit insulting. For what genuine baseball reasons do you think this could work? For all of the reporting angles that the Cubs GM opening has generated, where, in any credible source, has this scenario ever been seriously contemplated or considered? An even more basic question, what are Epstein’s and Ng’s individual philosophies re: how a baseball organization should be run and what makes you think that they are in synch? You’re just throwing names out on the wall and seeing what sticks. There’s simply no credible basis on which to concoct that partnership and no reason to believe that Ricketts would ever consider it. He clearly said several weeks ago that he doesn’t feel the team needs a baseball guy to watch a baseball guy/girl.

      I believe that it’s clear from his actions that Rickett’s has targeted Theo as he has gone on record several times praising Boston’s approach. I’m not saying that Theo is or isn’t returning the interest. It’s hard to draw any real conclusions based on his limited comments. In the meantime, Ricketts has locked up his Director of Player Development and is in the process of locking up his Director of Scouting so that business can run as usual until someone like Theo is hired. I believe that it will be necessary for Ricketts to offer Theo the title of President & GM if he has any chance of luring him away from Boston.

      I also believe that the reason that Ricketts hasn’t completely cleared up the reporting structure (i.e. the business operations person, Crane Kenney, has the title of President currently) is because he’s waiting to see if he catches a big fish like Theo. I don’t believe that Ricketts will re-title Kenney unless he lands a big one; why go through the organizational hassle until it’s necessary?

      • CubFan Paul

        thank god for someone else rational posting!

  • Cheryl

    Sounds good. But would Epstein and NG like it?

    • hansman1982

      Thats a good question…

      Epstein would be the de facto decision maker and Ng would get her feet wet and learn from one of the better ones allowing her to move on to other teams.

      The key question is if Ricketts would go for it. I completely understand why he doesnt want a President – why have two people doing, essentially, the same job? If he can get the candidate he wants why not have them run the show?

  • DaveB23

    Brett, I understand that Epstein leaving the Boston gig is a pretty remote possibility, but if he actually were interested in it, I have a reoccuring nightmare that Ricketts will not back down on his plan to ‘run the baseball side of things himself’ and not offer the position to Epstein. I hate to admit this, because so far I had been trusting that Ricketts does know what to do best for this organization to truly succeed, and obviously getting Epstein on board is basically the best thing you could do. Give him the president role, give him part-ownership, build him a statue already, you do WHATEVER YOU HAVE TO DO to get a guy of his caliber on board.

    I really want to believe that Ricketts will do the right thing and do everything he possibly can to land Epstein, but i’m afraid that the inner-fan will come out in him and he won’t be able to swallow his pride. This is HIS team, afterall, and he probably has the reoccuring dream of being the guy that makes possible a World Series. If that’s the case, he’s probably thinking, ‘If Epstein comes here he gets all the credit”. That would be Ricketts’ inner-fan coming out (and he’s a devote self-proclaimed fan). Even though it wouldn’t be in the team’s best interest, he would not back down from running the baseball side of things and only offer Epstein the GM gig (which he wouldn’t take)

  • http://Bleachernation Bric

    Hey Ace, I’m pretty much a dumb ass when it comes to posting comments which is one of the many reasons BN rocks (it’s very simple to post). But I have two questions: #1 What’s a permalink? and #2 there’s a new “edit option” for making a posting. I almost used this option yesterday to remove a typo but didn’t because I thought it would make me look like i was replying to myself. PLease explain for those of us internet dummies. Thanks. ~B.

    P.S.: If you want me to stop calling you Ace I will (but Ace still lives!)

    • Brett

      No prob, Bric.

      1. Permalink is just a fancy internet way of saying “if you want THIS comment to be the web page, click here” – all it does is display that particular comments as THE page (you’ll see #comment-925820238 in the address bar). For your purposes, it means nothing.

      2. The new edit button actually allows you to edit your comments – no worries, it won’t make you reply to yourself. It just allows you to clean up typos, add forgotten thoughts, etc. It’s one of the many new happy features. Enjoy.

      • hansman1982

        Brett, are you the one programming this or do you have a blog hoster?

        • Brett

          It’s all me (I have a web host, but I do the programming – limited as it is).

  • RunningCub

    Reading this post/comment section reminds me of how far the cubs have gone in such a short time. It also makes me really excited!! Lol