As you’ll recall, the “Trade Deadline” in Major League Baseball is actually one of two deadlines – and neither are actually a true date by which all trades must be completed.

The first, the July 31 “non-waiver trade deadline” is considered the primary trade deadline because it represents the date by which you must make a trade if you want to make that trade without having to deal with the waiver system (which makes trades exponentially more difficult to complete). The Cubs did a whole lot of nothing at that deadline.

Today marks the second trade deadline, otherwise known as the “waiver trade deadline,” so dubbed because it marks the typical end of the waiver trading period. Players traded in August must first be subjected to waivers, which makes them eligible to be traded. The process is unnecessarily complicated, so I’ll not repeat it now. Feel free to bone up here if so inclined. Last year, the Cubs traded Derrek Lee and Mike Fontenot in August, so it does happen.

Trades can actually still take place in September, but August 31 is the date by which a player must be on a team’s roster if that team wants to use that player in the postseason. Thus, for most practical purposes, August 31 is the final trade deadline.

Will the Cubs make any moves today? It’s highly unlikely.

Yes, several Cubs have cleared waivers, including Aramis Ramirez, Alfonso Soriano, Carlos Zambrano, and John Grabow. But, even if the Cubs weren’t in a holding pattern with interim GM Randy Bush in charge, it’s unlikely they could find a taker for any of the latter three right now (though, AL teams in need of a DH: Alfonso Soriano’s OPS is well over 1.100 in his last eight games, with four homers and three doubles).

As for Ramirez, though it’s hard to be sure given the previous back-and-forth, it seems like he’s decided to stay in Chicago through the rest of the year, and will not waive his no-trade rights if the Cubs tried to trade him today.

So, today’s trade deadline is likely to pass much like the one on July 31: with a whole lot of nothing.

At least I won’t have stayed up 24 straight hours this time.

  • http://michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

    Hey teams doesn’t Alfonso Soriano look like he’s back?  He’ll only cost you 3M a year, isn’t that a bargain?  But wait there’s more! If you act today we’ll add John Grawbow for free you’ll just have to pay shipping and handling.  Act now, supplies are limited.

    • Toosh

      It’s a good thing Hendry didn’t trade Soriano to Texas for Young when he had the chance. Oh yeah, there were some people out there that thought Soriano would put up better numbers than Young over a full season.

      • Jeff

        No, there were realistic people here that said that the Rangers would never take on Soriano’s salary, this was well before the Cubs said they would eat a large amount of Soriano’s salary. Beside that, Young has played DH almost exclusively, which probably kept him of the DL and helped his hitting. DH is unfortunately, the one position the Cubs don’t need to upgrade.

  • Toosh

    I have to believe some team would have at least a little interest in Grabow before the deadline.

  • al

    yikes this team is a mess ….so  much to do in so very little time….i still say gut the team and let the kids play….

  • Joyce K

    I was watching QVC and what do you know, Today’s Special Value was Ramirez and Soriano. They were even on Easy Pay…….. and then I woke up. Damn!!!!!!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I’m not sure even that would be enough to get Soriano sold.

  • CubFan Paul

    wow@ the Giants designating Rowand & Tejada for assignment (you’re fired..)

    • hardtop

      WHOA.  Thats huge!  I guess it be even hugerer if the Cubs hadn’t all but ruined the Giants playoff hopes.  But its still big becasue they owe Rowand a bunch!

      Likely not to be seen on Showtime series:  Rowand called Bochy out in the clubhouse a couple weeks back. I understand a *heated* discussion ensued regarding Bochy having 6+ outfielders and not playing certain guys enough, and how no one can get their swing down with a smattering of playing time, etc.  Apparently Rowand made a statement similar to “you don’t know what you’re doing” to his manager.

      That might explain why there are only 5 outfielders now.


      • CubFan Paul

        wow@ that clubhouse incident! the Giants are eating close to $15million by cutting them because Rowand is due $12million in 2012 ..ouch

  • Toosh

    Be nice if the Cubs did that with Soriano and Zambrano.

    • Jeff

      I think for all intent and purpose, they might as well have designated Big Z for assignment. I don’t think he’s pitching again with the Cubs now that he has no one on the hook for his salary in the front office.

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        You don’t think the Cubs can get at least $1 million or so in salary relief for him in the offseason? I do.

        • willis

          Someone will take him on the cheap. If the Cubs eat 75% or so of his remaining money it would be a bargain for someone out there.

        • Jeff

          I think someone will take a chance on him if the Cubs will pay some of his money owed, but I also thought someone would claim ARam, and some team would slightly overpay for Pena(it’s amazing how much the value of a lefty power bat has declined, I blame Adam Dunn).

          I am interested to see how it’s going to play out with him once he comes back from his “suspension”. He almost has to stay on the 40 man roster, but having him back around the rest of the team seems counter productive. Can they just tell him not to come to work without risking the ire of the player’s union?

          • CubFan Paul

            Z recently spoke to Ozzie & he said Zambrano said he’ll be a cub in 2012! that means Z isn’t going to waive his no trade clause (just to be a dick)

            • Toosh

              Then they need to release him.

          • hardtop

            i dont even think it’s “taking a chance”.  he’s not going to sink to 4.82 again next year.  he’ll be a solid number 3 guy next season.  

            Z is worth 6 mil to someone even if he punches the catcher in the face now and again.

  • Toosh

    “a solid number 3 guy” and Zamrano’s “worth” to a team are both debatable.

    • hardtop

      i agree, but with a lifetime 3.60 era, its definitely possible.   but yeah, you’re right, its debatable.  no one could possibly know until next year.

      im guessing the cubs wont get as much as 6 mil. but I would think 4 mil would be a relative bargain.  if he posts a 3.95 era or lower (his previous season high) thats a pretty good value. but again, debatable. 

      im gambling that the occasional blowup isn’t as big of a deal to a team if they dont have a history with the player.

  • TWC

    So, I am sitting about 20 feet behind Soriano this afternoon. It’s amazing how much he turns to the stands and smiles, waves, etc. Bizarre. Makes Castro’s spacing out look positively normal, really.

    Now where’s that Bleacher Nation banana sling. I need to get on TV here.

    And, yes, in the time it’s taken to write thus, the Giants have hit 2 HRs off RoLo. Meh.

    • CubFan Paul

      when i went to wrigley a few weeks ago for my birthday & my first time there the best part was Soriano! i sat behind him in the bleachers & his fan interaction totally made my day!! i was a giddy as a school girl getting barbies for her birthday!! it was awesome, he was awesome & he made my day

      he didnt toss me a ball because he purposely sought out children to toss them to but overall Soriano is an awesome guy

    • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

      Blame Brett, he questioned why Keppinger was a Type A FA obviously players other than Cubs read BN. Brett keep the callouts for Cubs only!

      • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

        My bad. I thought it only worked on Cubs players.

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