It’s going to be a massive bullet kind of day. You’ve got 10 bullets here, and there’s a big Obsessive Cubs GM Watch bullet-dump coming your way later this morning.

  • Aramis Ramirez is looking for a multiyear extension if he’s going to stay with the Cubs. But, as noted previously, his return status remains very much up in the air until the new GM and his vision for 2012 are in place.
  • Andrew Cashner needed just 10 pitches to complete his perfect inning of work last night at AAA Iowa. Of the 10 pitches, seven touched 98 or 99, and Cashner felt good about the outing. “I was looking for location more than velocity,” Cashner said. “The velocity has always been there. I was moving it in and out. It was good.” He’s expected to rejoin the Cubs later this weekend, and will pitch out of the pen for the rest of the season before heading to the Arizona Fall League to start the process of stretching out.
  • Ryne Sandberg said some interesting things in a recent interview. “I have aspirations to get to the big leagues with the Phillies in some capacity, that’s just human nature,” Sandberg said. “But if the opportunity came and somebody wanted me to manage their club or be a coach for their major league team then I’d listen. I feel like I’m getting all the necessary experience to be ready for that opportunity.” Think he’s not keenly aware of what’s going on in Chicago?
  • Holy smokes: someone is offering $1.2 billion *in cash* to buy the Los Angeles Dodgers, which would be the most an MLB franchise has ever been sold for. Some question the legitimacy of the bid, however, and wonder whether it’s part of a larger ploy by current owner Frank McCourt to spur other bidders or extend the life of his ownership through bankruptcy proceedings. For what it’s worth, the Cubs (and Wrigley Field and a 25% stake in CSN Chicago) cost the Ricketts family about $850 million. And people thought the Ricketts overpaid. Harrumph.
  • Everything has changed in the Cubs’ world in the last two months, and a lot more is going to change over the next two. There’s nothing you don’t already know in that article, but it was an interesting sum-up.
  • The Cubs’ season in quotes.
  • Folks are discussing the Cubs’ first base situation for 2012 on the BN Message Board.
  • I won’t link to it because I’m not going to give the guy traffic on this one, but Steve Rosenbloom is such a douche. His latest effort slams Tom Ricketts – using childish name-calling, to boot (be proud of him, Trib) – in a stream-of-consciousness, non-sensical, rambling pile of excrement. And this kind of reaction to his lazy, hostile, contrarian writing is exactly what he wants. So, again, no link. Don’t even read it. Just take my word for it.
  • On a brighter note, the Kerry Wood Family Foundation is conducting a silent auction for the next couple weeks, and at least one of the items is pretty sweet: it’s Geovany Soto’s mask – the one that was kicked by Ozzie Guillen – signed by both Soto and Guillen. That’s just awesome.
  • Derrek Lee, who’s in town but on the DL with the Pirates, does his best to break my heart. “Playing with Marlins was great, but with the Cubs, it’s where I feel I came into my own,” Lee said. “It wasn’t perfect. I felt like we had some chances to win there. It didn’t work out. But I loved my time in the city. Great fans, great teammates, so it was good.”
  • Fishin Phil

    Dear Aramis,

    No multi-year contract for you!  Come back one year!



    • CubFan Paul

      classic episode

    • Brett

      Excellent use of a picture.

  • CubFan Paul

    From Cash: “One slider,’’ Cashner said of his 10 pitches. “The rest heaters.”

    this makes me wonder if his other pitches are sharp and if he’s been fastball happy while rehabbing.

  • chris margetis

    I made the mistake of reading Rosendouche’s festering plate of dog*&%t. I wish I wouldve seen this first and avoided it.

    • Jim

      same here.

  • Larry

    I think you’re being too hard on Rosie. He has a sense of humor, and one needs to read him with the entertainment value in mind.

    • Brett

      I don’t know, Larry. I, too, have a sense of humor (and hopefully people read what I write with at least a little bit of entertainment value on the mind), and I don’t repeatedly churn out angry, ill-supported dreck like that.

  • Sam

    Id like to see Aramis back next year, BUT only for the right price. Right now Aramis is our go to guy on offense, if we get prince fielder we will need aramis for protection in the lineup. otherwise teams will just pitch around Fielder.

  • ottoCub

    Thank you for the critique and the advice to avoid Steve Rosenbloom’s column. There is so much negativity in print and on-air sports “reporting” (in quotes because most of it is not reporting, it is editorial opinion). It’s a trend that I would like to see reversed, and I appreciate BN’s efforts to shift the conversation away from cynicism, name-calling, arm-chair general managing, and negativity; and toward facts and positive analysis. I also appreciate that when an opinion or a rumor is posted on this site, it is clearly identified as such.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Brett

      Thanks, otto. I try my best, and I appreciate hearing that it resonates with you.

    • hansman1982

      my sentiments exactly…I was recently driven from another big-time Cubs blog for the first part of your paragraph and love this site for the second half…


  • Ian Afterbirth

    I’m dying to read and comment on Rosenbloom’s column but shall resist.

  • CubFan Paul

    after sifting through Rosembloom’s excrements i kind of agree with a couple points

    “I’m interpreting it as a sign that a lot of smart people will use the Fanboy Owner to get raises and contract extensions in their present jobs …He wants to hire a GM, just a GM, nothing higher on the flow chart …a sitting GM worth hiring has the leverage. The Cubs will have to overpay and over-title someone such as Epstein …The best candidates want the best possible position, and there’s nothing good about Kenney holding a title that even sniffs of authority”

    Ricketts coming out and saying Kenney is staying & he only wants a GM wasn’t smart but hopefully when the Big candidates apply I hope Ricketts is flexible on only wanting just a GM. Why would an accomplished GM that Ricketts want make a lateral job move to the #3 market and not expect more

    • MichiganGoat

      Ricketts giving Kenney a vote of confidence means nothing he did the same thing with Hendry when all along he was planning to move him out. I see him not saying he is looking for a President doesn’t mean he isn’t looking or entertaining the possibility. He has shown he is carefully, calculating owner and doesnt speculate. We won’t know what he is planning until he makes an announcement.

      • hansman1982

        when was Ricketts most recent vote of confidence in Hendry…part of me says around or after July 22…

  • Joy

    The only way I could tolerate Ramirez coming back would be if Tony Campana stands behind the home plate umpire when Ramirez is up and if he gets a hit, Tony runs. Even then I would have to reconsider my Cub watching.

  • Internet Random

    I [heart] Derrek Lee.

    (Yes, I know I could have used the “♥” character from the new UI, but my sentimentality knows some limits.)

  • Os Ursinhos

    Cashner = 2012 CY Young!!!

  • BFM

    I think the Cubs need to keep Ramirez!
    There are not a lot of options, and he is hitting well.
    The multi-year deal should be front loaded and no more than 3 years.
    Possibly with the 3rd year being a mutual option or club option.
    We will need his bat and defense at the hot corner next season.
    Although this may not be a palatable option for some, it is better than any other option the Cubs have, and that includes bringing up a rookie with little big league experience.

    • Cheryl

      One year at the most. He may not want to be back anyway with rebuilding and the new GM may not want him back. There has to be someone else. If Wright were available I’d trade for him.

  • http://None TScott

    We have the PCL MVP in triple A and he plays 1st base. Why shouldn’t he get a shot with first base open? I say save your money on Fielder and go after Jose Reyes.

    • Brett

      That particular PCL MVP was 28 when he did it – that’s pretty old to be counted on as a rookie replacement at first base, especially when the guy hasn’t yet had *any* Major League success.