Casey Coleman and his half-beard (is he Amish now? Or just chilly?) are putting together a nice stretch of starts, though he did this last year around this time, too.

The Cubs took the lead just before the rains came, but Carlos Marmol couldn’t hold it after the game resumed. Alfonso Soriano tore it up, to no avail.

  • CubFan Paul

    Whoooo! Coleman’s ERA is finally under 7!

    • Joe Cartwright

      Maybe another good start next?

      • cubs4life

        hopefully more than 1..

  • Joe Cartwright

    So who else saw a D.Lee grand slam coming? Definitely called it as soon as I heard he was on deck. And all Quade could do was put his head down and turn his back to field.

  • jrod

    If Marmol is back next year I think I am gonna puke

  • bobbyd

    A closer with a 4.26 ERA?!?! WTF?

    Carlos Marmol: Bedshitter extrordinaire! Or perhaps: Carlos Marmol and the Bedshitting Experience!

    The 2011 Chicago Cubs, come for the bat-flailing, stay for the bedshtting.

    At least he’s still better than Kevin Gregg (sorta).

  • Laura

    I couldn’t help smiling at D Lee’s grand slam. This is the ONE time I hope it didn’t get thrown back. Quade, Marmol – you stinks.

  • Glenallen Hill’s One Home Run

    Any game in which Derrek Lee can hit a grand slam in the 9th and Carlos Marmol can again prove that he is not the Cubs’ long term answer for closer is a win in my book. And before you ask, yes, my book is full of stupid moral victories like this.

    • Brett

      If only the Cubs hadn’t needlessly signed him to an overpriced extension…

      • Fishin Phil

        Ah, one more Hendry era legacy to burden our beloved Cubbies. :(

  • cubs4life

    well a few more quality starts from coleman like this and a pitching rotation of:


    Might not be quite as scary as the thought of it was a month or so ago.. not saying we cant use some improvement… its not a great rotation..but we could get buy if we commit to a rebuild year.

    • NyN

      Ye as I walk through the valley of the shadow of death I shall fear no evil…. For the Great and Mighty Bud Selig is going to make sure that a new CBA will include concrete slots therefore our Number one overall pick in the 2013 draft will only make around 3 Million on a signing bonus. Of course that is all contingent on the fact that we use the rotation above.

  • Cheryl

    Marmol is very effective in pitching himself out of the closer role. He may even pitch himsef out of being a cub. But some team may think they can turn him around.

  • LouCub

    we should have dumped his ass on Texas for Chris Davis and the 2 guys they traded to San Diego for Mike Adams when they called about him..He’s a mental midget

  • Vince

    I’m tired of seeing the constipated look on Quade’s face everytime he makes one of his often stupid moves which usually fails. Only the Cubs would keep an idiot for a manager. I can’t wait for this abortive season to end.

  • BFM

    First……..props to D-Lee for being a great ballplayer on any team.

    Second, when is Marmol going to stop walking guys? In case he forgot, he needs to SAVE the win.

    Third, when is Quade going to have the balls to pull Marmol when he walks the bases loaded?!

    Finally, I hope the new GM has the stones to replace Quade for being a shitty manager and not doing his job. When Marmol walks the bases loaded, he should be pulling him, not just watching!

    Even a kid that touches a hot stove figures it out eventually. I don’t know if Q is as smart as a fifth grader!

  • NyN

    Unfortunately I am still wearing my Marmol shirt. I am throwing this thing away. Everytime he blows up I am wearing it. Wait, why I am wearing this shirt every single day? I really must reevaluate my life. Can we trade him to the Rangers for Mitch Williams?

  • DaveB23

    Brett, I can’t think of a single other time that the majority of the Bleacher Nation was so thrilled to see an ex-Cub do well… Against us, during a game.
    D Lee is the fuckin’ man, I wish that he read BN and knew the kind of love he was gettin..

  • Ralph

    Remember when Dempster was the closer, and the Cubs approached him at the end of the season with the prospect of being a starter the following season??? He worked his ass off that winter and was a beast the next Spring training and has been a starter ever since. Do you think that the same could happen for Samardzija next year? At least give him a shot, right? I know the back and forth of being a starter/reliever must be killing him, but he wants to be a starter. I guess being a two pitch pitcher can’t help him any as a starter. Wouldn’t this be an alternative to add depth and competition to the rotation next year without spending a ton of money on a guy like C.J. Wilson (I do like Wilson though)? Samardzija perhaps a better option than Coleman???

    • MichiganGoat

      I’m sure it will be considered, but your point about being a two-pitch pitcher is what will really prevent him from being an acceptable starter.  He would have to develop a third quality pitch in order to be effective.  But if we can’t add a quality arm or two to the rotation and he really puts the time and effort in the offseason and can show that he can execute and control a third pitch in spring then he might be have a shot.  However he has been a great reliever this year and maybe that is what he is best at ala Sean Marshall

  • ry

    marmol you fucker! way to blow it asshole! the sweep will be complete today.