Randy Wells will try to continue his hot stretch today. Let’s say he closes out the year without another disaster start. How are you feeling about him as a “lock” in the rotation next year? I’m still unsure, as much of a Wells supporter as I am, and as much as I suspect his struggles were injury-related.

  • Well, I feel like a dope. I knew Derrek Lee was out until yesterday with a broken wrist, which he suffered in early August. But I’d completely forgotten that the broken wrist came courtesy of a Carlos Marmol pitch. Yesterday’s ending – in Lee’s first game back from the disabled list – was fitting.
  • Before yesterday’s implosion, the Cubs’ bullpen had allowed just five earned runs in its last 41 innings. Yo.
  • Depending on what happens in the offseason, Casey Coleman is looking increasingly likely to get a shot at making the rotation next year. The question: is he finally figuring it out (he only just turned 24), or is he doing the late season tease again?
  • Obnoxious Bryan LaHair Watch: Two games on the roster, zero at bats. Carlos Pena is more interested in seeing LaHair get some playing time than Quade. “I want him to get some opportunity and really get a shot and get his feet wet,” Pena said. “He deserves it. We’ll find a way. Obviously I want to be there every single day at first base, but I want him to play also. We’ll find a way to work it in.”
  • Speaking of Pena, he’s sad, on a personal level, that Carlos Zambrano will not be returning to the team. And, once again, Pena is a picture of eloquence. “I think we should focus on the good stuff that he has brought to this ballclub, the good times,” Pena said. “He has dominated at times, he’s been a great teammate at times. And the rest, those are things that he must deal with. We’re all here for him. At the end of the day, we’re all here for him. That’s what’s most important. … Baseball is our career, but there is more to life.”
  • Reader Michigan Goat reviews 2012 first base options.
  • Fishin Phil

    I am hoping that nobody besides Garza is a “lock” for next year’s rotation. Make them earn it! And by that I don’t mean Quade style, I mean I want to actually see the pitcher in question in a game.

    That goes for the Dominican Wild Man at closer as well.

  • auggie1955

    The Cubs have been nothing short of pathetic and it’s really starting to get to me. I went to Friday’s game. I was bored out of my mind by the 4th inning. Nobody on this team can hit! Especially in the clutch w/RISP! The Cubs need to revamp their OF. Byrd has got to go. Colvin can spend the rest of his career in Iowa.

    Wells has looked good lately and I think he has earned a spot in the rotation for next season.

  • BFM

    I think if Wells can make a strong finish, then he deserves strong consideration for next year.
    Garza, Wells, Dempster (probably), and then who knows.

    Can anyone answer this question………..what is purpose of having september call ups or bringing up younger players, if they don’t get any playing time?

    Is Quade retarded or just an asshole? When are these future players going to get some exposure?

    • Cheryl

      Just learned LaHair is in the lineup in place of Soriano today and Campana is in RF. Amazing!

  • NL_Cubs

    2-15 RISP?! Not surprisingly, the dysfunctional play continues. “Only” 23 more games of agony.

  • Jebecker

    Well, look at the bright side. We are officially eliminated from the division race. Woo. Our Magic number is only 2 for the wild card. After that we can start focusing on that draft pick!

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      I like your positivity, Jeb.

  • LouCub

    Just by going on Cubs .com you could look at who else is in the front office…Directly under the Gm there is Scott Nelson and Hendry had 6 special assistants, senior advisor in Billy Williams, advance scouts, major league scouts and other positions in the front office alone I don’t see where three or four holdovers would effect someone’s decision to take the job whomever it might be cause there’s plenty of his own people he could bring in

  • Joy

    Marmol is like an older brother or sister that says they will let you hang out with them then ditches you and you always think the next time they will actually let you hang out with them.

  • Deez

    Garza is our most valuable trading chip. If we could get the deal Colorado got for Jimenez, you have to trade him. Even though prospects don’t project to future success, you have to constantly work towards improving your future.
    Also, I think you can count on Dempster & Ramirez being gone. Throwing money at 2 or 3 free agents will not help our organization. We are fundamentally flawed, defensively & offensively. No routine play or situation has been routine for us this year. Why would we extend 3-4 year contracts to players like Dempster or Ramirez who are part of the continually losing culture?

  • ry

    this team is such a bunch of choke job wussies! when will someone man up on this team and crack some skulls over this teams pathetic display of hitting. what the hell is our great hitting coach doing to help. i refuse to watch another game this year, this team is worse than watching paint dry.

    • TWC

      I thought you said that last week, ry.

  • HotRuta

    It’s not like Marmol’s bad sessions come as a total surprise. Usually, you can tell by the 5th pitch whether he’s going to be “Good Carlos” or “Bad Carlos” — and I suspect the bullpen catcher knows before Marmol even gets called in.

    I don’t recall any cases in which Marmol’s control has improved after a few batters — either he’s got it or he doesn’t.

    • http://www.bobbyfunzone.com bobbyd

      Marmol has been a habitual bed-shitter this year. Even if he doesn’t blow the save he still (as was wisely stated by another of the BN intelligentsia) “shits the bed but doesn’t get any on the sheets”.

      • HotRuta

        Setting aside the scatological quality judgments …

        About 1/3 of the time he has been lights out.
        About 1/3 of the time he has gotten by.
        It’s the last 1/3 that has been pitiful, and I think that most of those opportunities could have been salvaged by a Manager who was less robotic and more analytical.
        Marmol is a young-Zambrano-type pitcher — he’s effective when he’s on his game, but when he isn’t, he’s just slinging the ball up to the plate. When he’s in “slinging” mode, his body is all over the place — terrible mechanics. Anybody can see it coming; where’s the Pitching Coach?

  • http://www.bobbyfunzone.com bobbyd

    I think Ricketts ought to fire Quade and then immediately replace him with Pena as manager.

  • http://www.bobbyfunzone.com bobbyd

    For the chronic bed-shitter.


    (As a serious aside; how do I post a picture?)

    • http://www.bleachernation.com Brett

      Registered members get access to a more advanced comment entry form, which includes a picture-adding-thingy.

      And thanks for that.

      • NL_Cubs

        Ah, ha. Not noticing the registration area earlier is about as bad as the Cubs’ RISP avg! Yikes, as bad as Mr. Pena.

  • Caleb

    For the record, I’m on board with the criticisms of Quade and his (not) usage of the young guys. Let lahair play!