Randy Wells was decent (after giving up his standard first inning run(s)), and the changed up lineup produced well. Specifically, Bryan LaHair (who finally saw action!) and Tony Campana had a couple hits apiece. I’m not saying they’re the future anything, but why not give them a few more starts?

Too many things to enhance today…

  • dreese

    LaHair has been sitting on the bench for the past 2 days and he only get an AB now!? not even a pinch hit opportunity?

    I just cant handle Qballs way of handling our call ups anymore!!!

    • http://www.michigangoat.blogspot.com MichiganGoat

      Uh, he started the game and got two hits

      • dreese

        After sitting for 2 days! I think I stated my other comment wrong I am super happy that LaHair got called up I hope he is one of those late bloomer type guys or at least a good bench bat but the fact that Qball didnt play him the day or the day after he got called up is ridiculous! I dont know maybe i was just a little upset because I read the Cashner bullet Brett posted before reading this.

    • awesome

      agree, also, why LF?

      • Hogie

        Might be to make him a more useful bat off of the bench for next year, or maybe in case they get rid of Byrd and Soriano.

        This is a little of me playing devil’s advocate, but where are we going to replace Soriano’s production? I realize that a lot of his numbers are a little deceptive, but no matter how you look at them they are better than Byrd’s.

    • cubs4life

      maybe lahair getting the try-out in left for what hopes to be the quick removal of sori in the offseason???

  • NL_Cubs

    A whopping 3-15 RISP today. Better than yesterday’s 2-15. Something to build on? Today’s ‘W’ goes under the category “Eventual Odds” and is explained this way…”Even a blind squirrel finds a nut once in awhile”. Just 22 more games of crap to go.

  • cubs4life

    i wonder if LaHair will get another start before the end of the season..  looked ok today, but im sure quade will give another lame excuse for not starting the youngsters.


  • Jebecker

    Maybe we should give soriano the day off for the next 22 games or so…

    • NL_Cubs

      Let’s not be too harsh on Sori-assano. Just sit him when right-handers are on the bump. That’ll give LaHair some good amount of opportunity.

  • Jason

    Quade’s Excuse for Sitting Lahair next game !!!

    1st Pitcher dominated Lahair in 1 minor league at bat ( Research found out that the ball was scorched and caught at the warning track but he is still 0-1)
    2nd We are in a race for 4th place we need to play the veterans to catch the Pirates !!

  • Jeff

    Didn’t Pena walk 3 times yesterday?  7 walks in two days has to be close to some kind of record.  Randy Wells is looking good again, maybe he should pitch out of the bullpen or at Iowa until July every year.  I think he’s solidifying himself as a candidate for the rotation next year, and with what else is available for the price it’s going to cost, I hope this is more of him figuring it out instead of another flash in the pan.  A healthy , effective Wells is probably the best fit for the back end of the rotation next year.

  • hansman1982

    Seriously, 10 hits and no EBH?

    God, if you are listening, please say that Ricketts had a good talking to with Quade about his status as a Cubs Manager and that the youngsters need to play

  • Vince

    Where have all those stolen bases been all season? Just maybe this team could have used a little of that life months ago when they completely went “dead in the water”. Campana breaths new life into this lineup, why not continue to play him. What can they loose, since this season is already in the crapper.

  • Mike Foster

    Hill needs to learn how to hit, catchers must hit, at least at team average.