As I guessed last week when it was announced that Josh Vitters would be replacing Brett Jackson in the Arizona Fall League, Brett Jackson is indeed joining Team USA next month.

Team USA will first play in the Baseball World Cup during the first two weeks of October before heading off to the Pan Am Games in the second half of the month. Jackson, the Cubs’ top prospect, played for Team USA last year as well.

Jackson will finish out the AAA season with the Iowa Cubs, whose last game is today. From there, it remains unlikely that he’ll becalled up to the Chicago Cubs this month.

  • ramin

    Rather have him play evreyday than have him have 10 at bats for september. It will b interesting to c how the cubs will handle byrd and soriano in the offseason to make room for jackson. Most likely soriano is gone in the offseason, but y keep byrd anyways iam sure lots of people will miss his 30 rbi seasons.

    Hey brett y do I have this feeling of rick han and ozzie coming to the cubs, iam I crazy for thinking that

    • Brett

      I could see Hahn coming; much harder to see Ozzie (though it’s entirely possible).

  • Deez

    I’m actually happy to see him play for our country. Kudos to Cubs Management for granting him the opportunity.

    • Brett

      Yeah. I think the experience he’ll get there will be at least as beneficial as in the AFL, anyway.

  • miggy80

    Jackson hit a homer leading off in the bottom of the 1st. This is the second time I’ve saw him lead off with a homer. Lets say Jackson makes the team next year, other than what position, where do you see him in the line up? Ace, Is he the lead off hitter instead of Castro or is he a number two hitter? Personally I would like him to bat second. Could he be the Cubs best #2 hitter since Sandberg?

    • miggy80

      oh, by the way Jay Jackson sucks.

    • Brett

      Jackson has the makeup of a leadoff hitter (sees a ton of pitches, good speed, gets on base), but I doubt the Cubs will start him there immediately. Depends on the manager. But I could see them having him somewhere around 7th for a while, and then working his way up the order. Wouldn’t be a bad number 2, either, because his biggest flaw is a strikes out a lot (which is better than a number 2 who hits a lot of groundballs – which could double up the leadoff man).

  • ry

    Put Castro and Jackson 1-2. Brett, what are the chances in your opinion that Soriano is still a cub next year?

    • Brett

      No better than 33%. Probably lower.