Matt Garza had a great outing (questionable defense behind him notwithstanding), and the bats did just enough against Dontrelle Willis, who is now winless since June of 2010.

Bryan LaHair had a double off of Aroldis Chapman, and it was a rope pull-shot – which is, itself, kind of impressive.

  • Travis

    Any chance Lahair starts game one next year at first?

  • Travis

    Any chance Lahair starts game one next year at first? Obviously he won’t be our first option and I have no idea how his defense is, but maybe Quad man actually plays him more to end the year and he tears it up.

    • Brett

      I think it’s still unlikely that LaHair survives the Winter on the Cubs’ 40-man roster.

  • TSB

    Some fans are bad mouthing Marmol for his nine blown saves. just a reminder, among the closers that have had nine blown saves at this point of a season are Goose Gassage, Rollie Fingers, and Bruce Sutter. Marmol is having a bad season, as are most of the Cubs players, even the fan’s favorites

    • Kyle N

      Remember that the closers you mentioned regularly pitched more than one inning and had to do so during the crucial moments of games, even if it meant coming in as early as the sixth or seventh inning to protect those slim leads. Those guys all logged over 100 innings regularly as relievers, something that is almost unheard of today. “Saving the closer” for strictly a one-inning save situation started in the 90s.

      Look at the numbers Gossage put up each year he “blew” more than ten saves. Now look at Marmol’s numbers this year. It’s not even close.

      And when you look at the magnitude of some of Marmol’s blown saves (giving up leads of 3+ runs on numerous occasions), it is further proof that his season has stunk.

  • Josh

    Yeah Lahair has a chance to start if Quade ever gives him a chance this year. Wait what am I thinking he has no chance.

  • Robbo

    You have to let LaHair keep playing. 1B, LF, RF, pinch hit, doesn’t matter, but we need to see what this guy has.¬†Maybe he’s the next Micah Hoffpauir, but maybe…just maybe..he’s the next Youklis who finds his game after the age of 27. Its a long shot, but no way to know unless he plays. Hope Q has some sense and finds ways to get him into games.

    As for Marmol…I just hope he gets into better shape in offseason. All year looked like he was 15 lbs overweight and lost a few MPH on the heater. I still think he can regain his form. Time will tell

  • alsecord

    Soto on 1st, 1 out bottom 8, doesn’t a major league manager use a pinch runner at that point? Not Quade,and look what happens, any other player on the roster scores, the only possible explaination is that Marmol doesn’t like to throw to Hill which hasn’t seemed to be a problem before.

  • ry

    Nice win! Quade continues to prove he has no clue how to manage. Also, it is painful and hilarious all in one to see just how much Byrd sucks at the plate. Dude is 1 for 14 with the bases loaded this year and looks absolutely lost at the plate, he just stands up there and hacks at the ball with absolutely no game plan or purpose. I hope to Christ we trade him in the offseason!

  • Travis

    You have to think that him getting hit in the face has something to do with him looking so hesitant at the plate, but thats no excuse considering he was just as bad before the injury.

  • Ron Swanson

    Every Bleacher Nation comments section: how can we twist this into bleating “Quade sucks!” Serious mob mentality around here. I’m not even defending him but seriously, we get it. Today its cause he won’t play the 40 year old rookie? 1) “Lahair is getting to play. 2) If the Cubs want to see him more, they can tell Quade to play him.

    • Brett

      I don’t like the way Quade made you say that. FIRE QUADE!

      • Ron Swanson

        If the Cubs hire me as the new GM, (fingers crossed), I will fire Quade. But not for things like not playing LaHair, Tyler Colvin (insert other non-prospect) or because Soriano swings at breaking balls in the dirt. I’m just growing weary of Quade blamed for poor weather. It seems a little too easy.

    • Ron

      I think the dislike of Quade has been building over the year.  Besides it is just a product of overall poor play. It is hard to blame poor defense, lack of leadership, lack of timely hitting, etc, etc everytime. (particularly when a fan favorite gets snubbbed for the job)

  • Hansman1982

    You want mob mentality visit BCB and try to say anything nice about Quade. You get run out of town pretty quick.