Labor Day isn’t exactly a holiday around these parts (or any other day), so it’s pretty much business as usual. Which means bullets…

  • Randy Wells has pitched very well of late, and, for some reason, people keep asking him about 2010. Worse, when they ask him about 2010, they ask about why he was “down” in 2010 after a great 2009 season. And Randy Keeps saying things like 2010 “was a tough year.” Sigh. Randy Wells was very effective in 2010. I would take 2010 Randy Wells in the Cubs’ 2012 rotation in a heartbeat.
  • Carlos Marmol remains the Cubs’ closure despite his league-leading 9th blown save this weekend.
  • Oneri Fleita is very happy to be returning to the Cubs at his post in charge of the farm system and international scouting. “At the end of the day, this is a match between Tom and I and something I believe in,’’ Fleita said Sunday. ‘‘The Ricketts family has been wonderful for the support they’ve given us. To me, it’s more about trusting the staff here and [ensuring] continuity …. Obviously, when the next general manager comes in, hopefully we’ll be able to serve him well. I think the general public doesn’t realize how many people are involved here. We want to win, and that will remain the focus. Roles are what you eat. Just make sure you do what you have to do to win.”
  • Andrew Cashner’s final rehab outing was rained out last night, but the Cubs still intend to have him up early this week. Probably Wednesday.
  • Bryan LaHair, after his successful debut (in left field, rather than first base): “I’ve played a lot of left field my whole life. I’ve played first base for quite some time in the Minor Leagues, but I’m definitely comfortable [in left].” Translation: PLEASE PLAY ME I DON’T CARE WHERE I JUST WANT TO PLAY.
  • Tony Campana on his successful start yesterday: “When I bunt or put the ball in the right spot, they don’t have a chance. That’s the plan. I’m having fun and that’s what it’s about. I think I’ve shown what I can do. It’s up to them.” Translation: I like bubblegum and Pokemon! Er, I mean … I deserve a roster spot next year.
  • Both Pabst and the Cubs, in prepared statements, are saying how they hope that Old Style remains at Wrigley Field for years to come. So why are we all assuming it’s over? Someone’s playing the PR game.
  • Moms A Cubs Fan

    Wells did pitch a decent game Sunday. Look back at Spring Training when he and Cashner were fighting for a roster spot. Both make the roster, pitch a game and go to the DL. Were they hurt during Spring Training and didn’t say anything so they wouldn’t lose a spot? At least Wells came back. OY! Guess we will never know. At least 2 Carlos’ are gone; remember we did have Silva at the start of Spring Training.

  • philoe beddoe

    Wells pitching has been akin to Ramirez’s hitting…..real good when the season was essentially over…but let’s hope it was his injury….he definitely deserves a shot at the fourth or fifth spot…

    LaHair is 29….but look at his last three seasons in the minors, not sure he is a fluke…he may have just been a victim of bad circumstances….I think you platoon him against righties and he will pound the ball…

  • NL_Cubs

    The Cubs need the rotation depth of 3-4 number one and two quality type starters in order to be competitive. Examples like the Phillies and Giants starting rotation comes to mind. Not that a first-class rotation will transpire within the Cubs rotation over the next season or two, it’s something they need to build towards.

    Unless Wells turns into a number one or two type quality pitcher, which I deem as unlikely,  I suspect Wells will be battling each spring for a rotation spot. As I see it, his best opportunity he has to hone his craft, become consistently effective and have a chance at being a regular fixture in the rotation will be over the next season (or two maximum). Otherwise it’s off to the bone yard.

    His inability to get thru the first inning without giving up runs does not put him in a favorable position to be a member of the pen other than maybe long relief if arms are thin.

    Happy Labor Day everyone. Enjoy your holiday.

    • hansman1982

      Having that kind of rotation is a fluke and not something that teams can typically amass. Look at the last 5-6 WS Winners – they all had a couple aces at the top and some guys who could keep you in ballgames along with potent offenses.

      Ask the Giants how their pitching staff is doing this year.

      • Jeff

        Giants pitching is pretty good again this year, I’d definitely trade it for the Cubs pitching.  Well except for that Brian Wilson guy, I don’t want to have to watch him any more than I already do.

        • Fishin Phil

          You would rather watch Marmol?

          • Jeff

            Can we keep Marshall instead?

  • NL_Cubs

    I would not consider the Giants, Phillies or for that matter the Braves’ rotations flukes. They were constructed by plan. Is there talent needed to make their rotations one of quality? Absolutely. Does luck play into the picture? No doubt. Good coaching and development? Sure. But in the end, good, strong pitching is an asset that all good teams need to build as a foundation.

    As for the Giants? Their pitching this year is not the problem. The problem is their anemic hitting and lack of run support that has been exposed. Down almost an entire run per game from last year (which was around 4.35?), run support needs to be better than earned runs given up and for the Giants, there’s not much difference between runs per game and run production.

  • ramin

    Tomoro is round two of callups, hope to c flaherty up here I think h is the solution at third next year. Who u guys think is comin tomoro

  • JP

    Can’t believe Marmol has only blown 9 games… And I would also love to see BLair hit about .650 in about his 20 ABs he’ll get the rest of the season, finish with about 4 HRs and 12 RBI, so everyone that is assessing Q’s performance at the end of the year can say why did you not play him more down the stretch????

    • MichiganGoat

      It does seem like he should have more, but 9 BS on a losing team is quite pathetic.

      • Brett

        His save percentage is at, like, 75% – so yeah, it’s pathetic.

        • MichiganGoat

          Maybe he convert his 75% into an offensive catagory, we could use that kind of production next year…. oh wait, that means he’d have to convert something, we are all screwed.

  • Dan0mite

    Something I also take from the Lahair quote, he is willing to keep playing left field if the Cubs do choose to eat Soriano’s contract and need a cheap alternative.

    • MichiganGoat

      It would be nice to have another option, but I can’t get to excited with a outfield of LeHair, Jackson, Colvin, Campana next year.  I expect Byrd and Soriano to get moved and counting on a group of rookies in the outfield is exciting but I’m cautious of having an outfield of inexperienced, unproven rooks.  I hope we can find at least one quality outfield to help anchor the outfield next year.

    • Brett

      That was kinda my point.

  • MichiganGoat

    LeHair starting at first today…. thats two days in a row, very un-Quade like, anyone think he might be feeling the pressure.

    • NL_Cubs

      Feeble attempt at making his resume look better for the GM to be?!

    • Jeff

      I wonder what his nickname for LaHair is?   Is it LaLa?  Maybe, Hairy?

      • Brett


        • hardtop

          Oh dude, my cheeks hurt from laughing. Well done.

  • LouCub

    Quade is a douche!!! Horrible manager, horrible nicknames and is neglegent in regards to the young Cubs while proping up the dead weight of the vets.

  • Vince

    The Cubs are a corps of a team playing in a morgue ballpark.

    • Brett

      Like the Zombie Corps of Engineers?

      (wait for it…)