Last night, John Grabow was given two innings in which to blow the game, while potential 2012 bullpenner John Gaub sat in the bullpen and watched. This dead horse needs additional beating…

  • The Cubs’ rotation is set for the rest of the month, barring injury. It’ll be Dempster/Garza/Wells/Lopez/Coleman the rest of the way.
  • Tony Campana beat out a routine grounder to first base last night in the 12th, but was called out. Campana, who’s already fighting for a 2012 roster spot, was pissed. “I usually don’t [argue],” he said. “But a big part of the game … [I] got a little riled up. Going down, I have the best view of it. I knew I beat it, and [Votto] didn’t even get there at first.” Again I say: Tony, why can’t you just get on base more? I want to like you SO much…
  • Reliever Marcus Hatley has been added to the group of Cubs prospects headed to the Arizona Fall League. I’m not quite sure how that works, as the Cubs already have six attendees (plus taxi-squader Jeff Beliveau (perhaps Hatley’s doing that as well)). Hatley, 23, has been in the Cubs’ system since being taken as a 39th rounder back in 2006. He only just made it to AA this year after a dominant start to the year in A ball and High A. This was his first year as a reliever, so perhaps the Cubs like what they saw, and want to know if he could really make it as a reliever in the bigs. The Cubs have to decide whether to put Hatley on the 40-man roster soon if they want to protect him from the Rule 5 Draft.
  • Speaking of which… I started a discussion on the Message Board about the Rule 5 Draft, about which the Cubs will soon have to make a variety of decisions related to the 40-man roster. If you want to see the full list of players/prospects who are currently exposed to the Rule 5 Draft and at risk of being lost, that’s your place to go.
  • Pitching prospect Chris Carpenter, who was rehabbing an oblique injury for most of the last month, might not be too happy about not getting a September call-up. A couple days ago, the Iowa Cubs’ season ended, and Carpenter tweeted: “Nice to know how ppl really feel about you….headed back home for the offseason.” The tweet has since been deleted. Coincidence that Hatley was added to the AFL roster yesterday? Probably. But weird, nevertheless.
  • It was already all but official, but now it’s even more all-but-officially-official, Brett Jackson will not be called up this month. He’ll play for Team USA this Fall, and then he’ll come to Spring Training, probably with a chance to win the starting center field job. The decision not to call him up, by the way, came directly from Tom Ricketts, after consultation with the baseball ops folks.
  • Bruce Levine had a weekly chat yesterday. Among the more interesting points: the Fleita extension won’t impact the GM search, Levine thinks the Cubs should go hard after CJ Wilson, and Kerry Wood will probably either re-sign with the Cubs or retire at the end of the year.
  • Coal

    This has nothing to do with his ability, but I was at Monday’s game early with my daughter and Tony Campana signed autographs after BP for about 20 minutes. He wasn’t in the lineup, and for all I know there is always a designated “guy” to sign, but he was really great about it and still has that “I pinch myself every day when I wake up and realize I’m in the big leagues” attitude. I have my doubts about his long term viability on the roster, but I like having him on the team until we have somebody clearly better.

    • Brett

      Thanks for sharing that, Coal. Doesn’t surprise me to hear.

  • Fishin Phil

    “Last night, John Grabow was given two innings in which to blow the game, while potential 2012 bullpenner John Gaub sat in the bullpen and watched. This dead horse needs additional beating…”


    I would like to see the new GM immediately fire Quade, then back up and fire him again just to be sure.

    • Brett

      Haha. Oh man. That tickled me just right.

  • jesse

    kerry wood a real chicago cubs 😀

  • Spencer

    He has a higher OBP than Soriano and DeWitt, and is a tick under Baker and Soto.  I dunno, I think he should get a chance to play everyday.  He’s not really a defensive liability, and he is so so fast which I think mitigates the low OBP.  He’s never going to hit for power, but there are plenty of guys in MLB that don’t hit for power.  I would much rather see Campana in LF next year than Soriano.

    • Spencer

      Although obviously the clear counterargument is “if he’s so fast, why is his OBP so low?”

      • hardtop

        Or “speed is useless if you aren’t on base” the only advantage of being fast with a low OBP: you can reach on end of dugout from the other really fast”

    • Brett

      You stole my counterargument. The speed only mitigates a lack of hitting ability if it translates into… hits. Campana’s bigger problem, though, is a lack of patience. Six walks in 128 plate appearances? Good Lord…

      • Fishin Phil

        And it’s not like he presents a big strike zone.  A little patience could turn him into a real weapon.

        • dreese

          Do you think Jaramillo will be back next year? We really talked him up when we brought him in and I understand there’s not much talent to work with but come on were bad at the plate.

      • Andrew

        If we were going to not play a guy for a lack of patience there would be no current Cubs on the field.

        That said, I like Campana as the fourth/fifth outfielder. I’d like to see next year’s team NOT have Colvin (sorry, that sub-.200 BA does nothing for me. his chances this year may not have been good, but even a mediocre Major League player finds a way to hit over .200 regardless of game situations and who they face each day) and have Campana as the speed guy off the bench with LaHair backing up first, left, and right with maybe 3 starts/week between the 3 positions.

  • JulioZuleta

    He is a great guy to play in an outfield of a non-competing team. He’s an exciting player for a Kansas City or Oakland, a guy who can lay down a bunt, beat out an infield single, works hard… I think he would really excel and endear himself to a fan base with low expectations, but the reality is, in a big market city, for a team with high (albeit never attained) expectations, he has too many holes in his game to be anything more than a pinch runner/ once a week starter. I like him, but I never want to go into a season with Tony Campana penciled in to the starting outfield.

  • Jeff

    With Blake DeWitt, Tyler Colvin, and now Bryan LaHair all fighting for playing time and trying to showcase for a job next year, there isn’t much room.  You can’t start everyone that you like, and getting starts for anyone who isn’t Byrd or Soriano is going to be a crapshoot as long as Quade is in charge.  I think Campana would be a decent 4th outfielder given some time to develop, I know he’s not going to bring the production that an everyday corner outfielder is going to bring.  Colvin and LaHair both have that potential, but are struggling with Mr. RBI and Mr. Ball to the Head for playing time.  Squeezing Campana into the mix only exacerbates things, because Quade isn’t going to bench Marlon Byrd or Alfonso Soriano for more that a game here and there.

    • EQ76

      I guess that’s what we get for dealing none of these knuckleheads at the deadline..

  • Mike Foster

    Yeah, why would we want a player with stats like those below….oh wait, we had that guy too…and he was fast but couldn’t get on base…..guess he got better, huh.

    #1 – LF – Chicago White Sox
    Regular Season .283 2 42 .334
    Career .297 16 476 .346