Yesterday was jam-packed with trepidation that Chuck LaMar’s sudden resignation from his post as an assistant GM with the Phillies portended doom for the Chicago Cubs’ GM search. The timing was odd, the abruptness was odd, LaMar’s boss’s comments were odd, and LaMar does have a number of theoretical connections to the Cubs.

But, if you were concerned, it looks like you can relax. Dave Kaplan says it’s absolutely not happening.

The truth of the matter is this: Chuck LaMar is not going to be the next general manager of the Chicago Cubs and his sudden resignation from the Philadelphia Phillies organization does not have any tie to the Cubs. LaMar could resurface in a job with the Atlanta Braves organization where he spent a good portion of his career, but he is not believed to be a GM candidate for any of the openings expected in baseball this winter. Wednesday afternoon he also confirmed to a Philadelphia broadcaster that we here at Comcast SportsNet know that he is not talking with the Cubs about any position.

As I said yesterday, LaMar would have been an unexciting choice for a team that has its pick of the up-and-coming litter.

To date, Tom Ricketts has earned my trust, which cuts both ways: if he does go with an experienced/failed guy like LaMar rather than a hot-shot assistant, I’ll probably give Ricketts the benefit of the doubt. But, because he’s earned my trust, I doubt Ricketts will go that way in the first place.


  • Fishin Phil

    I am still waiting for the profile on the candidate that everyone is talking about:  Toosh!

    • Toosh

      Born in Chicago, 1960. Attended Waters Elementary. Played amateur baseball into my 40s. Started following the Cubs in ’69. Graduated from Lane in ’78. Moved to Wisconsin in ’79.

      • Brett

        From Chicago? Well, according to many, that’s all you need to be a candidate.

  • Fishin Phil

    Sorry, that Wisconsin thing just disqualified you on my list.  Please move to the back of the list behind Ned Colletti.

    • JulioZuleta

      If he gets the job, he could over take the Leinenkugels and Wisconsin’s most famous resident.

  • Ian Afterbirth


  • chris margetis

    I’ll concur on the WI part, which is a shame because it looked like a layup before that.

  • CubFan Paul

    Damn ..i really wanted to burn something

  • Mike Foster

    OK, fire out….but still sharpening my pitchfork, can’t be too careful ya know.

  • KB

    I had the flame lit, and the torch doused in gasoline. Stop scaring me, Acer.

    BTW, do you have a “shadow” board to this one? I tried to comment on that new guy’s sterling comment about WAR and fielding stats, and I couldn’t. Pourquoi?

    • Brett

      You couldn’t comment? Were you logged in?