The Cubs lost, but there was plenty to be pleased about in this one, outside of Casey Coleman’s shaky start (he was great for a few innings and then fell apart). Starlin Castro extended his on-base streak to 22 and his hitting streak to 10. Carlos Pena became the first Cubs lefty to hit 27 homers since Jacque Jones in 2006 (ok, so maybe that’s not actually all that impressive). ¬†Bryan LaHair bumped his OPS another couple hundred points with a triple and a walk. Jeff Samardzija threw another couple scoreless innings. The Cubs even managed to come back late.

Most importantly on the good side of things, there was this…

  • belsen7

    It was good to see that Barney knocked in a crucial (at the time) run. Pena probably embarrassed Jason Bay by making Citi Field look so small.

  • beagewill

    Pitching, pitching, pitching… it’s all about you know what. What a waste of a season rolling out a rotation that even the Mets would be ashamed of… let’s get a GM that at least knows where his/her bread is buttered, huh? Makes me SO upset that Cubs front office played the organization this way. PLEASE BRING BRAINS AND PASSION TO THIS TEAM!!!! Hate feeling like a putz for loving a team that seemingly isn’t loved by those in charge.

  • Cheryl

    Can’t understand Q’s handling of this game. LaHair should have stayed in the game. Campana could have run for Soriano or another veteran, if the opportunity arose. When it came to having a powerful bat in the lineup near the end, he wasn’t available. But, of course, it’s Q so what else would you expect.

  • awesome

    he really doesn’t know the game, or should i say, how to manage.