The ceremonies before the game made what happened afterward seem small. Matt Garza was modestly effective, and Mike Quade’s “kid” lineup got to Miguel Batista. But the Cubs’ bullpen couldn’t hold it down, and the Mets tied the game late. Six runs in the 11th sealed it for the Cubs, who got major contributions from Carlos Pena, Tyler Colvin, and …

Man, Bryan LaHair *really* wants to stay on the Cubs next year. The big, 28-year-old lefty went 3-4 with two doubles, two walks, and two runs scored.

This was the longest box score I’ve ever compiled (that happens in an extra-inning game in September), and yet one “kid” still couldn’t find the field.

  • Fishin Phil

    Perhaps if Grabow’s arm falls completely off his torso, Quade will consider giving Gaub a chance.

    • CubFan Paul

      i dunno Phil, Grabow has earned the right to blow games & damn near give away big leads ..Gaub hasn’t. Grabow had me scared sh**less in the 11th (Tequila shots make me paranoid)

  • Robert

    if the cubs don’t keep lahair, then i’m not even gonna watch the cubs next year. next year could be the yeAR heres next year projected linup. (not in order)
    1. campana
    starting rotation – garza, dempster, cashner, wells samardzidja. hopefully we will make a push for cj wilson

    • TWC

      Campana, Colvin, and Barney all starting? ¬†We’d be like the Pirates of 2010.

    • mike foster

      +1 on the lineup. Only change I’d make is keep Samardzidja in the pen and add Big Z to the rotation.

      • Toosh

        That was this year’s Opening Day roster and we know how that’s worked out. Zambrano has to go or it will be the same thing all over again.

    • Andrew

      I don’t care what types of opportunities Colvin has had this year (tell me until your blue in the fact that Quade puts him in bad situations – I don’t care), even a MEDIOCRE major league hitter finds a way to hit over .200. To count on a guy who has so far managed a .153 average is just not a good idea. He’s a career .217 hitter and his numbers have declined this year. I don’t care if he always faces lefties and always bats in front of the pitcher – that is not someone you count on in your starting lineup.

      I’d like to see Jackson and LaHair in the starting lineup next year. I’d like to see one vet in the outfield. LaHair could start in the outfield or at first based on who is brought in through free agency. Because of all of the changes that need to be made over the offseason, I wouldn’t mind seeing one more year of Soriano (crucify me now) and one more year of Ramirez. You can’t change the WHOLE team in one year. Play Campana as a 4th outfielder/occasional starter. Get a big name first baseman. And please, for the love of God, let’s get a front-line starter. Let LeMahieu and Barney compete for the starting 2B job.

      That’s my off-season wish list.

      • Andrew

        And by “blue in the fact” I mean “blue in the face.” :)

        • Brett

          I’m feeling a little blue in the fact myself.

  • Cedlandrum

    Good question on Gaub. Maybe he is having some arm issues or something.

  • Dan0mite

    I was wondering about Gaub. They had him getting loose in the 10th. What better time to put him in than a risk free 11th when you’re up by 6?

    • auggie1955

      Yeah, I couldn’t believe Gaub didn’t get in the game either. Maybe Grabow has a clause in his contract that he gets to appear in every game in which the Cubs are up by 5 or more.