Aramis Ramirez has (most recently) said he wants to return to the Chicago Cubs in 2012, but he’s also started to hint that he would prefer to return on a multiyear extension.

Now he’s outright saying it.

“If I hit the marketplace I should end up with a two- or three-year deal,” Ramirez told “The reason is, there aren’t a lot of third baseman available this offseason. But if [Cubs officials] approach me, I’m sure we can get something done. But probably not for one year.”

Ramirez will turn 34 next year and is coming off a big year in a weak market, so it would be unfair to begrudge him for his position. He’s also said many times that he doesn’t know how much longer he wants to play, so he’s probably looking for the last contract of his career. He hopes that contract comes from the Cubs.

“My priority has always been to stay with the Cubs,” Ramirez said. “But, right now, we don’t even have a GM to make any decisions. So I hope we finish strong the next two weeks and then we’ll see what happens.”

The Cubs hold a $16 million option on Ramirez for 2012 (with a $2 million buy-out), but, if the Cubs exercise the option, Ramirez can void his contract. Would he do that if the Cubs exercised the option? No one has yet asked him, to my knowledge, but he has strongly suggested he would.

“A one-year thing is not ideal,” Ramirez said. “Every player wants to be in place for at least two or three years. But the one-year stuff, that’s kind of tough to do. But I do want to stay with the Cubs if I can.”

Setting aside the extension talks for a moment, I hope the next GM takes Ramirez at his word, and, if an extension isn’t already worked out, picks up Ramirez’s option. Ramirez will then void the deal, saving the Cubs the $2 million buyout. Just a tip, Next GM Person.

As for extending Ramirez, the decision will be one of the most difficult – and most telling – decisions made by the Cubs’ new GM.

If Ramirez says it’s a multiyear extension or he’ll walk, the next GM will seriously have to consider letting Ramirez walk. Ramirez is right that, on the open market, he could get a three-year deal worth as much as $36 to $40 million. But the Cubs would have no business giving him that kind of deal. No, there isn’t a ready-made replacement at third, but neither are the Cubs so near a championship that Ramirez will make or break their World Series dreams.

Ultimately, the Ramirez decision comes down to what the expectation is for the Cubs next year. If they want to be competitive, they will almost certainly have to find a way to bring Ramirez back. As noted, there isn’t a ready-made replacement – at least, not one who can duplicate Ramirez’s production – and the free agent market is bone dry after Ramirez. A two-year extension for reasonable dollars wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world. Once it starts pushing three years, though, it starts to risk blocking kids who eventually do become ready, and risks further dragging down a budget that is both real, and currently strained.

If the Cubs decide they do not need to be competitive in 2012, with an eye toward rebuilding for 2013 and beyond, letting Ramirez walk is an easy decision. They’ll save as much as $14 million, and will pick up a draft pick in the process. The Cubs can let DJ LeMahieu, Ryan Flaherty, and Blake DeWitt fight it out … and the position will probably be a nightmare for the year. But, that’s kind of what happens during a rebuild.

There’s always a third option – some unforeseen trade – but, short of that, the Ramirez decision will foreshadow what the Cubs plan on doing in 2012. If they can get him back on a two-year deal, perhaps they’ll try to win in the near-term. If not, perhaps it’s time for a rebuild.

  • Robert

    I can’t see letting A-ram go.. if he wants a multi-year dal, then we got to give it to him. i say we sign ramirez to a 2 year 16-20 mill deal, resign pena for a one year deal and get rid of either soriano OR byrd and give laHair a shot in the outfield, if soriano stays and byrd goes then perhaps bring up jackson and send colvin to AAA to re-tune his batting skills. so next years linup in the outfield would be Jackson (center) colvin (left or right) and lahair (left or right) whatever one he’s more comfortable with.

  • Kinhin

    I say let him walk. Time to rebuild.

  • Cheryl

    I agree with Kinhin, let him walk.

  • philoe beddoe

    Let him go….I am not as familar with all of the new age fielding statistics, but any way you slice it….he is a bad, bad defensive player, who can’t run, and has absolutely sucked the last two years for the brief few weeks in which the Cubs were in the race….he also has injury history…even a two or three year deal would be a huge mistake in my humble opinion….even at 10 or 11 per……

    DeWitt, LeMahieu, Flaherty may not be sexy, but they will play better D(cover more ground)…hustle, run better…

    If we had a DH slot then I’d keep him, but we don’t, so he needs to go

    • TSB

      And yet some want to add the worst fielding defensive first basemen to the dismal Cub defense, i.e., Fielder. His defense with the rest of the Cubs’ difficulties in handling the ball would negate much of his power hitting.

    • Brett

      Yeah, an underreported story this year is how bad Ramirez has been defensively. After a bit of a defensive renaissance in 2007 to 2010, the old saw that Ramirez was brutal defensively kind of went away. Well, it should probably be back this year.

      • packman711

        What’s the VORP for A Ram right now anyway?

        • Brett

          Fangraphs has Ramirez’s WAR as 3.4 this year, making him the most valuable hitter on the Cubs, but just the 54th best in baseball. I know WAR is an imperfect statistic, but… good Lord, the Cubs are bad.

          • EQ76

            WAR??  huh, good God ya’ll, what is that stat good for?  – absolutely nutin’

          • packman711

            I think this is why we actually need to keep him. It’s not like he’s on outfielder displacing a younger player. There’s a difference between rebuilding and giving up.

            “Pay him… Pay that man his money”

  • Robert

    let him walk? yes i understand it’s time to rebuild but do you know how dismall next year will be with the weak hitting D.J (however you spell his name) he would be worst than soriano, and atleast soriano can still hit 25 homers a year (assuming he hits 2 more)

    • dreese

      Whats the point? Even if he cranks 40 homers and is an All-Star I dont see how that helps us. We would still be in 4th or 5th.

    • awesome

      Robert, how bad are we now with Aram, Soriano, and Pena ?

  • Robert

    & why i say keep him for 2 years is because by then HOPEFULLY josh vitters will find his stroke.

    • Brett

      The Cubs are supposedly planning to play Vitters in the outfield in Fall ball, so the ship may have sailed on Vitters as the 3B of the future. When it comes to 3B for Vitters, finding his stroke was less the issue than finding his glove. … and his bat still isn’t there yet.

      • Cheryl

        Don’t forget about the other free agent, Encarcion. He’d be better defensively until Baez makes it.

  • chris margetis

    So long Aramis. Your incredible bat that magically heats up once the team is 15 or more games out doesn’t make up for your fielding, speed and general lethargy.

  • Randy Cutright

    You cant totally rebuild in Chicago. The fans wont allow it and they wont show to the park. My guess is they w/ sign him for 2 years or make a trade. I say then you are keeping Soriano and you should swap him and Lahair in left for the matchups. Try to trade Byrd and bring the kid up in center. You have dollars available so maybe a couple of starters, go after Fielder and if possible a right fielder. I dont think Colvin is the answer yet. If you cant get Fielder, then resign Pena for a year and you also have Lahair for backup if Pena continues struggling with the bat. In that scenario, you could get a right fielder. I just think you need youth and some experience. The problem w/ all of this is I do not see the defense getting any better. You can bring in 2 starters to go with Dempster, Garza and Wells but if the defense sucks, you are going to lose.

    • dreese

      Pena isnt struggling, thats Pena

    • Jeff

      You can’t rebuild in Chicago, but it’s okay to suck with one of the highest payrolls in baseball? I keep hearing that statement about not being able to rebuild and it totally blows my mind. How is rebuilding different than sinking tons of money into a crappy team? Any real Cubs fan wants this team to compete year in and out, not cover up crappy mistakes by signing guys to over market value contracts which put us right back in this same position in a year or two. If you want to see a team contend for a year or two, then suck for 5 year, then we should have just kept Jim Hendry. The problems that you listed aren’t going to go away without a rebuild, no matter how many fans are showing up.

  • Saluki

    You totally contraindicate yourself. You want to re-sign Ramirez, but start a AAA outfield?? If we think we can add some pieces to compete, yes by all means, Ramirez for 2 years is a bargain, but IMO and most Cubs fans, this team is far removed from competition. I’d rather bite the bullet and us suck for a couple more years with an eye on building a perennial contender with a concrete solid farm system…

    • EQ76

      Saluki – what in the blue hell are you using words like “contraindicate” on here for?

      • Brett

        We use plenty of fancy words around here, thankyaverymuch. Don’t let the “likes,” “duhs,” and “howevas” fool you.

        • TWC

          Whatevs, d00d.

  • die hard

    Bye…take the $2 Mil and dont spend all in one place…cause you will need it

  • Chris


  • MichiganGoat

    Ramirez knows he can and will get at least 3/30M and there is no reason for the Cubs to sign him for more than 2/20M. He will walk because it’s in the best interest for him and it’s the best move for the Cubs.

  • Joy

    He doesn’t have to walk….I will pick him up and drive him out of Chicago.

    • philoe beddoe

      I am not sure about this whole ” you can’t rebuild in Chicago” thing….I still believe that you can turn things around quickly and I am not advocating a sub 100 million team salary, but with a(hopefully) exciting new regime, including a new manager(maybe Ryno),the fans will come out if they feel that the team is making progress….I have never gone into a season as unexcited as I did this year, you could just sense it….I predict this(2011) will be the worst year for attendence for awhile…you had anti-Hendry protest, general apathy about the team, a bad, bad team, an unqualified manager and they still drew better than most…

      sign Fielder and watch Castro’s errors go into the 40’s….I have seen Pena save at least 5-10 and I have hardly watched…

  • Cubs_Fanatic

    *Waves goodbye to A-Ram*

  • Ron Swanson

    Even if you can’t rebuild in Chicago, it doesn’t mean extending Ramirez is smart. He’s going to continue to decline offensively and as previously stated, his defense is already there. I say even if the Cubs want to compete next year, they still need to look elsewhere.

  • joe

    Figgins for Zambrano and 1 mil. Cubs get a third baseman and possible lead off hitter. If he sucks he can be a versatile utility player.

    • Brett

      A versatile, crappy, utility player.

      • joe

        Crappy, but better than Z.

        • Brett

          Gotta disagree, Joe. Figgins’ OPS+ this year is 39. That means he’s been 61% worse than the average MLB player. His slash line is an historically awful .188/.241/.243. To put that into context, if he qualified (he’s about 100 PA short), Figgins would have the worst OPS in all of baseball.

          Wait for it … by OVER 100 POINTS.

          Figgins is not worth a roster spot, especially on a team like the Cubs who have plenty of versatile, crappy hitters.

          • joe

            I agree, but if we are gonna pay Z not to play I wouldn’t mind seeing anyone get a look.

            • Brett


              …just not Figgins.

          • Jeff

            He was just as bad last year too. There comes a point when a guy is done, and Figgins is done. He had a couple of good years as a super utility guy with great speed, but speed doesn’t last and teams usually find out if the only reason you were a utility guy is because you stink at every position you try. Too bad for Seattle they didn’t find out until after they signed him to that big contract.

            • Lou

              Hard to say that Safeco Field thing skews stats unbelievably. Even Justin Smoak, who started the year off strong, has downturned. I disagree with Brett. I do it. What do the Cubs have to lose? Big Z’s not coming back and we might as well put Figgins at 3b. Not like we’re gonna contend next year. I think Figgins’ contract will be up in 2012. I wonder if Castro should be moved to 3b in 2013 with Barney at SS. The Cubs would most likely be able to get a better 2b. Or maybe Castro at 3b in 2012 and get Kinsler from Texas for Marmol to play 2b. Just throwing that out there.

              • TWC

                Figgins is signed through 2013 ($8m 2012, $9m 2013), with a vesting option ($9m) for 2014.

              • Brett

                OPS+ is park-adjusted. That’s why I used it. Even when factoring in his park, Figgins is the *worst hitter in all of baseball.*

                Those asterisks are designed to make anyone reading them repeat the enclosed phrase to themselves at least twice.

                “The worst hitter in all of baseball…”

                • Lou

                  Unfortunately though, Brett and regardless of the sabremetrics–if the Cubs get around to trading Zambrano, Figgins is the type of player they’re gonna get. You can put out the stats, but that’s the player they’d get.

                  • Brett

                    Their only choice is the single worst hitter in all of baseball? Not a pure salary dump for a washed up starting pitcher; not a fringe prospect; not a bucket of balls. The worst hitter in baseball. That’s the only option.

                    I think Zambrano’s value is nearing zero, but I have to disagree on that one, Lou.

                    • Lou

                      Yes, that’s the option if there’s a trade. No one is going to give up anything for this cancer. Sure, if the Cubs let him go, then a team MIGHT take a chance on him but that’s there own risk. Think about it. People around baseball have been saying he could be dealt to the White Sox, then they have to correct themselves and say “If Ozzie’s still around….that is.” With thoughts like that, it’s no wonder he could dealt for a bag of balls….named Chone Figgins. I’ll agree to disagree on this one.

                    • Brett

                      Gentleman’s wager: the Cubs do better than Chone Figgins when dealing Z this Winter. Figgins is *literally* not worth a roster spot, so as long as the Cubs save more than $1 million by dealing Z (Figgins is owed $17 million over 2012 and 2013, Z is owed $18 million), I win.

                      Do you really think there aren’t a dozen teams that would take Zambrano for $1.5 million?

                    • CubFan Paul

                      arguing with Lou is like.. watching a Chone Figgins at-bat

                    • Lou

                      Drinking again CubFan Paul? Let me remind the readers YOU were the one who decide to pick a fight with me by responding to me directly. YOU were the one to swear and cuss when YOU didn’t get YOUR way. YOU were the one to insult my intelligence by insulting and attacking my manhood (something which I NEVER did to you.) And now you CONTINUE to belabor this WHOLE thing. Arguing with you is like arguing with someone who’s permanently DRUNK. Don’t you have something better to do…oh yeah drinking. Oh yeah, I really don’t think the Cubs will trade Zambrano anyway. They’ll just release him and eat all of the money once they realize no one will get up anything of value for him. But you do what you best continue to pick fights long after they’ve ceased and keep up the CRAP!

                    • TWC

                      Man, I really missed reading the Lou/Paul bromance.

                      I’m a-gonna go make me some popcorn for this one!

                    • CubFan Paul

                      LOL what a butthole actually headed to my favorite watering hole right now for some grown up beverages and if im sober enough to care about responding to Lou *politely* since he’s such a big little girl i might ..but to wet his hypocritical appetite –

                      “Drinking again CubFan Paul? Let me remind the readers YOU were the one who decide to pick a fight with me by responding to me directly.”

                      …actually i was the *FIRST* commentor on that page that day, then OTHERS, and THEN you, LOU came along and said: *”Actually, i read it as….”*

                      sooo cya!

                    • Lou

                      I don’t know, Brett. A dozen teams for Big Z? Just not sure on that one. I’d like to agree with you because I’d like to see the Cubs get SOMETHING for this headcase. But with the Yankees passing on him during the trade deadline and for the kind of money you’ve mentioned, just don’t know.

                    • Lou

                      Why such a dick, CubsFanPaul? Or should I call you a troll? Because that’s what trolls do–they attack people online without thought and at any time they can. You’ve gone and attacked me not only here but on other threads as well. And I’m the butthole (laughs hysterically). But like I’ve said, that’s what you do best. I think I’m going to switch the name of my personal troll, CubsFanPaul, to ummm….Carlos Zambrano. Because think about–they’ve got a lot in common…both like to drink, both swear profusely, both are big babies when they don’t get their way, and both can’t be restrained from picking fights with others. You know come to think of it…yes, that’s it….CubsfanPaul is ACTUALLY….OMG…Big Z. It all makes sense now!

                    • CubFan Paul

                      I know you are! But what am I?! & That’s my name so don’t wear it out

                      Let me know when u get out of your mom’s basement & we can have an Intelligent conversation

                    • MichiganGoat

                      Lou and Paul – I have an idea, why don’t you both join the message board and start a thread in the playground where you can continue this playground grudge match.  That way you won’t be clogging up the main blog with your personal attacks, I deal with stuff all day from high school students I KNOW we ADULTS can be better.

                      Please stop being immature with your comments and either find another forum to continue this fight or ignore each other completely.

                    • Brett

                      I gotta agree with MG. While I like vigorous discussion/debate about the Cubs, the petty back and forth is growing tired. Let it go.

                    • CubFan Paul


                • Ol’CharlieBrown

                  Holy cow! I always just assumed that Koyie Hill was the undefeated champion for the title of “the worst hitter in all of baseball.”

                  What happened to Figgins? I remember him being a pretty well respected player back when he was with the Angels.

        • EQ76

          Sad thing is, Z is a better hitter than Figgins.

    • MichiganGoat

      That might be the best dollar for dollar bad contract swap available.

      • Toosh

        Zambrano for Burnett.

        • TWC

          I think this makes the most sense, too.  It just worries me that Burnett’s contract is longer than Zambrano’s.  The Yanks would have to pay up.

          • Jeff

            Burnett was the first guy I thought of when the Zambrano to the Yankees because of Rothschild rumors started flying. I think back in the national league and out of the spot light, Burnett could be a heck of a pitcher again. Not everyone is cut out for New York. See the turnarounds by Carl Pavano, Javier Vasquez, Jose Contreras, and Kenny Rogers to name a few.

          • Lou

            Don’t think the Yankees will ever want Zambrano. Think there gonna build the pitching staff internally or with CJ Wilson.

  • willis

    Yeah that makes sense actually if Seattle would bite on it.

    My gut tells me he walks (or is shown the door). Do we need his bat in the lineup? Yes. But he represents a failed attempt by the old regime to build a champion. And I think getting rid of as many of those pieces as possible is a good thing. 0-6 in two playoff series and in the gutter since. No reason to keep any of it around except for maybe Kerry Wood.

    The power production will be missed, but I believe a platoon would do just fine there average wise and would be better with the glove(s). Anyway, it’s purging time so let’s do it right.

  • Steve

    I’ve seen better teams let better players walk. And, Kerry Wood??? Please. Discount, or not, good bye. You don’t win with loyalty. Baseball is a business…a business of winning. Cash was ready to let Jeter, maybe the most beloved Yankee ever, walk. He called his bluff, and Jeter stayed right where everyone know he would. Sometimes, you have to be cold. We can’t all be friends. Ramy has been a good player for the Cubs. Unfortunately, he is only at his best when there is no pressure to win. Let him walk. He will find work, and money. Perhaps, in the NL Central…

  • EQ76

    Everyone’s ripping on ARAM but be careful what you ask for..  if he and Pena are both out next year and we trade Soriano like everyone wants, we have virtually nobody to knock in runs or hit for power..  we may be below the Astros next year.  I have been one of the few that seem to back ARAM a little bit, dude hits.. nobody can deny that.

  • Jeff

    I am all for the youth movement and rebuild through all the growing pains! Although I am not directly paying salaries, I would much rather make a financial commitment (purchasing tickets and gear) or time commitment (watching games) to youth like DJ, Ryan F, Starlin, Brett Jackson, Tony Campana and others then to watch guys like ARAM, Sori, Byrd. I won’t be up set when ARAM has a good statistical year for another team at 35 years old. I will be happy he had it in him, because the 2012 team needs more than an MVP season from ARAM… they need a shot in the arm only youth can inject! Infectious fun at the ball park. Coming up to the Big with all your teammates from the lower levels like Tenn AA. Let’s find out if we can succeed with our relievers, our infielders. It has to be awesome to come up with a group of guys like the Dodgers use to… bring up a whole infield or outfield and let em play. Fifth place with this team sucks! Fifth place with a bunch of hungry rookies, 2nd and 3rd year players is exciting! A couple more 12 to 15 million dollar drafts and we might have minor league system that can produce a few diamonds or trading pieces

    No more band-aids! Let’s get a sustainable farm “feeder” team system. Let’s not have one 90 win season followed by a 70 win season…. Build something for long haul….. good drafts, good trades, good teams….something to have pride in!

    • Saluki

      You nailed it!!!

  • ricosanto

    Offer him the one year at 16 mill , not to shabby, if he wants a muti-year BYE BYE. You can make a trade for a 3B or start like you said DJ LeMahieu,Flanigan or even Blake DeWitt. What will Boras want for Pena 2 years at 10 per year ?

  • alsecord

    Keep Aram and Z, dump Sorri, Byrd, Pena, Dempster,and most of all Queless. Our manager has cost us at least 15 games so far this season, out pitching has regressed, no defensive accountability and highly questionable line-ups.(Why would any manager bat Campana 2nd,he bats lead off or 8th) Aram has seemed to lose his defensive touch since Trammel left, so better coaching could equal better defensive play.

  • Robert

    a triple AAA outfield? jackson- our number one prospect.
    soriano-25 homers a year
    campana- best stolen base percentage in the majors
    colvin- blehh.
    you will still need SOME vets to teach the kids, and i wouldn’t like soriano to be that mentor

    • TWC

      Didn’t you suggest an outfield of Jackson, Colvin and LaHair like six hours ago?!  That’s pretty much an AAA outfield, maybe even AAAA.  Contraindicate THAT, baby!

      And Campana — seriously, he’s terrible.  All he brings to the table is speed.  Other than that, he’s useless.  (Well, he IS scrappy.)

      • EQ76

        Agreed.. and if we do go with that OF and let Ramirez go we will be in full rebuild mode..  we can’t compete with a AAAA outfield and a rookie at 3B and all our eggs will be in one basket for Fielder or Pujols coming over..which, why would they want to come play with a bunch of minor league players?

        with a 130 mil. payroll possibility, i’m sure we’ll try to compete next year.

  • auggie1955

    I agree with those who said just let Ramirez go. If we do sign him we can’t give him more than 2 years.

    As far as Z goes if Ozzie is still on the South Side, I wonder if the Sox would be interested. Maybe Z to the White Sox for Peavy. Or Z and cash for Floyd and AJ. I despise AJ, but I hated Edmunds before he became a Cub.

  • T Wags

    For the love of God, let the kids play next year. Tell A-Ram thanks for the memories but better luck elsewhere and lets watch a Cubs team full of youth and excitement that will actually appreciate where they are playing and will play their asses off for this city and for the love of the game. Not for the money like the lazy, overpaid bum vets we are currently watching in disgust…

  • LouCub

    Ramirez is a prick!!! If he would have flat out stated this 2 months ago, he’d have been moved…I appreciate his bat and has been clutch but between him and Alfonso I want them as far away from Castro as possible

  • Brian

    I say let him walk. Sure, Ramirez has been a good player for us, but he’s getting worse every year. His average with RISP is terrible and he’s a horrible clutch hitter. He may have 25 HR and 90 RBI’s, but most of those came when it didn’t matter: when the Cubs were far behind or well ahead, but he never came through when his team needed him to. Ramirez does many things well, but he is and never was a good enough player to build a team around. If he was playing on most other teams, he would probably be, in my opinion, a middle-of-the-lineup player: a guy who is a solid player but cannot really produce consistently enough to be at the top. We’ve paid him too much already: let him walk. Yeah, the market is slim on 3B this offseason, so the best thing for us is to try and get one of the kids ready or look for someone who can do okay for us. We’d be better off without him.

  • Dusty’s toothpick

    Why not offer Ramy 3 or 4 yrs. if we rebuild. This way we have a good 3rd baseman and if the LaHair/Colvin tandem it will probably be doesn’t work out we can move him to first like teams used to do with older solid hitting 3rd/SS. Then play Vitters/Lemahieu/and or Flahrity at 3rd. If we rebuild keeping Ramy doesn’t have to be a problem, his bat won’t be missed in yr one but 2013 and 14 we might actually miss it.

  • djp6677

    I cannot believe I am reading suggestions on Z for figgins, moving Castro to 3b to move barney to short’ and people bashing aramis. Figgins is done, eat the contract and save the roster spot rather than waste it on that trash. Barney AT BEST is a utility player who should never see the amount of time he has this year, and Aramis deserves to want a multiyear deal, he took less to stay a cub in his prime and regardless of the slow starts is the main offensive reason the cubs competed three of the last 5 years. I give Rammy 2yrs/22 mil in a heartbeat. Regardless of record now the cubs are not that far from competing in a crappy division. Jackson should out produce Byrd, either trading Byrd or using him as a 4th OF strengthens the team. A trade can be made to solidify the offense with the possibility of adding Fielder/Pujols. In my opinion the Cubs need to focus on pitching, make a deal similar to the Garza trade as the cubs are now loaded with lower level offensive talent and target CJ Wilson. If you cannot add Wilson then you look at putting your money on offense and hope for bounceback from demo and wells. There are several ways the cubs can compete next year. Just please stop with including bad players like barney, campana, lahair, and figgins in your starting lineup.

  • T Wags

    djp, i agree with most of what you’re saying here. I say HELL NO to the Figgins suggestion and having Barney in your everyday lineup. Love the kid and the way he plays the game but he’ll never be a championship caliber player. But i disagree on keeping A-Ram. I want him, Soriano and Z as far away from Starlin as possible. And i really believe we need to give LaHair a chance at first next year the guy just flat out hits the ball. I know he wont keep up what he’s doing now for an entire season but he cant be any worse than Pena at being a run producer.