MLB announced its master schedule for the 2012 season today, so we’ve got the 2012 Chicago Cubs’ schedule. This is still subject to change, and doesn’t yet include any times.

But, for those who like to start thinking ahead, here you go:

April 5, 7-8: WASHINGTON

April 9-12: MILWAUKEE

April 13-15: at St. Louis

April 17-19: at Florida

April 20-22: CINCINNATI

April 23-25: ST. LOUIS

April 27-30: at Philadelphia

May 1-3: at Cincinnati


May 7-9: ATLANTA

May 11-13: at Milwaukee

May 14-15: at St. Louis


May 18-20: WHITE SOX

May 21-23: at Houston

May 25-27: at Pittsburgh

May 28-30: SAN DIEGO

June 1-4: at San Francisco

June 5-7: at Milwaukee

June 8-10: at Minnesota

June 12-14: DETROIT

June 15-17: BOSTON

June 18-20: at White Sox

June 22-24: at Arizona

June 25-27: NEW YORK (NL)

June 29-July 1: HOUSTON

July 2-5: at Atlanta

July 6-8: at New York (NL)

July 10: All-Star Game in Kansas City

July 13-15: ARIZONA

July 17-19: FLORIDA

July 20-22: at St. Louis

July 23-25: at Pittsburgh

July 27-29: ST. LOUIS

July 30-August 1: PITTSBURGH

August 3-5: at Los Angeles (NL)

August 6-8: at San Diego

August 9-12: CINCINNATI

August 13-15: HOUSTON

August 17-19: at Cincinnati

August 20-22: at Milwaukee

August 24-26: COLORADO

August 27-30: MILWAUKEE

August 31-Sept. 2: SAN FRANCISCO

September 3-6: at Washington

September 7-9: at Pittsburgh

September 10-12: at Houston

September 14-17: PITTSBURGH

September 18-20: CINCINNATI

September 21-23: ST. LOUIS

September 25-27: at Colorado

September 28-30: at Arizona

October 1-3: HOUSTON

  • hansman1982

    Are they doing the stoopid split opening day again?

    • Brett


  • Mike Foster

    You know if Quade doesn’t bean Holiday next week I may have to start a countdown to April 13, 2012.

  • Spencer

    Random AL East team thrown in to the AL Central opponents.  I guess they wanted to do the home/away thing with Fenway and Wrigley.

    • Spencer

      aaaaand i just read your bullet on the other post.