Johnny Cueto departed early with an apparent abdominal strain, but the Cubs’ bats couldn’t capitalize, as they were largely shut down by a motley crew of Reds’ relievers. The Cubs’ relievers were similarly successful at shutting down the Reds … but the damage had already been done in Casey Coleman’s 3.2 innings of work.

Shrug. Lame loss.

  • Craig

    Not sure if it’s just me, but recently I can’t see any of the pictures you post on your site even though I used to be able to. Anyone else having this issue?

    • Brett

      I’ve not heard that issue from anyone else, but please let me know anyone if you’re having the same problem.

      • Brett

        Ah, I suspect I know what it is – do you usually view the posts from an RSS feed? If so, it should be fixed going forward.

  • Joe Cartwright

    That’s the Coleman we know!

  • Kyle N


    Here you have Johnny Cueto, one of the better pitchers in the NL (in the hunt for the ERA title, no less) going for the Reds and Quade fields a lineup of ALL veterans. It might as well have been June 14th instead of September 14th. No LaMahieu. No LaHair. No start for Colvin. Instead of putting the minor leaguers up against a top-notch pitcher, you know, like they’ll have to eventually do at some point if they are going to be considered at the Major League level, we get treated to more of the same.

    THIS is what drives me crazy right now. You have a manager trying to pad his win totals (basically fighting for his job), an interim GM with no future at the position, and an owner all with completely different agendas. THIS game is the result of that mess.

    Get the call-ups in the damn game. We already know what Carlos Pena is going to do, what Ramirez is going to do, what Byrd is going to do, and what Soriano is going to do. They did what they did for the majority of the season and these extra worthless September at-bats aren’t going to change anything for a team twenty-games under.

    Am I the only one who feels this way? I don’t want to sound like a whack job after one game, but it just irritates the heck out of me.

    And it’s not like Garza was starting or anything. It was Casey Coleman. Seriously.

    • Caleb

      …yeah! (I was going to post that)

      Seriously- I’ve been on this site, pleading reason in the criticisms of Quade, but this is just dumb.

      Why keep playing all vets/opening-day-guys on games like this?

      Quade: win more games.

      For your job? That doesn’t matter now. For team respect? That ship sailed. To be fair to still-contending teams? F them, and the Reds aren’t they. (Aren’t they… yeah. Like it.)

      Randy Bush: don’t finish with a crappy 20 games? don’t rock the boat?

      Got nothing here. Cubs were out and embarrassed a long time ago. Nothing to lose now- and it’s not like he’s seriously in the running for the job, right?


      … I swear. You better be off doing awesome things for the future of the team, and not advocating this nonsense.

      All that aside, what’s of more value to the Cubs right now then seeing what some possible future Cubs can do against top-notch pitching? Winning this game? Giving vets the playing time they expect? Putting out your “best” lineup for the sake of the league? I just don’t get it.

      There’s a player-centric and a team-centric view of baseball operations. From a player-centric perspective, you might argue that you pay your starters more, tell them they’re starters, and with stiff exceptions you play them a vast majority of the season regardless of how things look at the end of the season.

      From a team-centric perspective, you realize that you have no chance of success this year, cut your losses, and make decisions based on what might help you in the future.

      Can anyone make an argument that tonight’s lineup was a team-centric decision? (I can, but I don’t want to) And if this isn’t centered on what’s best for the team, what are we doing?


      Caleb out.

      • miggy80

        another reason why Q- bert has got to go

      • Brett

        It pissed me off, too, but I suspected people might be sick of hearing the same complaint in every EBS.

      • CubFan Paul

        Ricketts is too busy trying to resign the front office without a permanent GM in place to worry about Quade’s bone-head decisions…

        Seacrest Out.

  • Fishin Phil

    Well at least Casey Coleman got another chance to prove he is not a major league starter.

    • willis

      Yeah, as much as I hate losing, especially to the duster, this is a good thing. Kid is never, ever going to be a decent starter at this level. So, hopefully with every passing shit bag he lays, the powers that be understand this.

      But to the lineup argument, I was pissed when it came out yesterday. It really makes no sense. That’s the piece of crap that has gotten you to 20 or whatever games under. So what’s the point?

      Oh and Soto can go now. He sucks. I wish we could find a taker for him in the offseason.

  • philoe beddoe

    I think this game may be some more evidence for a theory(actually probably a hypothesis) I am working on, which is:

    Most baseball guys are dumb.

    Quade said something the other day about trying to catch the Reds, so I guess that’s why he trotted out this line-up of his vets…virtually the same one that has made us one of the worst teams in baseball…and thought it would give him his best chance…

    You keep trying to kick that football Quade, maybe this will be the time Lucy does not pull it away.

    • MEcubsFAN

      Insanity: repeating the same behavior and expecting different results

  • meersaa’d

    i’m gonna go cucu for coco puffs soon.

  • HotRuta

    You could see this (Quade’s selfish behavior) coming from a mile away. Evidently he’s decided that another “fast finish” like last year will get him another managerial job (I’m pretty sure he already knows he has no future here).

    He should have been gone with Hendry — there’s no chance that ANY new GM is going to leave Quade in place (especially with the extensions already given to others — there will be fewer options for demonstrating the incoming GM’s “new look”).