One more reminder, because voting closes tomorrow:

Remember when I was bugging you to help get Bleacher Nation nominated for a relatively big-time award presented by Blogs With Balls a couple months ago? Well, you’re the best readers on the ‘net (or I’m the best bugger), because we did it.

Thanks to your help, Bleacher Nation has been nominated as a finalist for the Best Team-Specific Site, alongside some serious heavyweights. I get to go to New York next weekend for the awards and everything.

I think it’s a testament not only to your efforts to send in those nominations, but also to the community we’ve built here. Oh, and also, I’m awesome.

So, please go HERE and vote for Bleacher Nation (unless you truly want to vote for one of the other finalists). Much obliged.

  • packman711

    Done (again). Good luck friend.

  • Zach

    Good Luck, hope you win!

  • pfk

    Just voted for you. Can a person vote multiple times?

    • Brett

      I believe it is technically possible to vote multiple times, though I’m not sure that a site actually gets credit for multiple votes. For my part, I’ve decided to gently discourage multiple votes, to keep things as aboveboard as possible. Thanks, gents.

      • awesome

        just voted, good luck.

  • MichiganGoat

    [Edited: sentiment appreciated, MG. Just trying to keep things fully aboveboard, if you follow.]

    • MichiganGoat

      Fine, whatevers papa bear

  • Brett

    Thanks again for the support, all.

  • Kevin

    Who do you think is our best pitching prospect and how far away are they from the majors?

    • Toosh

      Whoever he is, he’s “a couple of years away”. Stay tuned.

      • TWC

        BUT BUT BUT — he’s left-handed!

    • Luke

      Best would be Trey McNutt. I think he’d be major league ready by the middle of next season. He’d be ready now if it weren’t for the injuries.

      It gets fuzzier after that, I think.

      Dillon Maples – 3+ years away, minimum.
      Alberto Cabrera – Good stuff, control needs work. Mid 2012 perhaps. Could go to the pen.
      Rafael Dolis – Could be ready as a reliever mid 2012.
      Robert Whitenack – Would be up now if he hadn’t blown out his arm. 2013 if all goes well.
      Hayden Simpson – Hard to say. 2011 was a wash due to his massive illness in the offseason. When his strength and fastball comes back (should be next season), we’ll get a better read on him. I’d guess late 2013 right now.

      Frank Del Valle might belong on that list somewhere (2014?). So might Dae-Eun Rhee (2013?), Erik Jokisch (late 2012?), and a few others.

      Next year, Chris Rusin and Jay Jackson might be the most likely to emerge. Either could probably take over as the fifth starter without too much trouble. I wouldn’t count out Nick Struck either.

  • necubsfan

    Done. Good luck and congrats so far!

  • hansman1982


    • Brett


  • Kevin

    Great Job Brett Hope you win that award i have been reading for about a year and my parents finally let me start posting so Good Luck “Go Cubs”

    • TWC

      Welcome, Kevin!

      (OK, folks, Kevin’s parents are reading us.  Time to clean up our act.  Someone change the beer reviews thread to … I dunno, root beer reviews?)

  • Mike Foster

    Does this mean I should take back my other six votes?

  • Dave

    I’m writing in Brett for president in 2012.

  • Siquo

    Done, done, done…well just once.

  • auggie1955

    Brett, I voted for you this morning. I hope I’m not too late. I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

  • Keith

    done – and best of luck!

  • Ralph

    My vote is in….. and I picked you Brett!

    • Brett

      Thanks, Ralph.

  • Cardfan

    I voted for you the first go around and I do think you have a great thing going here. Just too bad you’re wasting all that talent on the wrong team! Anyway, I am willing to vote again, however I think I need a guarantee that the she-view on the upcoming series will actually produce a step-up from Berkman’s pooch for my boyz. Whatdaya say?

    • Brett

      You name a rep, and we’ll see what happens. Pick someone good.

      • Cardfan

        Annie Wersching, Shandi Finnessey…hell, Tina Turner is better than Berk’s pooch

  • Ian Afterbirth

    If I told you how often I voted you’d just delete my post.