You’re going to be on bullets overload today, because this morning’s bullets are densely-packed with good stuff, and coming later is a GM search bullets post loaded with good stuff. Pace yourself.

  • Kerry Wood wants everyone to ease up on the Andrew Cashner expectations for next season, mostly because that will help the young man succeed. “We all know what he’s capable of doing. But you don’t want to risk sending a guy out there to go through 180-plus innings next year coming off a nine-inning season. So you can’t put too muck stock into that until the time comes …. He knows he’s good enough to be here. I know he’s frustrated he didn’t get back sooner. But he knows that he took care of himself and got it back to be at this level and be here for awhile. He went about it the right way and was patient with it. He’s bounced back and looks great so far.”
  • As for his own future, Wood, 34, says he feels good about next year, but he’ll take some time in the offseason to talk with his family and think things over.
  • Logan Morrison for the 2012 Cubs? The talented young Marlins outfielder has filed a grievance against his team related to a midseason demotion, which he says was unjustifiably punitive. Most think Morrison will not return to the Fish next year, and, whoever the GM, I’m sure the Cubs will be one of many teams interested in acquiring Morrison. Even though the Marlins may be against the wall, they’ll still get plenty for Morrison – he’s just 24, has a career .811 OPS in the bigs, can play in the outfield or at first base, and won’t even be arbitration-eligible for another couple years. He’s also one of the best Twitter athletes out there.
  • I noted here a couple weeks ago that the Cubs had quietly added pitching prospect Marcus Hatley to their AFL roster, but, because the team is limited to six participants, I wondered whether that meant Hatley would be joining pitching prospect Jeff Beliveau as a “taxis squad” participant, or would be replacing one of the six primary participants. Well, it turns out it was a combination of both: Beliveau has been selected to join Brett Jackson on Team USA this Fall, and will no longer participate in the AFL. Beliveau, who turns 25 in January, had about as good of a season as a reliever can have. He was absolutely dominant at High and AA, and he will get a long look for the big club in the Spring.
  • Mike Quade says Bryan LaHair has looked good defensively in the outfield so far, which is actually important information for the Cubs to have when they make a 40-man roster decision about him this Winter.
  • Marty Brennaman on Joe Morgan versus Ryne Sandberg: “I give the nod to Joe Morgan, with the understanding that there were things Sandberg could do that Joe couldn’t do, and that’s obviously hit for more power,” Brennaman said Thursday. “I never saw Sandberg leave his feet to field a ground ball. And that always stuck in my craw. … Morgan, for the two years he won the MVP award, was the best player I’ve seen since I’ve been around. He could beat you everywhere there was to beat you. And while Sandberg had more power, Sandberg couldn’t steal bases like Joe did.” I suspect those comments spawned this angry Message Board post.
  • Fishin Phil

    Would love to see Logan Morrison with the Cubs.  How about we trade them Tyler Colvin straight up.  Make sure we emphasize Colvin’s upside.  😉


    • hansman1982

      Colvin, Campana, Z (with us paying 100% of his salary) for Morrison

      • MichiganGoat

        That might actually work, especially if Ozzie become the next manager

  • Brian

    I never saw Ryno leave his feet for a grounder because he anticipated the ball off the bat as well or better than anyone I’ve ever seen play the game. Pre-hit footwork is just as important for a fielder than “dazzling” diving plays…

    Plus, Marty’s a Reds homer anyways :)…

    • MichiganGoat

      Exactly, Sandburg not leaving his feet and being a top level defender should be a bigger upside than a diving and leaping infielder… It means he was not in the right position to start. I really believe Morgan hosted an orgy once and has photo of all these people that praise him over Sandburg or R. Alomar has the best 2nd baseman.

      BTW was one of the first baseball sites I ever encountered, Brett I’m guess this is a site you frequented in the past if not one that has a direct relationship to BN.

      • Brett

        I was a huge fan. The style of FJM influenced, I would guess, 90% of baseball bloggers in commission today and at least 50% of all sports bloggers.

        • Andrew

          But at least 40% of them went with a decidedly different approach by using 62% more statisitcs 78% of the time.

  • EQ76

    Yessir it did spawn the message board post!

  • MichiganGoat

    I hate Joe Morgan

  • Joe Cartwright

    Why didn’t Ryno steal? Why didn’t he dive? Because he didn’t HAVE to.

  • chris margetis

    Those steals arent quite as necessary when you’re trotting around the bases…

  • Spencer

    LoMo would be a great addition. recently put this article up about him, it’s a good read:

  • nwicubfan

    no doubt Ryno would have stole bases if that’s what was asked of him, but that wasn’t his role. If memory serves it was said repeatedly that Sandberg was the fastest guy on the teams he played on. But Marty saw Morgan play everyday and is a fellow broadcaster, term used loosely toward Morgan, what else is he going to say..

  • MichiganGoat

    I’m sure Brett has seen this and the early buzz is that its not all that accurate, but its all over twitter and many other sites

    Crane Kenney won’t return as Cubs president according to source

    If its true there will be much rejoicing and it could mean a new President is a real possibility, but don’t go crazy its not exactly a rumor with much meat.

    • Fishin Phil

      If this is true,  I may have to throw a party.

    • Brett

      I have seen it (it would make for a perfect message board thread…). Still pondering and gathering info. Had planned on including it in today’s upcoming GM bullets post.

      • MichiganGoat

        its up on the message board

    • MichiganGoat

      Dave Kaplan just report on Twitter

      @thekapman Report on Crane Kenney that is making rounds is 100% false according to Cubs sources. “He is going nowhere. Where does this stuff come from?

      it was fun while it lasted.

      • Brett

        Thanks, MG. I’ll update the just-published GM bullets.

  • cubbylair

    Logan Morrison. Seems to have the perfect pedigree for a Cub. Low batting average and high strikeout rate. Although he has a reputation for a sense of humor he might not be the best guy to have in the clubhouse. As I stated he’ll make a good Cub.

  • Chris

    Joe Morgan is a tool. i heard him on ESPN years ago answer a question on pitching- The question was “what in your mind makes a better pitcher- wins or era?” This was before the days if WHIP etc… Joe said that a pitcher with more wins will always mean more to him than a pitcher with a low era because the wins means he keeps his team in the game. Really, Joe? So a crappy pitcher who gives up 5+ runs a game and gets good run support is better than a guy who consistently goes out and gives up 2 runs a game with no run support? You are a tool and you are Sandberg’s biotch.

  • Steve

    Marty Brenneman might be one of the worst announcers I’ve ever heard. In terms of being a homer he’s right up there with Hawk, Santo and that dork from NY. In terms of opinion and what he brigs to a broadcast, he is only behind Tim McCarver and Joe Morgan. Let’s not forget folks, the 2007 White Sox bullpen, two weeks into the season, was the beat bullpen Joe had ever seen, and would go down as the best in history. The fact the Joe Morgan openly campaigned for the writers to NOT vote for Sandburg was nothing more than his jealousy that Ryne was actually a better player. Joe was good, but until he was surrounded by other good players, he was very pedestrian. Ryne was the beat player on his team and the best player in the NL during his prime.

    • T C

      *puts up shield for inevitable bashing Im about to receive*

      Hey guys, I dislike Marty Brennaman as much as the next guy, for his douchy homer bullshit know-nothing style of announcing, but lets be real here. Ryne Sandberg was a great player and a hall of famer, but Joe Morgan is on an ENTIRELY different level.

      Using WAR, Joe Morgan is at an astounding rWAR of 103.5, while Sandberg is only at 56.7. Don’t like WAR? how about a triple slash?

      Morgan: .271/.392/.427 for an ops of .819 and an ops+ of 132, and a .544 (!!!) K/BB

      Ryno: ..285/.344/.452 for an ops of .795 and an ops+ of 114 and a 1.66 K/BB

      Ok, maybe still a little high-brow with the statistics. How about good ol’ fashioned counting numbers?

      Morgan: 268 HR, 1133 RBI, 689 SB, 2517 H, 449 2B, 96 3B

      Ryno: 282 HR, 1062 RBI, 344 SB, 2386 H, 403 2B, 76 3B

      Still? Oh, you say those are inflated by Morgan’s longer career? Ok, lets look at each’s best season:

      1976 Joe Morgan: 27 HR, 111 RBI, 60 SB, .320/.444/.576 for a 1.020 (!) OPS, 186 OPS+, and 10 WAR (Actually, he was even better by WAR in 1975, at a mind-blowing 12.0 rWAR

      1990 Ryne Sandberg: 40 HR, 100 RBI, 25 SB, .306/.354/.559 for a .913 OPS, 140 OPS+, and 6.6 WAR

      Again, I love Ryne Sandberg, but it’s not even close folks.

      • TWC

        So you’re saying that Joe Morgan deserves to start?

        (whoa! non-sequiturial message board crossover post nonsense! it’s clearly friday, and I’m clearly ready to be done working.)

        • T C

          Hah, ok, this, its definitely a Friday, cause it took me like a minute to understand this. I was like….what? OH! I was on the forums today!

  • Chris

    Well said, Steve. Much easier to be looked at as a great player when you’re on a team of HOF’s. Kinda like comparing Emmit Smith running through holes you could drive a truck through with the crevices Walter Payton had,

    • Ian Afterbirth

      Walter didn’t even have crevices!

  • Lou

    Good call on Logan Morrison, Brett. Think it’s what this team needs. Solid LH Bat with a solid OPS.